Content Ideas for Coaches

7 Proven Client-Attraction Content Ideas for Coaches

Whether you’re an online coach or meet people face-to-face, your online content plays a very important role in your marketing. 

Consistency is very important to become known for your area of expertise, but it’s the hardest part. It becomes easier when you’re very clear about the kind of content you will create, why you will create it and how you will share it.

Here are 7 proven high-converting client attraction content ideas that have helped coaches like you, make millions online:

1. Content Ideas for Coaches on Instagram:

According to, brands with a small following have a higher conversion rate than the average 1% conversion rate for influencers. “Brands with fewer than 10K followers have significantly higher Conversion Rates – 2.6%”.

Instagram can be a great way to build your brand awareness. However you have to be careful how you use it. As a coach, your main goal is to build Authority aka a great reputation for delivering results. This does not happen when you shake your tush on reels and lipsynch that quote everyones else is regurgitating this week, just to get some views.

I work with a lot of coaches that are burntout or fed up of social media. But it’s not all bad news there are some things that work better for coaches. And these are:

– Stories – they get better reach and the right approach will get people to DM you and you can get them onto a discovery call from there.

– Live Video – organize live video collaborations to reach more people and grow your audience.

– Ads – run ads so that your content reaches more people and make sure the content you promote has a clear call to action to book that discovery call or consume a piece of content that asks them to do just that.

coach content ideas for instagram

2. Blogging content  ideas for coaches:

Blogging content is great for coaches because it is a very strong authority builder. Blogs or articles on your website are great because they help your audience understand what your expertise is, how you help your clients and how you can help them.

A blog post can take a cold lead and turn it into a warm one. It can take a website visitor and convert them into a discovery call booking in under 5 minutes. Blogging also provides cumulative return on investment. Because you only write an article once but it will keep bringin you leads for as long as it keeps ranking well.

In fact blogging is great as core content that can be repusposed as a podcast, a video series, multiple social media posts etc.

But it’s 10x more powerful when you oprimize it with SEO (search engine optimization) so that it ranks first in Google and brings you ‘free’ leads every day, week and month.

Blog for coaches

3. Content Ideas for Youtube Video:

Youtube videos make great content because they can be so easily repurposed for other mediums, such as shorts, reels, TikToks, live videos (using ecamm to stream recorded videos live) , blogs etc.

Similar to blogs, they are versatile and contain a lot of opportunity for education, authority building and calls to action. The difference however is that youtube videos are generally found on Youtube. People tend to go to youtube to learn how to do something, so it provides many opportunities for coaches.
Whatsmore – Youtube belongs to Google and Youtube videos also feature in Google search results. This means that these videos like blogs, have the potential to generate leads in the long term without continuous investment.

An important distinction perhaps between blogs and youtube videos is that academic research shows that people who watch your videos on youtube will also watch those created about the same topic by your competitors. This means that you need to work hard on your quality on Youtube because the competition is tough.

4. Podcasts for coaches

Podcasts are really booming lately. Insider Intelligence estimates that around 424 million people are podcast listeners worldwide.

Podcasts are great to warm up your audience. But it’s not easy to get a non-podcast fan to listen. Some people are visual processors and they do not like listening. Others listen to podcasts on youtube.

The important thing to understand about podcasts is that they form part of your lead-warming environment and not lead generation as such. They tend to be great at getting a new load and warming them up, but a Podcast lead is not likely to go to your website and buy from you or book that discovery call any time soon.

So although Podcasting is a great addition if you already have a lead generation system in your company, it should not replace your core content (blog or video). It can however be a great complement to your list-building efforts. To move ‘fresh new leads’ to a place where they can get to know you more easily more quickly.

Always think of the kind of audience you have, however – if you target business owners ot busy execs, they might listen to podcasts because they need to multitask as they’re short on time.

But if your audience are start-ups they may have enough time on theri hands to look at youtube videos to learn new stuff. So always think of your audience and if you’re not sure, ask them if they listen to podcasts to understand if it’s a medium that can work for you.   

Podcasts for coaches

5. The king of coach content – the Webinar

A webinar is none other than a free class delivered online to those who registered for it. Most lead generation webinars are free, sometimes they are paid with the cost running from $5 to $99. 

A webinar is a great opportunity to pack in the value and also gives you the opportunity to do an indepth, longer pitch. It gives you time to position yourself as an expert and helps you create content that can later be recycled as a shorter video, a blog, multiple podcasts. And if you do them regularly you can also build a membership site with this content or use them as freebies.

Webinars are great valuable content that can easily be repurposed and when done well, really help build your authority.

The only downside is that if you have a small audience, you might not get a lot of people to attend at first. But that’s perfectly normal. The webinar itself (especially when you use ads to get people to register) can serve as a great list-building tool. And building your list will assure more attendees as your list grows.


6. 5-Day Challenge / Free Training

The free training, whether it’s recorded or carried out live over 5 days of live training can really help you position yourself as an authority.

They are also a great alternative to webinars if you’re not great at delivering them yet. They’re shorter and give you more time and opportunity to try different calls to action or pitch in different ways. They give you more opportunities to interact with your audience and get to know them.

The gret thing about these is that they can be repurposed into a paid mini-program or a highly-valuable free mini-course to grow your leads on your website.

They are however pretty demanding on your time and resources, so make sure you have a good program to turn those attendees into clients.

7. Facebook Lives

Facebook Lives are a great content format. They can really help you more people. By going live regularly at the same time every week, you will get Facebook to start showing your videos to more people.

FB videos can also be a great way to build an audience for your Facebook ads. You can target people who have watched a particular video. This means that you can create videos that especially warm up and prepare your audience and then run ads to entice them to book that discovery call with you.

You can also repurpose this content on youtube, instagram, and TikTok as long or short-form videos.

facebook lives for coaches

No matter which medium you use, your coach content should cover the areas below:

Showcase your personal brand – so speak about your core values, your ideals, and what your business is about.

Inspire your audience – show your audience what’s possible, share quotes, famous stories, and anecdotes from your own life

Teach them something valuable – teach something of instant value. Dispel a myth, teach them a skill, and give them an insight that gets them unstuck.

Tell them how and why you help your clients. And show them the results you have achieved for others which they could achieve too.

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