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7 Things to Avoid for New Online Coaches

As a new online coach, there are so many things you need to be careful about. Heed the advice of coaches who spent years spinning their wheels and going nowhere, and avoid these 7 things…

Don’t avoid niching.

Go through the problem and you’ll come out a winner on the other end. It can be really hard and the more multi-talented you are the more difficult it will become. So grit your teeth and find a coach that can help you create a roadmap if it’s hard for you, or pick one with you if you already know what your options might be. (I have a special session for this stephaniefiteni.com/call)


Avoid Picking the wrong marketing strategy for your online coaching business stage

Every business stage requires a different strategy or at best an evolution of the same strategy/roadmap. Make sure that you’re using the right strategy for YOU. For example, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a budget of 300 to 500 dollars a month to spend on marketing then don’t start list-building and selling using a webinar funnel with ads, especially If you’re not very tech savvy.

Start with something simple like blogging or social media. Keep in mind you need core content and social media is the amplifier – otherwise, you will burn out!



online coaching business stages


Don’t ignore your personality, passions, and your dreams

It’s very easy to build the wrong business if you don’t listen to yourself. Sometimes people chase the money and try to build a practice that is identical to someone else’s or at least what it looks like on the outside. This is a recipe for disaster – because you can never really reverse-engineer someone else’s business, no matter how good you might think you are at this.

Instead, listen to yourself. What do you love doing? Where is your unfair advantage? What is your superpower?

Listen to where your passion and dreams want to take you because that’s what will really make you happy. Try to not listen to what people say your business should look like. Every successful coaching business looks different – but 99% of them are built on passion and the. The individuality of their founder – so go do that.



Don’t hire gurus that are not actively doing what they teach (even if they have 20 years of experience)

There are a gazillion gurus who excel at selling you courses that you might not be ready for. Unfortunately, I have encountered many who will lie to you about whether the program is right for you because that sale is more important to them than your time and your success. So be careful, get clear about where you want to go, and create your own roadmap, then seek out help to fill in the knowledge gaps. Even if you don’t know how to create a roadmap – seek out someone who will help you with that. (We can talk if you like my approach go to stephaniefiteni.com/call)

One last word of warning, don’t imitate their marketing they have a large team and you’ll burn out plus it’s probably not right for your business phase anyway.


online coaching business stages



Don’t underestimate the power of showing up (to crickets) in a way you enjoy


Very often when starting from scratch you need to start showing up before anyone else does. This means that you will be singing to the crickets for a while, and that’s perfectly fine. Often there are people watching and reading – this happens especially on social media because it takes on average 8 to 12 months to warm up a social media follower. This is one of the reasons why I choose blogging as my core content it brings clients through search engines directly from my site, every week (almost every day) and then gives me content to repurpose automatically in email and on social media.



Don’t overgive or coach in your content


This one is simple, give value without giving it all away. Show your expertise without coaching clients. Talk about your process and your results and perhaps some client stories but avoid giving people the secret sauce because they will go away and do it without you. And we all know nobody wins, because they will never achieve the same result without your help.


tik tok for coaches



Don’t use marketing techniques that ruin your reputation


Be careful what you pick as your main strategy to show up. Shaking your butt on IG or TikTok is not going to land you that executive client. People want to be entertained on social – I get it but they don’t want to hire an entertainer to coach them. They want to hire someone serious. Someone with the credentials. So do use these reels and videos if you like but don’t go down the influencer path.

I’ve had clients with 15,000 followers and an average of 2 clients per month (on good months). Be wary of the ‘influencer approach’ it’s a lot of work for little return. But don’t despair there is a LOT you can do to market your online coaching business.


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