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How to have a great coaching discovery call

Close coaching clients without the sales pitch – what to do in your coaching discovery call

Knowing how to conduct a discovery call is crucial to any coach’s business. Whether you’re recruiting for 1:1 or your group coaching, closing more calls means a more stable, cash flow positive business.

Here are 7 steps to help you hold a great coaching discovery call and close more clients:


    1. Get the right people on those coaching discovery calls

      The first thing you should focus on is making sure that you get the right people on the calls. Often this is part of the problem if you’re not closing any or just a few coaching clients. Make sure that you improve your marketing to generate leads that are a great match.

      coaches discovery call
      be yourself on the discovery call!


    2. Coaching discovery calls are about getting to know the other person

      If you’re the curious type this will come easy to you. Before talking business take your time to get to know someone having a certain level of chemistry is important for a coaching relationship. If there’s chemistry you’ll both feel it and it will make the call easier. If there isn’t it’s fine too, at least you can get a clear idea of whether you can actually work with this person and help them reach their goal.

      Ask questions and find things you may have in common. Taking a look at their Facebook profile can help you find out some things about them before the call which can help you break the ice.


    3. Frame the discovery call

      The term ‘framing a discovery call’ means to simply take charge and explain how things will happen and in what order. It’s a bit like establishing an agenda for the call.
      As the coach, this gives you the opportunity to take charge.

      Being the one to ask the questions means you’re the one in charge. It doesn’t mean that you drive hard and try to manipulate the other person. On the contrary, a good coaching discovery call is about listening, but asking the right questions will help you keep the other person within the remit of the call.

      Make sure you’re not too cold. Be gentle and don’t make the other person feel like they’re being interviewed for a job. As mentioned earlier this is about getting to know each other.

      In fact, just be you. Be your best self, but be honest and friendly.


    4. Understand how they think you can help them with your coaching

      When asking questions – go deep. Try to understand why they contacted you and how they thought you could help them. Very often this will tell you whether they clearly understand what you offer or not. Take notes, this information can help you improve your marketing and/or close more calls in the future.

      If most of the people don’t understand there’s probably a good reason for that. And it’s probably that something is not quite working with your marketing.


      be you on the coaching discovery call
      Take notes!
    5. Understand where they are and where they want to go

      The most important step for you and for them is to understand where they are right now, where they want to go and how you can help them. This part is the backbone of your discovery call – ask as many questions as needed.

      Sometimes you might need to get your prospect to dig a little inside themselves to find their answers. So a little bit of coaching might be needed here.


    6. Get clear about whether you can help them or not as a coach

      Make sure you’re clear about whether you can help them or not. Ask more questions if you need to – you can never ask too many! Also, understand what your client is open to and how they would like to be helped.

      Talk to them about how you think you can help them. Make sure they understand your approach and the outcome of your coaching. Make sure that you talk about pricing and payment plans.


      discovery call for coaches
      Hello! are you still there? – following up can feel like talking to crickets but it works.
    7. Follow-up if they’re not sure (but you are)

      Always send a follow-up email when the prospect doesn’t buy on the call. Prepare a pdf with your packages and follow up with an email.

      And if you don’t get a reply, follow up again. And again. And again…

      Don’t give up!

      “50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact, but most people give up after just 2” (Statistics by InsideSales)


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