Where To Write a Blog

It seems like there are many answers to this question.


But in reality.

There’s only one correct answer:


Your Website.

Blogging, from its very inception, has always been a tool that you use to grow traffic to your website. A place to connect with your audience and monetize your online presence. If you don’t put the blogs on your website, you could be losing out on A LOT of business and monetizing opportunities.

It is, of course, not the only place you can use your blog posts. The blog post on your website becomes your core content – making your social media efforts much easier.

Here are 5 ways to repurpose your content from your website to reach more people on social media; while the blogs published on your website grow your traffic from search engines:

1. Medium

If you really must use another blogging platform apart from your website – use Medium. It’s a great place to start engagement and has a discoverable aspect that your website may not have in the beginning. Medium will not get in the way of ranking your own website, but always make sure you first publish an article on your site and then a few days later on your medium account

where to blog?


2. Facebook Creator Studio

Use a quote from your content and share as a story on Instagram and Facebook. The new Facebook Creator Studio allows you to schedule posts for both IG and FB with little effort (once you get used to this new platform).

3. Microblog on LinkedIn (pulse), Facebook and Instagram:

Summarize and edit your blog post into a microblog. If you’re new to the term, a microblog is a post that has around 100 words and is often shared on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to get more visibility.

4. Youtube, FB Live, Instagram TV or Podcast

Your blog can and should be recycled into multimedia formats. You can read out your blogs and turn them into sound bites for your podcast. Record a Youtube video or use IG TV. You can use software like Zoom, be.Live or Ecamm. Record your videos so you can reuse them on various platforms.

5. Automation tools

Finally, add an automation tool into the mix to make things easier. You can use tools like Zapier – to take all your posts from Facebook and put them on LinkedIn and IG. You can use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule all your posts and readily upload to 10 social media platforms.

Automation is great to reach a larger audience however focus on growing your following only on 1 or 2 platforms. The ones where your ideal clients are more active. You will need to engage there manually a few times a week because the human connection is very important.

20 Minutes a Day

Allocating 20 minutes to an hour a day to spend on the platform of your choice to engage your target audience is better than spending a lot of time doing your own posts on social directly.

So simplify everything by:

  • Writing your blogs
  • Share automatically as much as possible
  • Re-purpose as video/podcast on the platforms that matter to your audience
  •  Spend a few minutes daily interacting with your audience on the platform they’re most active on.

Your blog sits at the core of your strategy and should provide a LOT of value.
Re-purpose it wisely, based on the assets you have available. You will have more time to produce better content if you automate your social and just show up where and when it matters to your audience.

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