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9 ways to find content ideas that appeal to your ideal client

In this day in age, you can buy 1000 content ideas and prompts for less than a day at your favorite co-working space.

But those ideas are not likely to work unless you know what your ideal client is looking for.

Here are 9 ways to find new content ideas that will work for your ideal client:


      1. Find content ideas by asking an introductory question after freebie download or webinar registration

        Ok, so this involves also creating a lead magnet. If you already have one, all you need to do is edit the thank you page.

        Once you’ve given them something for free a.k.a your wonderfully valuable lead magnet, it’s ok to ask for something in return. The freebie is often (and should be) followed by an email sequence. This email sequence is your opportunity to pick your ideal clients’ brains by asking a well-timed question.

        A very simple question I ask in my email sequence after webinar registration is “what are you struggling with right now that you think I can help you with?”

        This question gets many replies and keeps me busy – but it’s absolute gold. I save these emails in a folder for review later. I then review them when I’m refreshing or re-working my 6-month content plan.

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      2. Ask your Email list for content ideas

        Sounds almost absurdly simple, yet sending an email to your existing list and simply asking is a great way to get people to let you in on what they worry about and what you could help them with.

        This counts even if your email list is small. Email them anyway, you will get some replies and it helps steer you in the right direction for content.

      3. Ask questions for ideas when joining your Facebook group

        One of the best ways to collect information is by asking people who want to join your FB group to answer a couple of questions. This one works really well. You first need to ensure that the group is attracting the right kind of people. This will often happen if you give it the right name – one that names your ideal client. For example Content Ideas for Online Coaches. 

        Once you’re sure you’re attracting the right people you can ask them some relevant questions. You will soon start noticing the patterns and outline the topics that interest them most. I keep screenshots of all these questions and save them in a folder to refer to when working on my content plan.


        facebook group for ideas
      4. Survey your Facebook group regularly to find out what content they want

        Once they’ve joined your group a great way to keep engaging with them and understand their changing needs is to create polls in your group.

        You can also ask open-ended questions to get content ideas, such as – “what are you working on right now?” or “what’s your biggest struggle this month with [your topic]?

        Never forget that these people have shown an interest in what you offer and most are probably somewhat close to your ideal client profile.

      5. Send onboarding forms – ask these questions


        When clients join your programs you should send an onboarding form to collect their information and understand where they are before they start working with you.

        This information is gold

        It doesn’t get better than this because these people have actually chosen to work with you. These are the ones willing to part with their money to work with you. When you profile people just before they start working with you, you’re understanding your purchase-ready ideal client. By adding the right kind of questions you can get a clear picture of their struggles and thought processes…

        Here’s an example from one of my onboarding forms.

        content ideas from oboarding form

      6. Add questions to your social media posts

        A well-placed question on your social media posts can generate a lot of engagement. The cool thing about this is that you can find other people’s groups to ask in or simply use your personal profile. Whichever has the largest audience or – why not? – both.

        These kinds of questions go best with a storytelling post, talk about a struggle you went through and how you resolved it, then ask your audience to talk about their struggle.


      7. Add questions at the end of your blog posts and vlogs

        It’s always recommended because it helps you get comments, but many don’t do it. Write a great blog post or guide about the main thing you offer, then ask your readers for their take on it – ask them about their struggles, their questions, things they want to clarify further or discuss with you.

        You can also of course add a nicely placed question at the end of your lives or inside your youtube videos. Whatever rocks your audience’s boat.


      8. Share a survey

        Surveys are great – when kept short. Create a quick survey and share it all over the internet in all the places we mentioned above, email, your own FB group and other people’s, blogs, vlogs, etc…

        Make sure you ask enough questions to get a clear picture but keep it brief – a good balance would be 4  or 5 short questions.

        content ideas client coffee

      9. Go for a coffee (or a virtual one)

        Last but not least, pick some great answers from your survey and invite people to a free discovery call. When someone is a great match, talk to them, reach out and get them on a call so you can ask more questions.

        You can offer something in exchange (like a taster of your services) and who knows if they’re such a great match they might jump at the opportunity and work with you.


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