Want to keep a consistent blog and increase traffic month-on-month?

I was not born with the consistency gene, that’s not very fortunate for a blogger and content strategist.

Consistency is kind of important! It’s the key element to increase traffic.

This is why I like to flex my consistency muscles by taking on challenges that seem hard to achieve but will grow my traffic over time.

I’m currently building the Millenium Falcon. (Just in case you’re not a Star Wars enthusiast, the Millenium Falcon is Luke Skywalker’s spaceship, in plain English that’s the hero’s ride in the first movie – gosh, that sounds beige).
Why am I doing that? well, it comes in 100 issues with 100 pieces to put together, so technically it’s approximately a 2-year plan. Just like a seriously successful blog.
But consistency is NOT easy.

(just like increasing traffic is not easy)

That is WHY it’s key. Like most things in life, if it’s not for everyone, it will be super effective, because most people give up.

It is effective BECAUSE it is hard.

Most people will not keep up the consistency or stay in the game long enough to increase traffic. In a world where everyone wants instant gratification, blogging is an even stronger technique to increase traffic. Most are not willing to work hard weekly and wait it out.
Bloggers tend to have more grit than your average marketer.
To blog regularly you need grit, consistent grit.
If you were not born with the consistency gene, don’t worry, I wasn’t either, but over the last 10 years managing internal content teams, I have created a foolproof system that keeps you a couple of months ahead of schedule and takes the edge off the stress of breaking your patterns, giving you the space to get back on track without publicly missing a glitch – and  Google loves that. You will be rewarded with an increase in traffic.
Do you know what else works wonders at keeping you consistent? knowing for sure that your plan will yield an increase in the right kind of traffic. Knowing that you have a rock-solid plan and the time spent blogging is an investment – none of it is a gamble.
Want to build a rock solid plan?

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I’m currently on issue 8, so technically, you have around another 21 months of Star Wars posts, so I apologize in advance – though I’m not really sorry coz it is a lot of fun.

See you inside the blogging course!