highest-paying life coaching niches

How to pick one of the highest-paying life coaching niches in 2023

Life coaching (and its many life coaching niches) are quickly becoming more and more popular as a career choice. In a post-pandemic world, many have recognized that life coaching can give them both a flexible job they enjoy and a means of helping others and finding more purpose in their daily lives.

With more and more life coaches coming into the market, differentiating yourself is important – it will help you charge more and get more clients.

Niching is a very important part of creating a life coaching practice that is unique and special. 

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Find the Highest-Paying Life Coaching Niche (within the span of your expertise):

  • Make a list of talents that make you unique

The most important place to start to find your life coaching niche, is looking inwards. Make a list of talents that people say you have… for example, do your friends say you’re a good listener or really good with kids. What is it that comes really natural to you that others compliment?


  • Make a list of experiences that make you unique

Make a list of life experiences that help you relate to your life coaching clients. Have you suffered trauma or have an invisible illness or disability? Can this help you approach your life coaching in a more meaningful way for people like yourself? Often people want to work with people like themselves so this is important – dig deep.

For example, if you grew up with a narcissistic parent you understand the difficulties and repercussions this has on people’s lives. If you choose to work with people who have been through this, you will not only be very well-positioned to help them, but become the most obvious choice among the people qualified to help them.


  • Make a list of Qualifications you bring to the table


Making a list of qualifications (not just formal ones) you can bring to the table might remind you of qualifications you may have discarded as not relevant. For example I have a degree in education (worked at national curriculum level), an Advanced Certificate in PHP/MySQL web development,  a TEFL certificate, a server admin Linux qualification and I managed my own marketing agency for over a decade during which I received a lot of business and online marketing training, as well as hands-on experience with over 100 clients a year etc.

These give me relevant expertise to support my clients with marketing but I also have the expertise to extend into course design, website development, and systems amongst other things.

Now what ‘forgotten’ or unofficial qualifications do you have that can help you better support your clients?


high ticket life coaching niches


  • Make a list of potential niches and pop some in Google Search

Now take a look at the first three answers above and start brainstorming. Do you have any niche ideas?

They don’t need to be your usual niches – be creative

For example: If you’re a yoga instructor and have a chronic illness, you can become a life coach for people with chronic illness and support them by adding your yoga knowledge.


  • Make a list of high earners that could need this service

Now not all clients are created equal – as a life coach you want to help everyone, but if you want your business to survive, it’s super important that you start off with a client base that can afford you.

(You can then expand to cover more and more people when you can actually afford to market to a wider audience)

So for now, think about what kind of people can pay your prices more easily? Do they need to be in full-time employment, do they need to be professionals or executives? How high are your prices – or rather how high could you go if you pick the right niche?

If as per the previous example you decide to be a Chronic Illness coach, how much is getting better worth to a CEO? A Business Owner? Much more than the average employee, so these people have more money and your coaching is automatically worth more to them.


Now think of your own sector – can you find a similar niche?


  • Make a list of their most pressing needs and struggles (the ones they cannot live with anymore)


Once you’ve picked the niche in point 5. It’s time to find the struggles that hurt the most and niche further. Using the same example above you could pick a niche like stressed CEO mums – they need to heal fast because a lot hinges on them. Or perhaps you could go for overworked executives with a new diagnosis for chronic illness.


Which one is more urgent?
Which one will pay anything to make the pain go away?


Now can you think of anything similar – where the struggle makes the solution so desirable that it becomes worth a lot more money?


life coaching niche


  • Explore your niche as a multi- word-key-phrase


Now write some options and write down your 3-word phrase that describes your niche.


Chronic Illness Healing Coach

Chronic Illness Sustainable Life Coach  

Chronic Illness Life Coach for Stressed Working Mums




Write as many as 10 or more and then pause to feel if they fit.


You can also try different ones.

Found a good one?

Pop it in the comments below and let me know








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