How to improve your blogging when your blogs are just not getting noticed

You may have tried to write so that your audience gets to know you better and perhaps you’re getting some results but also noticing some anomalies.

I was looking at an up and coming influencer on Youtube and she had 1.7K followers but her video posts only had 24 or 50 views each.

This is a sign that she is not delivering what she promises, it doesn’t mean she is not delivering value. It likely means that she is not consistent with her topics or perhaps she hasn’t niched enough and is confusing her audience.


1. This is why strategy is important.

Have a consistent plan based on a clear profiling of the people you want to serve.

2. Check out your titles.

If people are not clicking on your posts its simply because of your titles. Spend some time working on improving your titles and you will automatically increase engagement.


3. Get an Editor or learn to edit yourself.

When editing your posts make sure you make it easier to read. Keep the reader reading, in the beginning, using a simple technique – shorten your sentences and they will feel punchier. Add quotes, sources, and credits in the right place so that your article sounds professional. Today’s freebie at the end of this article will help you edit your blog posts like a pro.

4. SEO.

Optimise your blog articles for search engines. This will help you place your content in front of people who are looking for your content specifically. If this is something you’d like to learn, Join the Facebook Group or like the Facebook page because I will be tackling SEO in detail for not technical people.


5. Craft your story.

We all have an authentic story to talk about, even a business or brand has a story. A story is anything that your customers can relate to. My story, for example, is how I leaned out my business and built an online business that helps work more flexible hours and be a better mum. Inject a bit of emotion so people can connect to how you feel.

6. Promote your content.

Spend more time on social media to grow your audience.

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