How to get more coaching clients

How to get more coaching clients: 10 Tips for 10 clients a month

There are many ways of getting more coaching clients, however, picking the right one for your personality and business stage is what will make you successful.
This article will show you all the best options available to you and it will also help you decide which strategies are the ones that will work faster and better for you!

Organic Marketing

What is organic marketing?

Organic marketing is a term that describes any form of marketing that does not involve paying for visibility. Below is a list of typical organic marketing tools used by coaches. 


Blogging is one of the best strategies for coaches, especially when coupled with SEO (search engine optimization). Done well, it bring website visitors for free and persuades them to book your discovery calls in under 5 minutes.


Search engine optimization is made up of a small number of strategies that over a few weeks or months start bringing traffic to your website. Your website is the only distraction-free place your audience can find you. It’s key to growing the number of discovery calls you book.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube

Social Media is a great organic tool. And although visibility has gotten harder over the years, it is still a tool that can work to start or amplify your lead generation. When you’re just starting out, social media can be a great place to get leads, but be warned, it is not scalable and therefore ill burn you out if you stick to it as your only form of marketing. Creating core content that you publish on your website alongside social media will help you build your lead generation and get more clients consistently for a stable scalable business.


organic marketing for coaches


Organic Marketing Strategies that will grow your coaching business

Not all organic marketing is fit to grow a coaching business. One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is trying to copy influencers. Influencer marketing is a completely different cuttle of fish – a totally different creature. Influencers sell products for third parties. They do not need authority – they sell attention. Often their strategies are damaging to their authority and reputation.
As a coach you can damage your business with this strategy. In order to increase the leads and clients you book, you want to build marketing assets that build your authority, such as a Book, a blog or a Youtube channel.

My top organic strategies

  1. Launching a blog
  2. Amplifying my reach
  3. Keyword research

I’ve built my business completely on organic traffic. I started off by launching a blog and amplifying my audience with organic social media until my Google traffic grew. It took around 6 months to pick up, then started accelerating the number of leads really quick.

The most important strategy was to offer free discovery calls during this first 6 month period where my leads were growing slowly. I began to understand what the prospects I liked wanted and which prospects felt like a wrong match. This helped me work out in which direction I wanted to niche.

I also used keyword research to find content ideas that people were surely already looking for – because they had traffic. I used these keywords to create a content plan for my blog and started working on getting them ranked. 12+ years of agency experience with blogging and SEO came in very handy.

I soon isolated and distilled those things that helped me rank and get 15 discovery calls a month. My clients wanted to learn more than blogging, they wanted more leads.

So this is how my business evolved. Every coaching business goes through a similar journey, you can start by creating content based on keywords that have traffic and then move forward from there. Once you’re booking some discovery calls and clients, it become easy to inject what you learn into your marketing strategy.  This will help you attract more leads and also close more of them. When I sarted 1 out of every 10 prospects turned into a client. After finetuning my marketing and my discovery call skills, I now close 9 out of 10 calls.


sales funnels for coaches, more clients with funnels for coaches

Your sales funnel

Sales funnels, in reality are not separate from your content. Your organic content is an important part of your sales funnel. It is always the entry point into your sales funnel that leads to the next steps designed to warm up your lead and turn them into someone who is ready to book your discovery calls.
There are 3 main sales funnels that work well for coaches:

– the blog post to discovery call funnel
– the webinar funnel
– the free training funnel

You can find more details about all 3 sales funnels for coaches here


Paid marketing is essentially a scaling strategy, however, if you have a budget for ads from the start, you can fast-forward your results on any other strategy you adopt. It’s always recommended to build a funnel that works using blogging, video or other core content.
Only run paid marketing if you know your audience well, you have enough budget to test, you have a tested funnel that has converted organically. If you follow this simple rule you will scale your business and save yourself a lot of ad expenses in the long run. 


coach interview

Other people’s audiences

Another important strategy that is also well-suited to new coaches is “borrowing” other people’s audiences. There are various online and offline ways of doing this.


Public Speaking

You don’t have to be a paid speaker to make money from public speaking. You don’t even need to be sought after.
As a coach, you can use it as a visibility strategy. You can start by attending some events you feel you could contribute to and later offer yourself as a speaker for an event. You can create special event packages and reach out to companies that are looking for a speaker for their next in-house training event.


Podcast guesting

You can get in front of a new audience by guesting on a podcast. You will need to create a one sheet, do some research and find podcasts that have your audience and reach out to them.
You can also book a podcast outreach service to do this for you. In order to make the most of the opportunities landed, you’ll need a free resource to share so that you can collect the leads.


Guest Blogging

Similar to podcast guesting, guest blogging is a great investment because it can keep generating leads over time. Pick a blog that has a good amount of traffic and tends to show up in search results. A blog that has your audience and allows you to link back to your website. Ask for a link back to some resource on your website.
You will likely also need a bio and a few sample posts as well as a pitch to describe the kind of article you want to write for the website/blog you picked. Some sites don’t care much about your background or past pieces they will ask you to simply write the article and submit it for consideration. Either way, it’s a great way to get long-term visibility.




Chambers, Networking Groups, and Clubs

Even in online coaching, no woman/man is an island. Connections help us feel supported and can generate referrals as well as interest and buzz around our business.
Your time is precious, so choose carefully, but do pick one or two networks, or clubs you can be part of. The more people you meet, the more people will know about you and can spread the word.
It’s important to know how you want to be introduced and make sure the people you ‘network’ with know what you do and who you do it for. Make sure you’ve practiced your intros well and that you get to know people in your networks well. I’m a big believer that it’s far better to know a handful of people really well than a lot of people.
This is yet another opportunity to use your content. When you meet people who are interested in what you do because they might be a potential client or colleagues, you can use your content to follow up with them. A great piece of content shared will help your new network get to know you better and a prospect understands why and how to work with you.


Authority is very important for coaches. A coach without authority will find it harder to grow their business. The first and most natural way to build this is with quality content in the form of blogs, podcasts or videos. But your authority will only be cemented and start reaping great rewards when you achieve these two milestones:


writing a book

Writing a Book

Writing a book is a sure way to share your knowledge with your intended audience and showcase your in-depth knowledge and expertise on your subject. It’s the one marketing asset that sets you above all other coaches that don’t have one.
The Coach and Author status is coveted. A book will also help you get recognized in social groups, get booked to speak, and lend even more authority to your other writing. It can help you kand contributor status on a great blog from your industry and get interviewed on podcasts. It really is a ticket to raise your profile and your visibility.


Ranking on the first page of Google

It’s often overlooked and not mentioned much because most coaches do not rank on the first page of Google. But when you do, you will realize that people come to you already thinking that you are the best choice for them – because Google thinks you are.

Google has spent decades positioning itself as the best search engine on the planet. 91.88% of all searches conducted on search engines are done on Google. Their market share is astounding. They have become THE AUTHORITY when it comes to giving people what’s best for their search.

If you rank first for your main industry terms, it shows your audience that you are trustworthy. Because Google trusts you. And Google has people’s trust.


Google search


Deciding on the best marketing strategy for you

After reading all the strategies, you probably already have a good idea of what would feel a good fit. Answer these 3 questions to make your final decision and pick the best ones for you…


1. How visible do I want to be (what’s my comfort level)?

(writing blogs for introverts, podcasts for talkers or videos for extroverts – which one is for you?)


2. How long have you been in business?

If you’re starting out pick the ones that require minimal investment. Blogging and SEO with amplification through social media. Perhaps guest blogging too)
If you’ve been around for a while perhaps it’s time to scale.


3. What is my long-term plan?

Do you intend to grow your team or are you looking for a strategy that is scalable without hiring? 


Need help deciding which elements will make up the best client attraction strategy for your coaching business? Then we should talk…

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