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Building a Profitable and Future-Proof Coaching Business

Future-proofing your coaching business is no easy feat. The coaching business has been growing at a very fast rate and it has only speeded up during the pandemic and after it.

The sad thing is that only about 3% of coaches make it to a full-time income.

And even fewer make 6 figures plus.

These statistics are astounding to me. Because it is really not that hard to take your business to 6 figures if you take the right marketing steps. Unfortunately, there is a cacophony of options out there that get people coaches out and make them either burn out or give up or both.

So the first step in making sure your business is future-proof is to


coaching business - get your basics right

Get your basics right.

Pick an ideal client that has cash flow.

Charge the right prices or have a plan to uplift your prices regularly.

Be clear about what every marketing action in your business is going to achieve – if the end result is not money, don’t do it.

Pick a proven marketing strategy that works now


Build a strong personal brand

Building a strong personal brand means that you can shift our offering anywhere you want.

But this is not step one.

You need to first get out of the feast and famine cycle and then focus on your branding. And sure you will have some branding before that but don’t be a perfectionist because in the previous business stage you’re not clear enough to build a strong brand so stick to getting the basics out and go fast. Don’t be a perfectionist or you will go round in circles for ages.



coaching business



Build traffic to your website

Having website traffic that comes from Google is going to be an important way of stabilizing your business. Your leads will fluctuate a LOT if they depend on how many new people you have on your list, how much you can afford to spend on ads this month, and how much time you have to wiggle your butt on Instagram reels and TikTok, and btw please don’t do that.



Build your email consistently


You’ve probably heard people refer to their email list as their ATM or their kid’s College fund before and it certainly works but in truth it doesn’t really give you anything back until you give it time. A lot of people spend money building their list before they have a clue how they will monetize it. So until you decide to dedicate time to keeping your audience warm and creating programs and content to monetize it, it may not be worth your expenditure. But it is an important part of scaling and you need to keep in mind you’ll need it.



coaching business - email is key

Listen and Evolve

And finally, the obvious piece of the puzzle is to listen to your clients. It’s important to listen to people in your audience and those who work with you. You can do this by creating programs or free training that gives you the opportunity to interact with them.

Another important factor is the onboarding forms and mapping sessions. Spend time understanding where your clients are when they start working with you. This will help you be a better coach and customize your coaching in minute detail and it will also help you feed the right information into your marketing – it’s a win-win – just add one step to your coaching programs and spend more time listening which is ultimately an important part of your job as a coach.


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