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Blogging Coach: 6 Reasons to Hire one

Thinking you might need a blogging coach? This article will help you clarify whether you do and what you might need help with.

There are many reasons why people pick a blog coach, but the main reason is that something is not working. If you have a blog and aren’t sure why it’s not giving back, try to understand which of these you might need help with.


  1. Blog coach reason 1:  You don’t know much about SEO

    Many people don’t see traction with their blog because they’ve been DIY-ing their SEO. SEO aka search engine optimization is not one-size-fits-all. Often, bloggers spend hours learning SEO tricks online and implement them, only to be disappointed with the outcome. The main reason is that what works for one site may not work for another with regard to SEO. Site history, the amount of content, the keywords you’re optimizing for and a number of other factors can affect the outcome of your search engine rankings. A blogging coach will not only explain why SEO is not one-size-fits-all but they can also help you understand what efforts will yield the biggest results for your blog.


  2. Blog coach reason 2: You’ve tried DIY-ing but your blog didn’t work

    You’ve probably heard many stories of people who became overnight successes by creating a blog and going viral. But probably those stories date back 10 years or more. The internet has changed and unless you know SEO, it’s going to be very hard for you to rise above our competitors because they’re likely using SEO already. A blogging coach can help you identify how tough your competition is and single out the strategies that will help you gain traction quickly.


    blog coach
    DIY-ing your blogging can be hard


  3. Blog coach reason 3: You didn’t set the right goals

    One thing a good blogging coach can help you with is understanding what the right goals are for your blog. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, agency, writer, speaker or author, your goals will be different. Even different from the goals of your competitors. You need a business plan to achieve your business goals and then you need a blog plan to make sure your goals are aligned with those of your business and will contribute to its growth.


  4. Blog coach reason 4: You need a strategy to make sure you reach your goals

    Once you have outlined your goals, you will need a clear strategy to reach them. Every goal needs to be sub-divided into relevant and measurable stepping stones – only relevant data should be tracked. A clear idea of what you need to measure and do to stay on track with your goals will make reaching your goals easier. A blogging coach will help you create a custom plan and reporting structure for your blog so that you can easily measure your progress anytime.


  5. Blog coach reason 5: You don’t want to waste precious time

    Working with a coach will help you save precious time. A lot of bloggers can spend months or even years writing and seeing little to no return. A coach will help you go straight for your goals and achieve them in weeks and months – NOT years. A coach can also help you manage your time and resources more effectively.Blogging coaching

  6. BONUS reason : You want assured ROI

    When you work with a coach you can be assured that you will get a good Return on Investment (ROI). A good blog coach will teach you how to assess your progress and tweak your SEO and Content Strategy to move closer to the results you seek. Marketing is not a straight line, you always need to correct your route along the way, a blog coach will however help you draw the map and learn how to course-correct until you reach your destination.

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