should you use a.i. website builders?

Should You Use A.I. Website Builders?

Along with all of the other content and image AI tools that seem to be popping up every day out there, you’ve probably noticed some AI website builder tools as well. They promise to help you build a fully complete, fully functional website in just a few minutes.

And they really can.

But the big question is?

Should you be using these AI website builders to build your coaching website? And that’s exactly what I wanna talk about here. These AI website builder tools use machine learning to create a website for you based on the inputs that you give it, like the type of website that you want to create, the number of pages that you need, and other more specific preferences.

The quick clear answer is NO!


The number of options that they give you is going to vary depending on the tool that you’re using. But circling back to the question, should you be using these AI website builder tools to create YOUR websites?

These tools can help you build websites in just a few minutes, but they also come with some limitations and those limitations are what’s holding me back from saying yes to these tools.

The reason that we build a coaching website is so that we can use it to get clients and make our business more profitable. This is where these websites fall short. In order to convert and help you get clients, a website needs to have good sales copy, valuable content and good SEO.

The content that these websites create is not going to help you bring in more leads, customers, and sales. These sites also seem to be built with a seemingly random layout. That said the website they produce are usually quite nice-looking – in some cases, they look very good.



this is engineering


But looking good is not the same as having a profitable website. Websites should be built with intention, if they are to become business assets. We are careful about how we are building the layout of our website so that it is going to convert. These tools do not produce content or layouts that convert. They are not yet designed to do so.

You can go in and edit out things, make layout changes, swap imagery, update text etc. But the amount of work this is going to take to turn it into a site that converts makes my current website-building process faster. (if you want to learn the process I use check out this mini-course)


If all you need is a brochure site that is not meant to turn visitors into clients or book discovery calls, I would say use these tools for now. However as a coach, the sooner you turn your website into an SEO-ed website that can turn visitors into discovery calls booked, the sooner you will book out your coaching practice.

So this is the reason I’m not on board with the AI website builder tools for now. I want a website that books discovery calls. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Drop your feedback and ideas in the comments below.

or if you’re looking to build a coaching website book a free call with me and I’ll help you get clear on the next steps.


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 Frequently asked Questions about A.I. Website Builders  (FAQs)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about A.I. Website Builders

1. What is an A.I. Website Builder?

An A.I. Website Builder is a sophisticated software that utilizes artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and machine learning to automate and streamline the process of creating websites. It allows individuals and businesses to design and develop websites with minimal manual intervention, making web development more accessible and efficient.

2. How does an A.I. Website Builder work?

A.I. Website Builders use advanced algorithms to analyze content, layouts, and design preferences. They then generate website templates, suggest layouts, colors, fonts, and other design elements based on this analysis. Users can choose from these suggestions or further customize the website to suit their specific needs and preferences.

3. Do I need technical expertise to use an A.I. Website Builder?

No, you don’t need extensive technical knowledge to use an A.I. Website Builder. These tools are designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical expertise. The intuitive interfaces and guided processes make it easy for anyone, even without coding skills, to create a professional-looking website.

4. What are the advantages of using an A.I. Website Builder?

  • Simplicity and Speed: A.I. Website Builders expedite the website creation process, saving time and effort.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Creating a website with an A.I. builder is often more affordable than hiring a professional developer.
  • Customization: Although this is usually of a very low level thus far, users can tailor the AI-generated designs to match their brand and preferences.
  • Accessibility: A.I. Website Builders make website creation accessible to a broader audience, including those with minimal technical knowledge.

5. Can I integrate third-party tools or features into a website built using an A.I. Website Builder?

The A.I. platforms will say yes, they do. But this is often problematic. In the future it is reasonable to expect they will integrate successfully with social media plugins, e-commerce functionalities, analytics tools, and other tools to enhance your website’s capabilities and meet specific business requirements.

6. Is the generated website design unique or templated?

While A.I. Website Builders start with templates or predefined designs based on analysis, the customization options allow users to create a unique look for their website. Users can modify layouts, colors, fonts, and other elements to differentiate their website from others.

7. Are A.I. Website Builders suitable for all types of websites?

Yes, A.I. Website Builders are versatile and can be used to create various types of websites, including personal blogs, business websites, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and more. The flexibility of customization enables the creation of websites for diverse purposes and industries.

8. Can I optimize my website for search engines (SEO) using an A.I. Website Builder?

Most tools will tell you you can however they are limited in their knowledge and use of SEO. A.I. Website Builders often include basic SEO features such as meta tags, image optimization, and may offer suggestions to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

9. Is there ongoing support and updates provided with A.I. Website Builders?

Yes, reputable (but not Free) A.I. Website Builders typically offer ongoing support, updates, and enhancements to their platforms. They may have customer support teams, online documentation, video tutorials, and forums to assist users in case of questions, issues, or updates.

10. Can I transfer my website built with an AI website Builder to another platform or host?

In most cases, transferring a website built using an A.I. Website Builder to another platform or host may not be possible due to the unique structure and backend processes of the A.I. Builder. It’s advisable to choose a platform that suits your long-term needs to minimize potential migration challenges.

11. What are the main issues and problems with AI websites?

1. Lack of Human Touch: AI-powered websites, while efficient, sometimes miss that personal touch and deep understanding a human developer or designer brings. The design can lack creativity and a genuine understanding of user experience.

2. Over-Standardization: Many AI website builders follow similar templates and patterns, risking websites looking too alike. This lack of uniqueness can impact branding and make it challenging to stand out in competitive markets.

3. Complex Customizations: While AI website builders offer customization, making intricate or unconventional design changes can be a struggle. Users might find it limiting when trying to implement highly specific or detailed design elements.

4. Very Limited Understanding of Branding: AI may struggle to grasp a brand’s unique identity, making it difficult to ensure the website aligns perfectly with the brand’s image, values, and aesthetics.

5. Dependency on Algorithms: AI websites heavily depend on algorithms for design suggestions and decisions. If the algorithm lacks understanding or is biased, it can lead to inaccurate design suggestions or choices that don’t suit the website’s purpose or audience.

6. Data Privacy Concerns: AI websites often require access to user data to optimize and personalize the design process. This raises valid concerns about data privacy and how the collected data is handled and secured.

7. Learning Curve: While AI website builders aim for simplicity, there’s still a learning curve involved. Users, especially those with minimal technical expertise, may find it challenging to navigate and effectively use the platform.

8. Inflexible AI Decisions: AI algorithms might make design decisions that users can’t easily override. If the AI makes a suggestion that doesn’t align with the user’s vision, it can be frustrating to work around these limitations.

9. Integration Challenges: Integrating third-party tools, plugins, or advanced functionalities may pose challenges as AI website builders are primarily designed to function within their predefined ecosystems.

10. Long-Term Scalability: As a website grows in complexity or traffic, the limitations of an AI-generated design may become apparent. This can necessitate a more customized, human-led approach for scaling and effectively managing the site.

Understanding these challenges empowers users to make informed decisions when utilizing AI website builders, ensuring they align with their specific needs and expectations.