social media marketing for coaches

Social Media Marketing for Coaches: How to use it right to build your authority

Social media marketing for coaches can work for you – but there are a few if’s and but’s you should know about.

I believe that any system will work for you if you execute it as intended.
However different methods require different skills, different time investment, and different levels of commitment.

Social Media can be a powerful tool in the marketing for coaches universe but before you dive in learn how best you can use it for your specific coaching business and niche…

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Marketing for introverts: 2 things that perform better than social media

Whether you’re a true introvert or are simply not open to dancing on social, and posting personal pictures on the web – there’s plenty you can do to build a successful business using marketing for introverts.

Is there really such a thing as marketing for introverts?

Well, No I don’t think there is

There are however strategies that are more suited and less draining to introverts…

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9 ways to find content ideas that appeal to your ideal client

In this day in age, you can buy 1000 content ideas and prompts for less than a day at your favorite co-working space.

But those ideas are not likely to work unless you know what your ideal client is looking for.

Here are 9 ways to find new content ideas that will work for your ideal client:

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Content Marketing Strategies: Organic Tips for Coaches

Organic Content Marketing Strategies can vary based on what you’re trying to sell. These tips are great for coaches but will also work for consultants, therapists or similar service provider…

As a coach or service provider sharing your expertise will help you position yourself as one of the best in your field
This is key to getting overbooked.

And we all know what being overbooked means.

It means we can raise our prices,  work only with best-match clients and create better results and relationships.
And did I mention no more financial worries?

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How To Create a Great Content Marketing Plan That You Will Actually Stick To

Some people think the secret to great consistent content is in the plan, others think the secret is in the template.

The secret is actually in your systems.

First, you do need a plan, of course. You need one that works with a simple system you can set-up and work easily.

I’m going to share the easiest content marketing system I have used for the last 10 years. I have tested it many times with my content team using my own content and my coaching clients.

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My 12 Week Online Visibility, Marketing Experiment

The frequency of original content was 1 post per week. My daily blogging time was now being spent sharing other people’s content. It didn’t feel great I must admit although it occasionally inspired me to write a post or two.

I posted only during the week. Monday to Friday, read more

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