How many posts do I need to start a blog

How many blog posts do I need to start a blog?

Ever wondered how many posts you need to have ready before you launch your blog?


There isn’t a magic number of posts you need to have to start a blog.

But there are a couple of things to take into consideration.

You need to have…

  1. Enough posts for Google?

    You can start with 1 Google doesn’t care how many blogs you have. When they start visiting your site as you start to blog they’re more interested in knowing how frequently you will be posting.

    So prepare your site, upload your sitemap and invite the bots to visit your site. Then just keep your content regular. Ideally start off with 2 per week, with the intention to upgrade that to 3 per week.

    But be careful – don’t start with 5 per week, then drop it to 2 per week later. This will seem like a sudden change to Google and you could be penalized for it.

    So base your frequency on your resources available and just increase those resources over time.



    how many blog posts to launch a blog
    Get your ducks in order – it’s all about people!


  2. Enough posts for people?

    People do care however about how many blog posts you have on your blog.
    They won’t be as forgiving as a search engine – they’re looking for an experience and unless you provide it they’ll go elsewhere.


    In order for people to stay on your blog, you also have to win their trust. They will land on your page asking themselves, “can this website be trusted as a source of information?”.

    Your goal is for them to answer “Yes!”

    They want to know you’ve been around for a bit before they listen to what you have to say. So it’s best that you have at least 2 categories and 5 or more articles in each category before you begin sharing your posts.

    A bio outlining your experience also helps – even if you haven’t been blogging for very long, you can let them know you have a lot of experience to share as well as relevant qualifications.

    So to combine both of the above tips in a simple to-do list.

    – First, take your website live

    – Publish your first post (and 1st category

    – Publish 4 more posts in that first category
    – Publish the next 5 posts in the second category

    – Start sharing on social media


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