how to find coaching clients online

How to find Quality Coaching Clients Online

When you first become a coach, finding coaching clients occupies your mind constantly. But once you get your coach marketing wheels in motion and start booking those discovery calls, the worry ebbs away.


It’s however replaced with the next stage

Making sure you’re getting the right clients


Developing the courage to say no to the wrong people is important but meeting more of the right ones is key. You want to build the right business which draws the right people to you so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Here are 5 simple steps that will help you get quality coaching clients by getting the right people on those discovery calls:


(thanks to the fact that I only get the right people on my discovery calls, I have a closing rate that’s really close to a 100%, because the right people are also ready to buy without being pushed – you won’t even need to do any selling)




  1. Start with in-depth client research.
    • “What constitutes a quality client for you?”
      You need to be able to answer this question clearly if you’re to adjust your marketing to attract the right quality coaching clients. You can start by making a list of 10+ qualities they need to have.

      For example: If you’re a life coach that helps empty nesters reconnect with their partners your client qualities might look something like this:
    • 50+
    • Grown kids
    • Mortgage paid off
    • Working full time
    • Professional
    • Kids left for uni
    • Loved to travel when they were able to
    • Were very in love as a young couple
    • They find it hard to agree on anything these days 
    • They’re arguing a lot more
    • Arguments are sapping their happiness and energy daily

    The above list makes this ideal client quite well off and still earning. Which means, they will be able to pay for the coaching, they also have a strong pain point that is affecting their daily lives. This makes them a good candidate to buy easily.

    The example doesn’t cover the emotional side – as a coach, it’s important that you also really enjoy working with these people. It’s up to you to identify what makes them a good fit.

    In the example above I mentioned that they loved travelling so perhaps one thing you love to do is help people get back into travelling or finding new ways of experiencing it – if this is you then add the qualities, your prospect needs to have to be a good match for your coaching and you as an individual.

    looking for quality clients online


  2. Get clear on what they’re looking for and the questions they ask


    Once you’re clear about who they are, get clear about the kind of questions they might ask when they’re looking to resolve their problems.

    Remember Google serves content in answer to people’s questions and social media algorithms show more of what people are asking for and watching. Getting these questions right is key for your marketing.


    Make a list and keep it handy.



  3.  Be yourself – but better [match the quality you want to attract and then turn it up just a little bit]

    As a coach, it’s great if you’re down to earth and easy to connect with, but you’re also positioning yourself as someone who can guide others to resolve their problems and build new habits. This is why you need to inspire trust.


    So by all means be yourself but always seek to be your best self for your clients. Trust is key to closing coaching clients.

    Being your best self means being as well trained and experienced as possible in what you do. We all have to start somewhere but never stop bettering yourself.



  4. Assess and finetune. Ask people where they found you. Let them talk about how they want you to help them. 

    When you start a discovery always discuss how they found you. You want to know where your quality leads are coming from. You also want to know where your crap leads are coming from.

    I recently pulled a couple of blog posts and changed the call-to-action on some others after I got a number of leads from these posts that were a terrible fit. Because I always ask where my clients found me (and they all say Google) I could pinpoint which blog posts were attracting the wrong prospects. 

     find quality coaching clients online

  5. Create a clear profile of those elements that attracted people you don’t want to work with

    Make sure you have a clear profile of the kind of people you want to work with. You also want to have people fill in a discovery call form before they meet you. This means that you get a second shot at filtering them, and if they seem like a bad fit – just cancel the call.

    Send them a nice email stating that they should check your Q and A’s before the call, and make sure you have a Q and A page on your site to send them to. In this page make sure that you add frequently asked questions that can help them self-diagnose as a wrong fit.

    For example: mention the starting price, mention the age, and mention all those things that you put in the profile of people you don’t want to work with.



> Bonus Step

Once you’re clear about all of the above, double down on what is already working on your marketing and you will end up with a roster full of clients you love.


Sounds simple – because it is.
Once you’re clear, you just need to declutter your business and double down on the right strategies.

Want help getting prospective clients you love on those discovery calls? Book a free call – let me show you how I do it





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