Do You Use Blogging Strategies or Follow Your Gut? Tips to Use Both to Get Results

Blogging Strategies

In terms of blogging strategies, your gut is usually right.

We all agree.

But we don’t all verify.

When you’re about to invest time creating content and money to drive traffic to your content, you may just want to make sure you’re putting it on the right keywords and topics. Getting your blogging strategies right.

How can you make sure your content gets results?

Follow Your Gut

First, follow your gut.

Then ask your best clients. They reflect your ideal target audience.

What do they want to know? How do they like to communicate?

Then look into what you find out from their responses – this is where you follow your gut. Explore the topics, be creative, research and follow your gut. Break it down into sub topics, and connect it to other things they would be interested in.

Once you have let your creativity flow, it’s time to verify your hunches.
(You could be spending a lot of time optimising the wrong keyword if you don’t do this.)

Verify Your Keywords

You need to do your keyword research and find out which of your topics have good traffic volume. You can do your keyword research using a variety tools such as Google Adwords Keyword tool, SEO Moz, BuzzSumo or my favourite tool Hubspot.

However, if you don’t know how to do this do not despair, the surest and fastest way is to use a reliable SEO professional. Just provide them with your keywords and let them do their magic.

Then all you need to do is turn those keywords into blog titles and you’re good to go.

So, in reality, it’s a mixture of following your gut and verifying the strongest keywords for your topic. So let go to the creative process, get into your flow and let your gut lead the way but don’t forget to verify the numbers.

Once your keyword blogging strategies are in place, the next step is to optimise the blog copy itself.
Download the checklist below to help you do just that…

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