coaching pitch create your perfect elevator pitch

Coaching Pitch: Create Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Anyone in business needs an elevator pitch. But a coaching pitch can make or break your coaching business. It needs to be simple enough to be repeatable and specific enough to address the right people. It’s difficult for new coaches to come up with the right one, because it takes a lot of insight.

Over the last 7 years working with coaches who are in their first 0 to 3 years in business, I’ve developed a simple process to help you find your perfect coaching pitch.



Follow these steps to your perfect elevator pitch for coaches:

Step 1: Hone in on your client avatar 

Before you write anything, you need to take a step back and take a good look at the people you want to work with. Your decision should be a winner on all fronts. Define the kind of person that you love to help, that benefits A LOT from your coaching, that is willing to pay you and is willing to be coached.

This person is your ideal client.


steps to your perfect elevator pitch for coaches


Step 2: Pick the toughest struggle you resolve

Once you know the types of people you want to work with, think about the struggles you resolve for them. As a coach you need to focus on the easiest to monetize. Those who are willing to hire you and pay you.

These are the people with the biggest struggle. The ones with the most urgent pain. The ones that can’t bear it anymore and need someone’s help. The ones that are going to Google for a solution to their pain point.

Pick 1 pain point just one.


Step 3: Pick your niche

Once you know the struggle you resolve and the avatar – pick a niche. This may be strongly indicated in your avatar already or perhaps not.

For example: if your avatar is a 40+ woman who is stressed and unhappy, your niche could be 40+ women in stressful executive jobs. Your niche is Female CEOs and Managers.

Think about your clients. What niche can you pick that means…

– they will want to work with you
– they will be willing to pay you
– they will do the work and get results

pick your niche



Step 4: Name yourself

Now give yourself a title. Simply calling yourself a life coach or executive coach might not cut it. This is why I highly recommend checking keyword traffic in Google before picking this.

And if you want to pick a name people are actively looking for. Pick the one with the most traffic. From the choice below, ‘stress coach’ would be the best option.

name yourself



Step 5. Write your elevator pitch

Now use all the elements above to write your own elevator pitch.

write your elevator pitch

It’s your turn now. Write your elevator pitch and drop it in the comments below.

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