Stephanie Fiteni | Blog Coach

It’s tough to write your about page, even when writing is a big part of what you do.

Kind of puts you on the spot, under a spotlight.
There is no such thing as copy that everyone likes.

But that’s ok, you don’t want copy that appeals to everyone, you want copy that appeals to people you love working with. Right?

I see you scratching your head. Do you know for sure, who you love to work with? I can help you find them, profile them and use that knowledge for your blogging strategy.

But perhaps you were not scratching your head, sorry I misread that. Perhaps you know your ideal client well because you’ve had the good fortune of working with a few of them already.



That’s great!
Well done! 

But you want more ideal clients to buy from you regularly.
Wouldn’t it be great if you were fully booked with ideal clients only?

You need a solid strategy to get a constant flow of ideal leads into your business and a few tricks up your sleeve to turn them into clients.

You know you need to blog to become more visible online and better known in your niche, but you’ve tried blogging and it’s not really working out so well.

I’m excited!

That makes you my ideal client


Stephanie Fiteni | Bio Hi, I’m Stephanie, Content Strategist and Traffic Growth Coach. Writing has always been my passion – my love for strategy and tech stuff came later.

Since I was young, I was always drawn to creative adventures and started writing short stories and reading ravenously early on. As early as 7, my favourite thing to do was stay up late and read books under the covers. Especially books I was too young to read like Jack the Ripper, Turgenev and Dostoevskij,

Soon after Graduating from University I decided to indulge in my newfound love for tech and started teaching myself web programming. At the time, I thought this was the key to build a location-free income to fulfill my dream of traveling the world.

I later got qualified and started working as a Tech Trainer, whilst building a side-business freelancing as a web developer and consultant for the larger agencies in Malta including JPA, TBWA and Ogilvy, as well as a vast number of personal clients. This is how I realised I had a talent for coming up with strategies to help people monetise their online presence.

I wanted to use content strategies to help clients educate their audience into buying. No sleazy sales pitch. Just plain honest information with a bit of flair and imagination. Working with business men that wanted to ‘fool’ or ‘convince’ people into buying their products really didn’t gel with me. 

In 2008 I set-up Defined Branding with my now husband Jody Fiteni. We grew the company to a full-service agency before leaning out in 2016 to become specialists in Online Marketing and Video productions. For 8 years the agency employed 10 office-based workers and became a very time-hungry business.

This was moving further and further away from my dream of having a location-free business. Whilst still managing the online section of the business, I began building an online coaching business. Although as a mother my priorities shifted away from travelling the world, I began to see how the online coaching business could help me build flexibility into my life. I wanted to spend more time at home with my daughter, whilst still having a good income. This inspired me to help other women achieve this too and became a strong motivator in my new coaching business.

Today I coach online entrepreneurs and coaches, helping them become better known online by getting their content to the first page on Google. I help them build their website funnels to grow their list and sell their services.

I love seeing today’s entrepreneurs become tomorrow’s influencers so they can command higher prices.

I believe in doing what you preach so I’m also a prolific content creator. I blog weekly and am always testing the latest Google and facebook updates so my clients can learn strategies that work fast, right now! 

I have created the Content for Profit Blueprint which is a process I have optimised over the years to make the process of planning and ranking content accessible to everyone. Form the tech-savvy to the tech-challenged. Nobody is left behind. I am grateful that I have been lucky enough to coach many coaches and online entrepreneurs from all over the world. My dream of travelling the world has come true – it all happened at my computer.

When I’m not working, I can usually be found horse-riding, belly-dancing or jogging. I loves spending time with my family and in nature. I love tinkering away in the kitchen and creating marvellous new recipes. I of course still write in my free time, especially after a few glasses of wine on a Sunday, but you won’t find that content here 😉


“Content Marketing is like a match-maker between Business and Client, when there is a natural match the sales pitch is not required” 

Stephanie Fiteni