How to coach online

The 3 Pillars of a New Virtual Coaching Practice

Marketing, Customer Relationships and Trust

The success of your fledgling virtual coaching business, hinges on the trust your clients grant you. A strong relationship means they will show you respect, pay you on time and refer you to their family, friends, and colleagues.


This is why there are 3 virtual coaching pillars you should build in order to be trusted and respected:


  1. Marketing your virtual coaching practice: Show up consistently

The first and most important factor is to show up with consistency. Whether you’re blogging, going live weekly on Facebook or sending an email to your list, or perhaps posting on social media – make your coach marketing consistent. Pick a pattern and a weekly routine and stick to it.

It’s so important to show up consistently. It’s what makes you feel dependable and trustworthy. People see you’re always there and you can be reached easily. It’s the first step towards building an audience that Knows, Likes and Trusts you.

  1. Sort out your systems: pick the best software

Online purchases often happen with a peppering of impulsivity. So buyer’s remorse is more likely to creep in. In order to avoid refunds, you need to have well-oiled systems that give your clients a great onboarding experience. Make sure that the purchasing process is as painless as possible.

for example: use a tool like Stripe, Paypal, or Thrivecart to make sure that after payment they are redirected to the onboarding form. Send an email welcoming them on board and explain everything they need to know in it. Make yourself available – let them know how and when they can contact you and what kind of responsiveness to expect. Give them an onboarding gift like a free bonus mini-course or an actual physical gift like a book.

Make sure they enjoy the onboarding experience and make them feel they are entering your ‘virtual space’. Use a coaching platform or Google drive to give them a space where they can find their resources, links, dates etc easily. Don’t overcomplicate the tech – not everyone handles that equally well. Some people are overwhelmed very easily so keep it simple.

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  1. Win their trust by being reliable: never be late!

The first and unspoken trust builder is punctuality. Apart from the fact that in most cultures it’s downright rude to turn up late (and ‘late’ means different things in different cultures, so make sure you’re up to scratch with client expectations on this)

Ultimately it’s important to NEVER be late. If you can’t be punctual your clients’ trust will wane, and not even they will likely know why.

As a coach, you need to make them feel like you’re there for them. You turn up to teach and guide them so being late is a bad sign. Do everything you can to make them feel like they’re in good hands.

Starting the call first puts you in control and your client will feel more confident that you can guide them.


Your clients just want to be assured that they have made the right decision to work with you and will get what they are seeking through your coaching.
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