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Coaching Marketing: 3 lead sources to grow a resilient coaching business

You can get 50 leads a month and have a nice multi-six-figure coaching business but if all your leads come from the same platform, your coaching business is at risk.

I hear many coaches bragging that they managed to it 6 or 7 figures using only one strategy. Some claim to manage it completely organically through social media posts, dm’s and other forms of direct engagement on Facebook or Instagram, others say they built their business using Facebook ads.

They’re legit and, done right both can work, however, these two forms of lead generation are super high risk.

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Marketing your coaching business online: The 4 Stages

Some coaches take to marketing like ducks to water, Others not so much

No matter how much or how little experience you have with marketing, marketing an online coaching business is a different kind of game. It’s unusual because the rules of B2B marketing apply even though most coaches sell to individuals not businesses.
(If you’ve not worked in B2B marketing, don’t worry, I’m gonna walk you through it.)

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SEO for coaches: Blogging and SEO tips to grow your traffic

As coaches we cannot afford to have websites that sit still and do nothing for us. Your website is the core showpiece of your expertise. Without it people won’t understand why and how you’re an expert at what you do. 

In fact this should be the first and foremost goal of your website…

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One to One Blog Coaching

One to one blog coaching is ideal if you want assured results…

Do you …

Wish you had more eyeballs on your blog?
Wish you had juicier content that keeps your visitors glued to your blog?….

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