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  • You can work with Stephanie on a 1:1 coaching basis. There are various packages to choose from, depending on the outcome you desire. Every package is highly customized to reach your goals. You can choose strategy coaching or a done-with-you model to build all your marketing assets/systems/processes.

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  • You can book a VIP day to work on your coach marketing strategy and/or business strategy for coaches. You also have the option to continue working on your strategy in the long term at advantageous client-only coaching rates OR opt for the Done-for-You option where we build your funnels, website and/or marketing assets for you.

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  • The Profitable Content Program opens from time to time. It helps new coaches build strong foundations for their business, grow their audience and get confident marketing and selling their coaching packages so that they have all the tools they need to be consistently fully booked.

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what clients are saying...

  • I’m getting more than 5 appointment requests a day from my website – I’m so happy.

    Stephanie resolved 2 problems for me… How to get more clients and What do I post on social media?

    I’m now getting more than 5 appointment requests a day from my blog. I’m now an authority in my field and organisations are asking me to speak at their events.

    Nathalie Wiederkehr Owner and Consultant | yourivfsupport.com
  • We reached the highest amount of applications that our institute has had in the last five years, and over-booked our course just 3 weeks into Stephanie’s coaching programme.

    We now feel confident that we will always be able to fill our courses

    Jasper Schellekens Research Officer at The University of Malta | Faculty of Game Design www.game.edu.mt
  • I never imagined my problem would be managing too many clients. I’m so happy.

    When I started working with Stephanie I had no website and 1 client. The big change happened in the first 6 months - now 12 months later, I have done over 100 hours of coaching and I filled a group coaching program.

    I now understand the customer and the journey they go through to buy my programs. People read my blogs and my emails and they reply! This is something I never expected. Without that, I wouldn’t have a coaching business.

    Stephanie is focused on teaching this to coaches which makes the systems and approach a really good fit. She helped me build a structure to market myself, create my programs and understand how I need to build my business. The way I create my content completely changed.

    This is one of the best programs I’ve done!

    Sara Mobarhanfard ICF Certified Business Coach and E-Commerce Expert | www.narosibcoaching.com
  • Stephanie's program changed my life entirely!

    After only 30 days in the program, I started booking clients.

    I share Stephanie’s details with everyone I meet. Stephanie's program gave me strong business foundations to know what I need to do in my coaching business.

    I spent many years wasting my money trying different forms of advertising to sell my coaching. I learnt to write blogs Stephanie’s way and at the time was posting them on LinkedIn (my website wasn’t ready yet).

    I got clients right away!

    Stephanie's accountability and support really mattered to make this a success for me.

    Adriana Radu Digital Business Mentor | www.adrianaradu.ro
  • It was SUCH a great experience with Stephanie!

    She can really pull out those juicy nuggets that really hit home with your customers.

    Her funnel approach to content gets me super excited to create content my ideal clients are attracted to. If you want to have confidence in your content strategy, Stephanie is your go-to. Seriously!

    Jordan Gill Founder of the Kolada Group and www.systemssavedme.com
  • After just a few weeks, the visibility of our website went through the roof. We saw a staggering 100% month on month increase in the number of people looking at our site.

    For us that's invaluable!

    Kelly McSherry Partner and NLP Coach @ Luke Todd & Co | www.luketoddandco.com

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Hi, I'm Stephanie Fiteni,

Marketing Coach and Online Business Mentor for Coaches.

I’m here to help you learn those coach marketing skills that tip the odds in your favour...

Niching Correctly, Content marketing, Brand Messaging, Conversion Copywriting, List-building, Funnels, S.E.O., Blogging, Podcasting, Video Marketing, Paid and Organic client attraction strategies. (not all at once, of course!)

You can build a profitable coaching practice from the ground up, from 0 to 100K, and more, without burning yourself out - it’s all about picking the strategies that work best for the kind of coaching business you envision and creating marketing systems that you can manage with the resources you have right now.

Marketing for coaches can feel hard, but with a mentor by your side, you can avoid the pitfalls and time-wasters that promise overnight success and stop throwing money away on online courses that promise you the 'magic' formula but deliver precious little.

If you...

> Have been spinning your wheels trying different strategies and seeing little return.

> Have many ideas but aren't sure where to focus your energy first.

> Are spending so much time on social media that you’re beginning to hate it (or feel burnt out).

> Want a clear step by step plan of what you should be working on, on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis in your marketing to generate leads and get fully booked.

we should talk...

You can avoid relying too heavily on client referrals and social media.

You can create a new reliable source of leads and break the feast and famine cycle for good. And it's not one-size-fits-all. We'll pick a strategy that suits your goals, personality and budget.

Book a free strategy session - let's discuss the best strategies for your coaching business.

By the end of our call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps to take in your coaching business to start generating consistent leads and clients.

I look forward to meeting you!

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