How to blog to get leads

How to use blogging for profit – tips to get leads!

Frequent Blogging for Profit

The reason why most business-owners begin blogging is to share high-quality content with their audience. Done frequently enough, this will likely get you a good positioning on google and this will bring more and more people to your website and social media channels. When you’re blogging for profit, it pays to blog often.

Collecting Your Leads

Once this cycle is in motion, the next natural step is to collect leads from your website. When you collect a lead, you’re simply asking for the name and email address of your visitor. This begins the journey to converting your lead into a paying customer down the road to make a profit. Of course, there will be some visitors to your site who are happy with just the free content you provide. And that’s totally ok!

Offering a Freebie in Addition to Blogging

How To Use Blogging To Get Leads

You’re probably familiar with this. You come across a site, find a free eBook or PDF and decide to download it. You enter your details and sure enough, after confirming, you receive the freebie. This also subscribes you to a newsletter of some sort where you receive regular updates and information.

Even though we all already receive too many emails, the lure of the freebie still works. You know you can always unsubscribe so you say, “Let’s see how good this freebie is”. This is your chance to create a devoted follower of your free content who may someday become a client. If your freebie shows promise of great useful content in the future, they will probably hang around to see what you have to say. If your freebie is a bit “meh!”, well, they will unsubscribe.

Knowing What Phase Your Leads Are In

Simple as it may sound, the difficulty lies in knowing what phase each potential client is in on their journey from blog reader to client. This is not something I can explain in a few lines, however, I run a webinar every 3 months that goes through the process of planning your content based on your ideal client’s buyer journey. This will help you understand what to do next with your leads. Jump on my list or get the freebie below to know when the free training happens.