Nathalie Wiederkehr
Owner and Consultant |

I’m getting more than 5 appointment requests a day from my website – I’m so happy

Stephanie resolved 2 problems for me… How to get more clients and What do I post on social media?. I’m getting 5 appointment requests a day from one blog on my website, two from another and it keeps growing – I’m so happy! 

I knew that I needed to become known but I was struggling with writing blogs and online marketing and I was feeling discouraged. 
The program had some amazing results for me. I’m now an authority in my field and organisations are asking me to speak at their events.”


Nathalie Wiederkehr

Jordan Gill

Founder of the Kolada Group |

It was SUCH a great experience with Stephanie. She can really pull out those juicy nuggets that really hit home with your customers. Her funnel approach to content gets me super excited to create content my ideal clients are attracted to.

I feel very confident about my content calendar and strategy. If you want to have confidence in your content strategy, Stephanie is your go-to. Seriously!”


Jasper Schellekens
Research Officer at The University of Malta | Faculty of Game Design

“We reached the highest amount of applications that our institute has had in the last five years, and over-booked our course just 3 weeks into Stephanie’s coaching programme.

Our biggest frustration was that we have a really good research program with excellent academics and an excellent track record but we weren’t getting the number of students and the quality of students that we really wanted and deserved, we needed to learn how to compete with bigger more popular universities in our online marketing. We now feel confident that we will always be able to fill our courses



Kelly McSherry

Partner & NLP Coach at t Luke Todd & Co

“We saw a staggering 100% month on month increase in the number of people looking at our site. 

That’s invaluable!

This training gave us the tools to really understand how to write blog posts and create content that speaks to our potential customers and drive lots of traffic to our new website”.



Silvia Giunta
Owner & Homeopathist at 

“I have a marketing degree but Stephanie’s programme really helped me understand the tools and how they are used to make the strategy happen. 

It made me see how you can also use the same content and repurpose it for different people with a different twist. The programme was really well thought through and the pace was good. I had never written a blog before so I found it much easier to write after I learned how to think of the objectives and the client perspective.”



Tamara Belt

Online Marketing Executive at Flow Yoga Leiderdorp

“I saved so much time by learning which tools to use. I managed to become a regular blogger because Stephanie’s blogging plan system saves me so much time, I know for sure I will never run out of ideas again!  

I also really increased my site’s visibility and search engine ranking. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to do their own online marketing. Go for it, you will be happy you started now and not next year!”


Sunaina Vohra

Founder & Parenting Coach |

Stephanie has been guiding me over the past couple of months on how to blog better, maximise the viewers to my blog posts, social media posts and website.

I cannot say enough about Stephanie Fiteni and how much of love and passion she puts into her calls with me. Me being completely low tech – she has literally held my hand and walked step by step, guiding me. Stephanie is so generous with her time, her patient explanations and her knowledge. No question is ever too small in her books.

Above all her smiling face, positive attitude, patience as a coach has been a huge inspiration to me on how I need to be with my clients.

I am absolutely delighted that I found Stephanie – please look no further if you need guidance on blogging. She is truly AWESOME ❤️

Ulrik Bengtsson

CEO Betsson Group & Betsson AB

The goal of the strategy Stephanie put together was to position the Betsson Group as the best employer on the island. We achieved that goal earlier than the projected time. I was clear about what I wanted to achieve but as CEO didn’t have much time to spare for writing. 

We started the BetssonFlash blog from scratch, the traffic went from 0 as a brand new blog to 2,000 organic email registrations and 3,000 visitors per month in around 4 months,
 It grew to over 8,000 visitors per month; excellent traffic considering there were very few keywords we could optimise for and our industry is very niche.

This success was due to Stephanie’s profiling of our target audience and strategy.



Helen Maffini

Owner & Director

Loved it! There’s so much content in Stephanie’s programmes that can give you a different perspective on what you’re doing and how to use it better to get new business from your blog and social media.

Loved Stephanie’s communication style. Its light, entertaining – not boring!



Robert Callus

Music Teacher and Owner at

After just 4 weeks of coaching, I saw a considerable spike in my organic traffic! 
I started optimizing my blog posts and weaving in the keywords using Stephanie’s blueprint. With very little work, I am seeing a significant and regular increase in my organic traffic. 

It’s really exciting to see your traffic go up, especially when it’s (free!) organic traffic.

I spent hours watching Youtube videos to learn about blogging and SEO. There’s a lot of good free stuff out there, but none of it was tailored for my needs. After working with Stephanie, I found that some of the things I learned were actually hurting my overall strategy.

The coaching was exactly what I needed.

If you know you’re good at what you do, but aren’t seeing the desired results, buy this program. I am so relieved. I now have a clear simple plan that is already yielding results. Highly recommend it!




Angela Heck

Founder and Intuition Coach at

“I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl. But I used to write just straight from the heart. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with my blogs. It took Stephanie a few questions, and in minutes she had a structure for me. She sent me the finalized version, not even 24 hours later, with the whole documented strategy.

She gave me advice on how to write the blogs, and also how to create my first funnel and collect leads from my website. If you’re anything like me, love to write and want to build your traffic but can’t figure out the technical side, Stephanie is your solution for sure.



Monica Wojtasinka-Felicio

Founder & Change Facilitator at


Stephanie has huge knowledge and experience in the field and she shares it openly, wholeheartedly wanting to help you grow. 

Stephanie’s program will lead you through a step by step process to define your content strategy and will show you how to execute it with the best tools, so you save a lot of time and energy. In a short time, you will learn a lot of practical aspects of what to do and how to do it while creating your content (and especially you will learn what to avoid!).

I highly recommend her programs


Doris Reimann

Founder & Business Mentor at Doris Reimann Consultancy

I took action! Stephanie taught me how to plan a lot of content at once and save time. How to reuse the content. I became so clear about what and how I needed to write.

I structured all my knowledge and this gave me the idea to turn it into a new offer. The clarity I got from following the system really helped my business grow in many ways.