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The Ultimate Strategy To Find Coaching Clients Online

Finding coaching clients is relatively easy when you organize face-to-face events and get booked to speak or invest time in networking in the right places.

But what if you want to be a digital nomad or a flexible mum?
How can you achieve the same results without meeting people face to face? How do you find coaching clients online? On Social Media? Instagram? LinkedIn?

Here are 7 highly-effective steps to find coaching clients online, that are easy to implement

Organic Options

1. Groups

The first strategy to be adopted by any coach online is the group strategy. This strategy can be implemented with the following steps:

  • Make a list of groups that contain your target audience (ask colleagues and friends, search on Facebook and Google, consult SparkToro
  • Create images and text for your profile s that people visiting your profile know exactly what you do/sell.
  • Get your Groups List and create a schedule to post daily in the groups. Spend a couple of weeks engaging in the top 5 to 8 – then pick just 3. The best ones- the most interested in what you do, the ones that engage the most, the ones you get the most visibility in.

Once you’ve picked your 3, create a clear weekly schedule to spend an hour / one or two days a week in the group.


2. Blogs

Blogging is hands down the best strategy for coaches. It allows you to cap your marketing to just a few hours a week and brings you the best quality leads of any marketing medium. The great thing about blogging is that it’s also very scalable.

There is no limit to how much traffic and leads you can generate. Moreover, it will also help you create authority in your niche and provide a lot of content that you can later turn into a book.

This strategy can be implemented with the following steps:

  • Create a strong client avatar
  • Find some keywords that your avatar is already looking for on Google
  • Turn these keywords into your content plan
  • Learn how to SEO your articles and website
  • Create a simple system to help your blog regularly

If you have difficulty with any of these steps, book a free consult here at


3. Youtube

Youtube is still one of the best mediums to find your audience. Although harder to leverage than blogs, it’s a great option for people who prefer to talk instead of write. (although an easier first step would be to speak your blogs and record them, then have them transcribed.)
If video is your favorite medium go for it. If you also turn your videos into blogs and embed your videos on your website, you’re onto a real winner.

How to leverage Youtube marketing:

  1. Create a Brand Account for your business
  2. Optimize for views and search by doing keyword research
  3. Learn how to optimize The Video, Titles, Descriptions, and Tags
  4. Create eye-catching thumbnails
  5. Recycle your main weekly video into Youtube shorts
  6. Add a call to action to get people to watch more videos or go to your website, where you can convert them into leads using a free downloadable resource.
  7. Boost by advertising on Youtube if you have the budget

    blog ideas

4. Partnerships

The great thing about partnerships is that it’s free (in most cases. This is where the Facebook Groups you picked earlier will come in handy.

Here’s how to make a partnership strategy work:

  • Make a list of group owners, podcast hosts, and Youtube influencers with your audience.
  • Shortlist the ones that are still getting famous but have a sizeable audience. Make sure you pick the ness you’re not competing with, or they won’t accept your proposal.
  • Write a couple of proposal templates, customize them for each contact, and hope for the best.

5. Interviews

Podcast interviews are a great way of getting in front of new audiences.

Similar to the partnerships strategy, this strategy helps you grow your audience and get leads.

Here’s how to make a guesting/interview strategy work:

  • Make a list of podcasts; Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives and youtube channels you want to guest on.
  • Suspend some time engaging with these channels. Engage with the owner. Get on their list. Answer their bulk emails to get noticed.
  • Write a proposal email to discuss the mutual benefits of collaboration. If possible offer to repay the favor by having them as a guest n your channels (even if it’s a blog).
  • Follow-up. Often the follow-up is what closes the deal. Follow-up once or twice a week for up to 6 to 8 times. (research shows most requests get a reply after the 6th follow-up)

Paid Options


6. Webinars


Webinars appear here under paid options because it is very hard to fill a webinar Organically (unless you have a blog with good traffic).

So we assume that most coaches would start with the paid option to fill up their webinars. They can be hard to fill because people register and then don’t turn up. Show up rate can be as low as 20%, but your conversion rates will be much higher than any other online way of selling. I’ve had webinars with a closing rate of 100% (basically, everyone bought.)

Here’s how to leverage this strategy:

  • Find a great webinar topic. Analyze your ideal client avatar and ask
  • Questions to your target audience to find out what it is about your topic that they want to learn about.
  • Pick a topic that connects easily to one of your packages or courses so you can sell it.
  • Create a webinar that educates your client about needing your services.
  • Practice your webinar. And run a second webinar if the first one doesn’t go well. Practice makes perfect.

7. List buildings with Mini-courses

List- Building is important for any coach to start getting clients, but it’s very hard to do for free unless you have decent blog traffic on your website. If you don’t, your only option is paid Facebook ads.

The great thing about this approach is that the money spent building your list is re-earned by selling to the new registrations. Do not run these ads without knowing what you’re going to sell to them; it will be a sunk cost if you do.


Here’s how to leverage list-building ads:

  • Create a downloadable freebie (it could also be your webinar from earlier)
  • Create your ads on Facebook. You should use the cheapest form, known as ‘Lead Ads’ they allow your audience to download directly on Facebook without leaving the platform.
  • Write a great email sequence to get people to jump on a discovery call with you or buy that evergreen mini-course.


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