A.I. Content for Coaches

In January 2023 I organized a webinar about
AI Content Creation for Coaches

During this webinar, we talked about how AI tools can speed up and improve your content creation whilst saving you time and money

Here’s a summary of how it can be used…

1. AI to speed up your writing process 2. AI for Social Media  3. AI for High Conversions (ads, sales copy, CTA’s, email headline) 4. AI for repurposing 5. AI for CRM
Using AI as a VA

– research– blog/article plan– writing intros or other parts– upgrade existing content
Using AI creatively

– write captions– titles– write questions– find quotes– find hashtags– source a joke
Write conversion copy

– Write sales copy

– Write CTAs

– Email titles

– Headlines for click though

– Write FB Ads that convert

Turn a format into another

– Summarize a blog

– Ask it ti turn a blog into a number of social posts

– ask it to turn a transcript into a blog post

– Lists of prospects
– list of prospective potential partners– list of blogs to guest post on– list of podcasts to guest on– list of potential company clients


And here’s a link to all the commands mentioned in the webinar above

Download the commands seen in the video above here



Full Transcript


Now, a lot of people have said, “AI can replace my virtual assistant. Now we won’t need real assistance anymore.” And I think that goes a little too far. However, I will explain in more detail in just a minute. Excellent. Thank you for all the greetings. I’m very happy to be here with you today. It’s been a while since I did a webinar, but I had quite a quiet year last year and I was kind of hiding behind the scenes, getting all the work done organically, which is most of what I teach. But today, I’m going to go through what’s working with AI, and in the coming weeks, there will be other webinars planned after today as a continuation of the training.

Today, we’re going to specifically look at what working with AI is like. I’ll start with a small introduction for those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Stephanie Fit, as you probably know from the emails. I’m a marketing coach and a business mentor for online coaches.

I work with a lot of coaches who used to work offline and are now going online, or maybe they have been working part-time and want to go full-time. Of course, using online marketing and digital marketing strategies like SEO to help them get leads and build their business. I have qualifications and education in web development, and I owned my first online business, which was a hosting company in 2003. Then, I founded my own agency, which was an advertising agency. We did all the advertising, including online marketing, content marketing, SEO, and all the works. After that, I became an online coach and course creator part-time in 2014, and then I left my business completely, the agency, in 2017, and went full-time.

What I’m passionate about is helping coaches reach more people. Coaches are really changing the world one person at a time because they make a big difference in people’s lives. I’ve met some very dedicated coaches, and it’s an absolute pleasure helping them get more clients. That’s one of the things that has really spurred me on, and what I do most is creating content that converts. SEO is one of my superpowers, along with blogging, copywriting, funnels, ads, and course creation. Teaching everything I have learned is natural for me.

Enough about me. Let’s go directly to AI. Before we start, I’d like you to pop into the chat and tell me what you do and why you’re here. The reason why I want to know what you do is so that I can give relevant examples to help you out with what you want to do with AI and content creation. For example, you might be a life coach, and you’re here because you want to repurpose your content more quickly. Or maybe you’re on Instagram, but you also want to go on other social media platforms without hiring a VA. Let me know what you do and why you want to use AI and what you think it will help you do. This way, I can make sure that the webinar is tailored for you.


AI can help coaches. Excellent. Okay, so I’m going in the meantime. Let’s see. Okay, here I am, and from the wrong camera, you can see my back. Uh, let’s see if I can change this. I think I can. Here we are. Oh, there you go. You can see me from the front, a very different angle, uh, because I want to make sure you can still see me a bit <laugh>. Excellent. So I help my ideal client to find a good IVF clinic in Northern Cyprus, either videos with automated captions, and actually look for an online AI tool. So you’re looking for an AI tool that can help you with captions. Okay, I’m not sure but willing to learn. [00:09:00] Okay, Lynn is saying, “I’m a copywriter and copy coach, and I want to get a sharper idea of what AI can do for you.”

“Yes, uh, that’s great Lynn. Um, it can do a lot for you as a copywriter. You do have to be careful about a couple of things, but we’re going to talk about that in detail. Business coach. So you’re looking for repurposing and recycling old content, um, creating headlines, and writing better sales pages. Excellent. I am a coach to young entrepreneurs, and I [00:09:30] am here because AI is a buzzword I hear a lot. And this is a great opportunity to learn the basics. Excellent, great. And in fact, that’s exactly what we’re going to go through today. I’m going to show you all the basics and then I’m going to leave, I’m going to leave your imagination to it because literally you can go as far as you want with AI. Okay? So let’s dive right in. So, what is artificial intelligence (AI)? In reality, artificial intelligence has been around since more or less [00:10:00] the fifties. We used to call it machine learning. Um, which is basically where the machine itself can learn and can start creating code. Now it has gotten very smart, and you know, it can do things like, um, use natural language, speech recognition. It can also be downloaded into robots so that they can actually process what they can see. So the advancements are just incredible. [00:10:30] So, why is it so powerful? And I’m talking about why is it so powerful, sort of not the whole thing. Powerful as in the tools that we have access to. So the tools we have access to are powerful because they have access to the internet. This is why AI has been so powerful. AI by itself, without the internet, is not very powerful. There isn’t very much it can do, but because AI has access to the internet and the internet is a blueprint of the world, it’s a blueprint of human beings, it just has so much information in it. What is AI? And for something like AI to be able to tap into that is giving it a lot of power. Without the internet, it wouldn’t really be able to do very much because it can only learn from what you feed it. And the next step, obviously it is powerful because it learns. So it’s going to learn from its interactions with you. And, you know, one of the reasons why they have put AI bots online for people to ask questions is because the AI learns, and the people creating the AI learn about how people interact with the AI. So it’s actually good all around. It can be fed knowledge, and this is where it becomes really powerful. So you can have


AI Tools for Coaches


Okay, so what are the main tools, , that for me have really come out? I have been looking into AI tools, um, yeah, probably all of the new year. So since, you know, actually it started in the holidays. Um, so it’s been a few weeks, started in Christmas holidays and I kind of just kept researching and looking, um, you know, going on rabbit holes, um, out of interest mostly. And these three tools really stood out for me. Now chat, G p t is the one [00:19:00] everybody knows about right now, is the open ai. Um, Lynn. Okay, so Lynn is asking, and it’s a very good question, Lynn, if everything is coming from the internet, does that mean that AI can copy content from our sites without our permission? It doesn’t copy. So what it does is it’s gonna use it as a source of information, but it’s, it’s going to source the information not just from yours website, but also [00:19:30] from a number of other websites.

So technically, yes, it is stealing the information you put out there and it’s making it easily accessible to other people. But it’s not just doing that with you, it’s also, you know, let’s say if I had to ask it, um, give me the best 10 tips to sell to sell my course online, it’s probably gonna look around to all say to to the main websites. Um, probably the ones [00:20:00] that rank the highest. And it’s gonna get say, you know, about at least 10, at least 10 websites and then sort of source the most common points. So AI is obviously gonna think that what is common to all the articles is sort of more correct and more true.

Okay, I hope that answers your question, Lynn. So what can you do with chat? Chat G P T, [00:20:30] which is the one that we’re gonna talk about today because it’s the most reliable one so far. It’s definitely the most advanced one I have seen online. You can ask it questions directly and it’s got a lot of in internet information, but it’s not connected to the internet live because it has limitations and fact it has information up to 2021, excuse me. And in fact, I did test this. Um, I did ask the chatbot about the Queen of England and it did not [00:21:00] know that the queen has passed away. So, um, yes, it’s definitely is true that it’s not connected to the live internet, but, uh, they must have downloaded, um, you know, they must have downloaded a lot of the information and sort of made it accessible to the bot.

The second tool, which is extremely interesting, especially if you are a marketer, um, or if you are, um, a copywriter, [00:21:30] Jasper ai jasper.ai is a little bit different. It’s not a free tool, whereas chat G P T is, um, it’s not a free tool and it allows you, but it allows you to create content on the fly. So you can create social media, social media posts, captions. And it is much more specific. However, I decided not to use it for today’s workshop because a lot of its features are still in beta and I have struggled to get it to work correctly at the stage. These companies at the moment are going through a very sharp development stage where they’re developing as fast as possible because the demand is outpacing them. So, you know, some of these tools have not stabilized yet. I think we’re gonna have to wait, uh, a few months until they can manage to keep up with demand. And then very interesting, um, there is something called perplexity [00:22:30] ai and I do like this one. I believe that this is what, um, this is what future search engines would look like and I’m gonna quickly share what it does.

So let’s say, okay, so let’s, I’m going to share my browser in a minute. Let’s see, okay, let’s see if I can switch this. [00:23:30] Okay, so let’s switch the window. Let’s take a look.

Perplexity. Here it is. So as you can see what this is doing, it’s like a search engine. Um, it’s allowing me to put in questions. Um, for instance, how do I write a great post? Um, and what it’s doing, it’s interesting, it’s giving me an [00:24:00] answer, but it’s also telling me what the source of those answers was. So I, I quite like this one. I believe that if Google’s gonna go down this road and we, we know that it’s going to, I think they’re going to create a tool that is similar to this. And however, although the functionality is nice as an addition to search engines, it does not, I think provide, um, provide enough functionality for us to use it as the [00:24:30] main tool for what we’re gonna see today. Okay, so we have another question. I saying can you protect your website if you don’t want anyone taking your info?

Just like you can block it from being copied. Um, actually good question. Um, the question, the plugins that stop your text from being copied actually stop bots as well. Um, I, I don’t know [00:25:00] if it’s gonna stop AI because as you know, the technology is advancing really quickly. Um, but it’s definitely something to look into. I’m pretty sure, um, that there might be some sort of tools coming out in the future because all the different tools are now adapting to ai. That’s why I said this is, this is so revolutionary. This is, you know, make such a big difference. Um, so I believe that the tools that there are now may not do a very good job. Um, for sure they can [00:25:30] take the data, um, because I have seen my own website being used as a source and I do have the plugin to, uh, copy, uh, copy protect.

Uh, cuz my, my website has been my, some of my content has been copied before, I think before being through it. Um, so yeah, I think that tool will come, but as it as it stands right now, I think AI can go, can go and take, take anything it wants really. However, if your information on your website is quite unique, I [00:26:00] wouldn’t worry too much. Uh, because it tends to source, it tends to look for commonalities, it tends to look for patterns. So if you say something as a one-off and it’s sort of new, I don’t think it’s gonna take it very seriously at the stage. It’s probably not smart enough to understand if it has inherent value or not in the future, things might change though, excuse me. Okay, so let’s jump right [00:26:30] in. Um, let’s go straight to chat. G p T. So in order to use it yourself, you need to go to chat.openai.com. I’m gonna pop over to the Facebook page and I’m gonna post it, um, underneath this video. Let me see if I can see the video.

Okay, I can see it. All right, so here we are. So I have just posted the link. Um, watch the chat cause I’m gonna be posting a lot of stuff. So here we go. Excellent. So I’m gonna change my screen and I’m gonna go to chat so that you can actually see how I’m using it. All right, so I’m going to actually [00:27:30] change my screen so that I don’t have to change the screen every time, but I need to pop over to pop, uh, something in the chat for you. Okay, so let’s start off with, okay, chat dot OpenAI new chat. I believe it’s this one. Okay, so if you go to the URL that we just saw, which [00:28:00] is, let’s see, chat.openai.com, which is this one, it’s going to ask you to register. Now, it’s not going to ask you for any money, you can just put in your email address. It’s gonna verify that it’s you, it’s gonna send you an email verified the email is yours and you are straight in.

Okay, so let’s start off with the, the five most important ways. So as you, as you remember, probably in the emails I sent, I mentioned, uh, the different things that we’re going to use it for. So let’s start off. Um, okay, so the first thing, uh, was to speak up your writing process. And of course that’s gonna make, like I said, you have to be a little bit careful cuz you don’t want to plagiarize. Um, but one thing you can do for sure definitely uses it for research. [00:29:00] So, um, let me pop back into the chat and take a look. For instance, let’s say you’re writing about business and you want to start researching and you say, okay, um, give me, um, or let’s say list 10 statistics [00:29:30] about small businesses.

Things you can ask AI through Chat to make content creation easier


So I’ve asked it to find me 10 statistics because I know that people love data. Okay? It’s taking a while to start. It’s usually a lot faster than this. Let’s hope it’s working. Uh, let me see if I can refresh it. Okay, yeah, [00:30:00] they’re experiencing high. Okay, only one message at a time. All right, well that was only one message. <laugh>, let’s try again. Okay, let’s see if it’s gonna let me know. Okay. All right. So list 10 statistics about small business, small businesses, and floor 75 per, so, 47.5% [00:30:30] of total private workforce in the us. So it’s giving me all these small business statistics that I can use in my article. What I could do as well is I could be very specific. So I would say about, um, so I’m actually going to pop properties in our chat. So as I go along, you’re gonna see these and I’m just simply gonna pop them in the chat for those of you who are keeping track and want to copy and paste [00:31:00] the commands to have examples. And then we have, for instance, list and statistics about small business and I could say related to marketing for instance. And I could also specify in Europe, for instance. So I can specify the location and I can also specify the topic. And it’s gonna, it’s gonna give me those. So when it comes to research, it’s going to give me anything I want.

Another way I really like to use it. And you know, if, if you probably have it open, then are you gonna get more and more ideas. <laugh>. Okay, let’s see. I’m just gonna, oops, can you see? Okay. Okay, so, so that’s right. So [00:32:00] that’s the interesting part. So it doesn’t actually give you the source, it’s just gonna give you the information. It’s not gonna give you a source. Now, if you wanted to give you a source, you could do this. 10 statistics. Let’s, let’s copy the one before so I could ask it, um, and quote the source. So if I wanted to know the source, it’s actually going to tell me, [00:32:30] um, where it came from. How would you address this? For example two, hang on a a second, I’m missing a part of your message. Let me quickly see. How would you address it? For example, according to, um, I don’t get your question, Cheryl. I can see it on, I can see your question, but I but I didn’t understand it. Could you specify what you mean by, for example, according to, [00:33:00] so as you can see on the screen, it’s populating and it’s telling me now it’s telling me the source.

So it’s telling me where the data is actually coming from. So when it finds it, it’s going, it’s sourcing the European excellent. So what’s gonna happen now is that of course [00:33:30] you are still gonna need search engines. You’re probably, if you want to link to that particular content, um, to that particular site about the statistic in your content, you’re still gonna go and have, have to find it. However, it has saved you all the time of having to look for so many. It’s giving you 10 and you know, if you need one or two for your post, you can just pick. So that’s the way it saved the time. Excellent. I’m gonna give it just a couple of seconds to finish, [00:34:00] cause otherwise it won’t let me run the next one. And okay, the next one is, and actually before I do the next one, I’m just gonna get this one so that you can keep it as an example. And I’m gonna post the command in the chat so that you can copy it. Excellent. Yes. [00:34:30] So let’s see. Now I’m going to give it another,

Another command. And the next command is to help us plan. So the command of chosen is write a plan for a blog titled How to Use AI to Blog. Now, I didn’t ask it to specifically write the blog because I think asking you to actually write the blog and then rewriting it is a little bit risky because once you have seen what it’s written, you’re going to become a little bit conditioned. [00:35:00] And what I found is that it’s quite robotic. You know, you start, you start sounding more robotic, like the AI yourself. So you want as much as possible remove the AI’s influence. So you don’t wanna see the article that it’s producing. Ideally you want to use it to give you something else, like the plan, the statistics that you need to use so you can sort of source the pieces. And it hasn’t started yet. [00:35:30] I’m not sure yet. It’s, it’s probably just a little bit busy. Um, but let’s see if I can and manage it.

Okay. I hope. Okay. Sometimes things can slow down when you are.

Here we go. All right. [00:36:00] It’s just saying that they have a lot of requests at the moment. Okay, so now I’ve asked it to write a plan for a blog titled How to Use AI to Blog. Yes, that’s right. So it’s the same, it’s the same principle, Lynn, just like you said. So we’re sourcing all the ingredients, but then we’ll cook it ourselves because otherwise search engines, especially when we’re writing for websites, otherwise the website is going to be penalized. And [00:36:30] from what I hear, the penalties from Google are going to be very heavy. They’re going to be very, very tough. Uh, and it’s going to be really easy for them to tell the difference. Okay, so what it’s done here, it’s given me a nice outline for a blog. And then of course I can go in and of course, what I would highly suggest is, um, what I would very highly [00:37:00] suggest is that you don’t just use what it gave you, you actually use a little bit more. So use client examples, use client stories, use, you know, any other example that you use in your daily life. Just try to obviously not be like everybody else.

Another interesting way of using it, um, especially if you feel that this is your weakness, is write a strong introduction for a blog, [00:37:30] for a blog titled for instance, how to sell more products from your eCommerce site. So, so you can ask it to write an introduction for your blog, and then of course you’re gonna go in and edit it. Another way of actually getting even more input, um, I haven’t asked it that right now because it’s a little bit slow, but you can actually ask it to write you three [00:38:00] and then see if there are any nice ideas in there that you want to use. But obviously you don’t just copy and paste, you just take the ideas and you write them. So I’m going to paste the command. Yes, well, um, would it understand if we ask it, generate an outline for an SEO-optimized blog using keywords such and such?


The thing is this, unless it’s actually creating the full copy, it is not going to be able to SEO optimize it because, you know, the AI can pick out all the information about SEO optimization and it would probably know where to put the keywords and how much frequency to use. However, what it doesn’t, what it, what we’re not keeping in mind there is that Google is gonna tell its AI content and it’s not going to be, uh, indexed. [00:39:00] It’s, it’s going to be ignored. Google is gonna penalize it. So it’s a little bit of a tough one because yes, it would make life a lot easier and the AI can do it, but it’s not a very good idea. One thing you could do, um, as an extension to that is potentially, um, you could write the blog post yourself and then put it through the AI [00:39:30] and ask them to, uh, make sure that you have enough keywords or ask them to SEO optimize it, um, or ask it to improve, uh, your English.

However, if you’re gonna do that, I’m gonna share a tool with you because then you’re gonna need to check if, um, you’re gonna need to put it through an AI detector. You need to know if Google is going to penalize you. So you, you, you kind of need to get an idea of how much you need to rewrite it. So, [00:40:00] um, I’m going to just post this link. There is a tool, um, called an AI detector. And what it does is very simply, um, let me see if I can bring it up quickly. Um, let’s see if I can put it on here. It is the free AI detector. It’s a very simple free tool you just paste in your text. Okay, my text is, [00:40:30] let’s see, I just, I can paste in some text and it’s gonna tell me if it’s AI content or not. Interesting.

So I’ve just pasted an introduction that was improved using ai. So it’s saying that it’s 63% real, 37% fake. Now this is gonna give you, you know, the more you rewrite it, the closer you’re gonna get it to a hundred percent [00:41:00] real. So use this tool, it’s definitely a great tool. And for search engines, if you’re gonna use AI and you know, use pieces, um, I would definitely recommend when you rewrite, use this one. Another interest important one is, um, perhaps use something like Copyscape, um, to make sure that you’re not, you don’t have duplicate content as well. Okay? [00:41:30] Okay, here we’re back to the chat. G P T. Okay, so let’s go with another one. For instance, one thing you can do is you get, if you’re not happy with your blog introduction, you can pop in and you can say, improve this blog introduction and it’s gonna rewrite it and it’s going to improve it. [00:42:00] Okay, so I’m going to add another command in our chat. Uh, let’s see where my Facebook is. Hang on a second. I seem to have lost it.

Okay. Oh, sorry. Wrong window. <laugh>. Let’s get Facebook back up so that I can paste the command for you. Cause I seem to have lost the window. Here we are. [00:42:30] So, let’s see. Very helpful. Excellent. That’s just what I like to hear. <laugh>. So, so here we have a command and I’m just pasting it in. This is the command that I posted and it basically says, improve this blog introduction. I like to use inverted commas because I feel that, um, it says it very clearly where the content starts and the content finishes. You can also ask it [00:43:00] to rewrite and add keywords. So you can ask it to rewrite something, rewrite something and add keywords. So you can actually tell it what words to specifically use in there when they, when it rewrites it, unfortunately, um, you will always have to put it through the detector. If it has started off from something you wrote, you’re gonna have the advantage that it’s going to be mostly okay because it’s rewritten [00:43:30] it from something you wrote.

It didn’t take a lot of different things and create them entirely through ai. So you are gonna get a better result if you put in your own content and ask it to rewrite it. For instance, let’s say if you have two target audiences, I don’t know if you sell to virtual assistants, but you also sell to service providers, maybe you can get a blog post that was written for service providers and ask it to rewrite it for virtual assistant. And then of course you gotta go in and clean it up and make it sound more like your voice. Um, but that can definitely help. Yes, Cheryl? Um, the detector is a free tool so far. It’s completely free. You don’t even need to log in, you just go and paste it in.

Okay? Now there are a couple of other commands, um, you know, you can ask it things that are, again, research related, like, um, how much is the life coaching industry worth? If you have a fact, you wanna put in an article and then you can actually ask it to write an article. However, if you’re going to write an article, at least post the article or the blog on social media, do not post it on your website. So if you’re going to write something for LinkedIn Pulse for instance, that’s perfectly fine because as far as we know, at least [00:45:00] so far, um, there is nothing that stops you from using AI articles on social media. So you could actually write an article, you could actually tell it to get your article. So you can actually give it the link of your article and tell it to summarize it.

And in fact, that’s the section we’re going in next because next we’re gonna see how to repurpose for social media. I’m just gonna paste in the commands [00:45:30] so that you can see the ones I used. And I’m calling them commands now, so you can actually get them. Oh, I missed the name. Excellent. Here we go. Okay, so let’s take a look at the ones that we use for social media. So for social media, it is brilliant if you already have a blog, any kind of content you have on your website, if you do videos, you can get transcripts [00:46:00] from rev.com and we can start off from that to create and repurpose your content. So, um, let’s see. Now all of these, I’m going to ask for one, but you can actually ask for three versions of each, and then you choose the best one. So for instance, summarize this article into a social media post. So I’m gonna go and get a link, um, from one [00:46:30] of my, from my website, and I’m just asking it to summarize it into a social media post.

So all I’ve done is basically I’ve given it the article that I already wrote and published, and I have asked it to give me one social media post for it. And if your, if your post is already [00:47:00] live, you can put in the link. If your post is not live, then you’re probably gonna have to paste the whole thing into the question. Okay? Another way you can use it is ask it to find you the hashtags. So can you find me the best, has hashtags for this social media post? And I’m gonna take the social media post from before and [00:47:30] I like to do this, just put it in inverted, comma, so it’s very clear what I’m looking at as a text, and it’s literally giving me all the hashtags that it thinks I should be using. So I’m gonna say command again, and now I’m gonna give you the example and we post, we pasted this in, okay? [00:48:00] So there’s another command, okay, summarizing. Okay? So you can simp simply get, uh, you can summarize, maybe you had a video that had captions, maybe you had a video that was transcribed. Maybe there was a podcast that had show notes or transcriptions. Maybe you had a long blog post and you want to summarize it into 200 words. So that, uh, oops, <laugh>, I didn’t provide the article. Um, you want to summarize it into 200 [00:48:30] words so that you can post it on your LinkedIn pulse, on your social media, and you can share it more easily.

Okay? So summarize into 200 words. Um, okay, I’m gonna post this command again for you so that you can copy and paste it for fa from Facebook. Excellent. So let’s move on to the next one. Okay? Now this one, now we can get [00:49:00] a little bit, we can have a little bit more fun with social media. So we could say, all right, let’s allow it to finish cuz it’s still running, otherwise it’s gonna tell me Uhuh, you can, okay, it’s done. So we could tell it, for instance, write three funny captions about life coaching for Instagram.

Now of course this is ai. Um, it does not necessarily know what funny means, um, but it’s gonna try and understand, um, if three is hard, you can always change the number to 10, you know? Okay, I don’t think any of these are funny. Let’s see if I probably ask it for 10. I think last time I did that, and I think the last couple were a little funny. So, um, it needs a little bit of help [00:50:00] <laugh> when it comes to humor because it doesn’t come very natural. Okay, next thing. Okay, for instance, um, write five famous quotes about, or find five famous quotes about, find five famous quotes about stress, for instance.

Okay, I’m, I’m reading this, I’m trying to see if any of them is funny. Uh, feeling lost. That’s, uh, be fine. That’s all. Okay, not that funny. Maybe I picked the wrong subject. Anyway, the next thing is, so, uh, don’t trust it so much for humor, but quotes are a different thing. The internet is full of quotes and you know, instead of looking for quotes, [00:51:00] you can actually just simply ask, ask it to find you. Uh, you can ask 5, 10, 15, you know, in this case I asked for the ones about stress. Um, and of course then you can go in and turn all of these into social media posts. Um, okay, then you can ask for statistics. People love numbers. Um, people love to love a good statistic, especially when it proves [00:51:30] what they thought was already right. Um, when it, oh, what happened? I, okay, sorry about that <laugh>.

Um, okay, now here’s an interesting one. Um, so this one was pretty good, the statistics, it’s, it’s always very good at cuz it knows how to find those things. Now here’s one which actually surprised me. Write as to story about how social media helps [00:52:00] charities. And this, I just completely made it up. What surprised me is that it can actually write a story and it must be, it must be sourcing it from the internet anyway. Cause if you read it, it’s kind of, it kind of has a lot of information from a how-to posts. It’s not really going into enough detail to be a real story. But it’s very [00:52:30] interesting that you can use it to write stories. And sometimes you want to write a story maybe to make a social media post that’s a little bit more interesting. You want to use the story queue, um, cause it’s just gonna make it sound a little bit more readable, a little bit more natural, a little bit more interesting. Of course, you are gonna need to edit it so that it doesn’t sound weird. Um, but it it it can really help. And yeah, you cannot put it on your website [00:53:00] for sure, but you can use it for social definitely. Now this is an interesting one. Um, I use rev.com and just to show you, I actually have a couple of transcripts here open in front of me. And what I’m doing, let me see if I can show you what I’m doing.


Okay, so what I’m doing is I’m [00:53:30] going into my rev.com where I have this transcript. Um, this is the transcript of a pod, the last podcast episode. And I’m literally just selecting all the text. And then I’m going into, I’m going into here and I’ve written write five tips about, let’s see about building [00:54:00] a coaching business to use on social media from the following transcript. And then I’m gonna paste the transcript in inverted commas. Um, I’m not sure if it works without, I’ve always used it with and what is gonna, oh, what’s happened here?

It did work before. Let’s see, here we are. I’m just going to copy that and give it the same commands. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m okay. I’m not sure what you’re asking for. Let’s try it again. [00:55:00] So extract five tips. Oh, okay. About the topic. I actually forgot to write the full sentence, that’s why. Let’s see. Okay, yeah, it looks like something weird happened there. [00:55:30] Uh, like I said, it’s, um, okay, it seems to be trying to answer me now. Let’s see. Okay, let’s see if it’s gonna work. Sometimes they, they have even blocked it. It’s so busy, so you’re gonna have to be okay. It’s not working very well. Suddenly it must be over overworked. But [00:56:00] I’m going to paste the command anyway cause I’ve used it before and I know it works. So I’m gonna share it with you on Facebook anyway, and you can perhaps go in and, and try it a little bit later. So in fact, what we can do, we can actually make it a little bit easier perhaps. So let’s see what happens if I make it easier. Five tips to use on social media from the following transcript. And instead of copying the full one, [00:56:30] I’m going to copy,

I’m going to copy most of it, but not all of it. And the reason why I’m gonna do that is because it might have been a little bit too long for it. Okay, here it is. It’s working. So it’s extracting tips from stuff that I actually wrote. And this is extremely powerful because you’ve written it yourself. [00:57:00] God knows how much content you already have on your website that you’ve written before, even on social media already. Maybe you were writing long, long posts on social media. Um, so you can actually tell it to go and extract tips that you have given yourself, which is, which is gonna make them original. So, and again, like we said, uh, people can’t really tell the difference. Um, it’s the bots that can tell the difference. It’s, it’s the coded tools that can tell the difference. [00:57:30] Okay? Um, okay, so another one which is interesting, which I’ve used is write a high converting social media posts that convinces people to click on the link and read this blog post. So it’s going to have a little bit more of a sort of pushy sales salesy feel. And then of course, um, you can edit it yourself. Um, I’m gonna quickly post this in the commands. [00:58:00] Okay, so,

Okay, let’s see. I thought that was a new comment, but that was me. Okay. And that’s a social media. So another thing that we could potentially, uh, use, which was quite interesting. Um, you could po paste in if you need ideas [00:58:30] for something because it can really look out there and find you some ideas. For instance, I wrote this one. Um, give me five freely the magnet ideas that gym owners will download. And it just goes and it gives me a list. And what it’s probably doing is actually going out there and looking at all the different content and analyzing sort of which ones, [00:59:00] which ones are specifically for the target audience, which I mentioned, which is gym owners.

Excellent. Okay. So that is all I had for you for social media. Um, we can definitely go through a few more. Um, but I think that is, those are the most common ones that you can use. And then we’re gonna look at the ones that help you do high conversion. So [00:59:30] things that convert, so we can actually ask it to write a sales page. Now, a sales page again, is not something that we would normally seo, so you know, we’re not really writing it for search engines. I would still be wary because I don’t want Google to penalize my sales page. So I would as much as possible, um, try to, you know, sort of edit it out. But from what I have seen it, you know, there is quite, um, there [01:00:00] is quite, quite a lot of stuff that’s gone into the AI tool.

And one of the things it’s, it knows and it’s learned is nlp. It’s got an NLP engine so it understands sales and it understands human communication. So I would definitely not underestimate it when it comes to writing sales pages. Now, if you have a sales page that you’re gonna use, like a sales post on social media, if you’re gonna create a landing page that’s not gonna be on your website, be my guest [01:00:30] and use this, absolutely, it’s not gonna hurt in any possible way. So, you know, if you have a landing page where you’re selling a course or you know, um, or even a free week, you can go ahead and use this one and get a, get a good idea of it. It may not give you the best one in the very beginning, um, but you can sort of turn it around a little bit so you know, if you’re not happy with the sales, with the sales copy, you can actually try to be more detailed [01:01:00] about the topic. You can ask it to use very specific words like write a sales page for a life coaching program that helps people overcome burnout using strategies like yoga, journaling. And you can actually go into more detail and it’ll give you, you know, it’ll get much closer to what you want.

Okay? As you noticed, I’m speeding up a little bit cuz I don’t wanna take too much of your time. I’ve myself, I have blogged off 90 minutes, [01:01:30] um, but I think we should be ready probably in another 10, 10 to 15 minutes just to, um, just to keep it reasonable. You know, I don’t wanna get you too tired. Okay, so the sales page, then call to actions. Now call to actions are great because they generally go either, um, they go either on these landing pages or they can go, um, on our social media posts. So getting an idea of call to actions is a good idea. Sometimes [01:02:00] you just don’t know how to say something, you know, we all get days when we find it hard to write. Sometimes you write it as fast as he does because it just comes to you and sometimes you just sit there thinking and that’s when you know, you can ask it to write three or four call to actions and then pick the one you want or just pick elements of the different ones.

Okay, so let’s post that one too. Okay. It’s in the chat. All right, the next [01:02:30] one, this is one of my favorites because I’m a big believer that the more you write, um, the better, uh, the better your titles are. Okay, so we have a question. Let’s see. So if I have one article sales page written by I on my website, would Google penalize my whole website because of that one piece of content? That is a great question and I, the the true answer is I don’t know, [01:03:00] but I have heard SEO people say that their website has been very much damaged by using AI content. And I don’t imagine that the whole website had AI content. Maybe they started producing some blogs. Um, I heard very specifically of a company, uh, that had a big problem. And what they were doing was they were creating normal blogs, like step-by-step how to blogs and they were being created [01:03:30] by their staff.

So that was great. And then they were experimenting with stories, with stories about particular topics, and they were getting them written by the ai. And apparently that’s really damaged our website. Um, I don’t know if there is a percentage, you know, how much content, um, it’s like if it’s like double content, you can probably get away with a little bit of it. Um, but we know too little about it so far to be able to answer that question, I’m afraid. So I would [01:04:00] say hang on in there. Ask me that question a little bit later when there is a bit more information to go on. So the next one that I’m posting is write 10 email titles about how blogging is recession proof marketing. So I’m just asking you to write 10 blog post titles and these, I’m gonna post them all together, these commands because there’s a, there’s an ano, there’s, there are a number of ways you can use this.

So you can use it for headlines, you can use it for blog post titles. Um, all kinds of titles work and you know, it helps to have quite a few because they’re not so great usually. So you’re probably gonna get two or three that you actually like. And then, you know, the one you wanna use is gonna stand out to you. Or like in my case, you might get two and combine those two together. What matters is that they don’t sound like AI anymore.

Uh, you can also put in your keyword, by the way, so you could actually say, um, write, write 10 email titles and you can give them the email if you wanted to. You could say, write 10 headline titles for this blog post and actually paste it in. Or else you could actually say, write 10 blog post titles for this article and paste in a copy using the keyword and you actually give it the keyword so that the titles will all have the keyword so that you can get very, very specific. <laugh>. I feel like I’m waving my hands everywhere. Sorry, my Mediterranean blood. Um, okay, so AI for repurposing. So with repurposing, I think it becomes quite, um, quite, quite easy really because repurposing is gonna work very similarly to social media. So we’re gonna say, summarize this article into 200 words, for instance.

Um, or we might say something like, make this article a thousand words again, it could be longer, it could be shorter, it could be someone else’s article, it could be your own, ideally. And of course I didn’t give it an article, so it’s telling me what are you asking me here? Okay, so I’m gonna go back to my site and I’m gonna bring a link. Um, okay, [01:06:30] and I’m gonna bring a link. You could just paste the article itself. If you haven’t posted it, that’s perfectly fine. Oh, okay. And then we are gonna have something like turn this blog post into five Instagram posts. Now this didn’t work very well for me when I asked. I wasn’t very happy with the, with the results, but I think it’s worth giving it a shot. Maybe instead o Instagram posts, we can call it social media posts.

We could also call them captions because that would make things a lot easier, I think. Let’s call them captions. Okay, so I’m still getting results. Yeah, of course. It’s rising. It’s writing a thousand word article. Sorry about that. That’s gonna take some time. Um, in the meantime, I’m going to use this precious time to paste in more commands [01:07:30] , um, so that you can copy them from the chat. Okay, excellent. And the article’s finished. So let’s see how, if it’s gonna give me these five social media captions from this particular article. Cool. Yes. All right. So ready to build your life coaching business, learn the top strategies for acquiring clients in our latest blog [01:08:00] posts, feeling stuck in your life coaching business. Okay, so I kind of wanted to tell it something different. I wanted to extract five social media posts from this article because this feels to me, but yeah, okay. I mean, it’s, it’s getting sort of things [01:08:30] that I’ve said before, but I’m not quite pleased with them. Let’s see what it does. If I say extract five social media posts from this article, I kind of feel like we might get a better result.

Okay. And here we are. See now the first one is useless because I did not ask it to tell me for [01:09:00] people to actually click on my blog post. So that’s not actually what I want. Uh oh, okay. So from the second one, maybe don’t lack lack of clients, hold you back from eating your business goal. Learn how to use, nah. See, I wasn’t particularly pleased with this last time and I’m not particularly pleased with it now, but hopefully it will improve as we go along. So I’m gonna share it with you. Um, okay, so this one then, yeah, I had [01:09:30] another one. So this one was turn this transcript into a blog post. And this is great because this is something you pay very top dollar for actually. So I’m going to pick up, uh, transcript from my podcast.

I’m going to, okay, give it this. I was not, again, um, it needed editing when I [01:10:00] actually gave it this command, um, turned this transcript into a blog post. It needed, uh, quite a lot of editing and I’m not sure that it would have gotten past the detector, but it’s definitely something that can help because it could be a blog post that, you know, you don’t use on your own website. Maybe you’re going to use, maybe it’s going to be [01:10:30] a guest post on somewhere like Medium, perhaps. You know, medium is a bit, is like a social media platform. Google cannot exactly, you know, uh, cannot hurt your website and it cannot really hurt their website because they have content that is not a hundred percent original. So, so I think maybe for use somewhere else, this could be a good one, especially if you do videos and stuff, you know, you can recycle them into posts that [01:11:00] are posted somewhere else. Okay, so that was the bulk of the copy and the social media prompts for the chat, G P T. And then we have a couple of quick topics left. So we have crm, which is very simple. We just have a couple of commands. And again, excuse me, oh my goodness, sorry about that, <laugh>.

Um, so I’m just gonna share a couple of CRM ones with you, and then we’re going to go into the SEO ones, which is quite amazing. Um, they’re not gonna SEO your content, but they’re gonna help you create everything around it, which is amazing and really helps speed things up. So, okay, so for c r m, now, c r m is, you know, kind of your sales efforts. Maybe you want to guest on podcasts. Oh, thank you [01:12:00] <laugh> Vincent, bless you. Yeah, I’m not sure. It was like a, a sneeze cough <laugh>, which is weird. Um, it’s the ac I don’t like it, it doesn’t like me either, so, okay, so the next one is, for instance, write a list of 30 podcasts that interview life coaches. Um, now this gave me a list of podcasts and it also, uh, interestingly enough, it gave [01:12:30] me a disclaimer last time.

So it says these are the, the podcasts that interview life coaches, but some of them might be inactive because I don’t know, because I don’t have very up-to-date data. So that was quite interesting. So, you know, if you’re looking to have visibility in a different way, um, for instance, you could find, let’s say find, sorry, I asked for 30, so I was gonna, I have to put my numbers [01:13:00] down because otherwise it’s gonna take too long. Okay, excellent. Okay, so the next one was find me 10 groups about writing on Facebook. So obviously what I would wanna do is I would want to find, um, groups on Facebook that contain my target audience. That’s, that’s where this is gonna be useful. And in fact, I’m going to group these in one, in one post and the CRM once I’m gonna post them together, okay? It’s still thinking about it.

It must be a bit busy or it’s hanging. Let’s see if it allows me to refresh this, uh, comment in particular had given me quite a nice, quite a nice result. Actually. There was an error generating your response. Okay, regenerate try. Okay, there you go. So now it’s actually giving me 10 Facebook groups that I can go and search that actually, uh, have my target audience inside them. And then sort of the, in reality, your imagination is the limit for crm. And I’m going to, in fact, PO post a lot of different ones. I have like six or seven here. And for instance, you want to find certification schools for CEOs, for instance. Um, let’s see,

Mm-hmm <affirmative>, maybe your target audience are CEOs and you want to find certification schools for CEOs. Why would you want to find them? Because if you’re going to do Google ads, you can target people who are from those schools. Um, if you’re going to retarget people who visit your website with a freebie, you can actually add this as one of the [01:15:00] variables in your hands. So from these different schools. So, you know, it’s like, you can also ask it to find you 10 journalists that, or 10 online magazines that talk about your topic so that you can pitch these magazines with your content. Okay, so I’ve actually just posted a number of commands for crm. Um, I am just, you know, just for speed, I’m going to, I’m going to just, uh, person together. And one thing you can also do, and this is quite interesting, um, you can get an email, okay, let me see if I can find, uh, an outreach email online quickly. Outreach email example. So let’s say you’ve received an outreach email or maybe you’ve Googled it, you’re like, I wanna find an outreach email online and you know, I wanna rewrite it for myself. You can actually ask the AI to do it for you. Um, just waiting for the site to load so I can have, okay, so let’s see.

So let’s see. Hey Mary, congratulations on your [01:16:30] recent, um, launch on your recent program launch is going to impact the life coaching industry in Animat way. I look forward to seeing you improve it. Uh, now and then you would say something like, oh, sorry about that, I press enter too quickly. Let’s see. So what we wanna say something, I would love to be a guest on your podcast show. I would love to be a guest on your podcast show, and obviously you can find a much better one. I just did a very quick search and you can ask it to rewrite it for you and make it, you know, you can also tell it what words you wanna put in it, so you can be very, very specific. And especially if you are handing over [01:17:30] to your va, uh, especially if your VA is not a first language English speaker, this is gonna make a massive difference, um, to the kind of emails she can write.

And that’s everything I had for c r m. I think c r m is one of those things that really varies cooled to the different businesses, but I just wanted to give you some ideas to see sort of, to see a little bit to have some ideas for what you wanna do in the future. And last but not [01:18:00] least, what can you do for seo? So how can you do, how can you get ideas so that you can rank your blog post and your website on the first page of Google? Now this is, uh, there’s some amazing stuff. I was really impressed when I, when I sort of was researching and I found these. So when you’re looking to write content, content that ranks, um, we all know that questions really work. So you could say something like, generate a list of 20 popular questions related to leadership skills that are relevant for managers in tech.


watch this training on youtube

watch on youtube



So this would be relevant to someone who is maybe, uh, a leadership skills coach and works with managers in tech. So obviously you gotta change according to your topic. Um, and it’ll give you questions. These questions can be used in various ways. The best way to use them is either actually use them as blog posts, [01:19:00] so use them as articles or, um, you can use these as FAQs at the end of your blog post, uh, which, uh, which really helps with a co because you know, it makes your article a little bit longer. Maybe you have an article that’s already doing well and you wanted to do even better. You can add these FAQs at the bottom, um, and it’ll make you look really good with Google. Of course, uh, as much as possible try to make the answers original and your own.

Okay, another interesting one, which I absolutely loved, is you can go to your keyword research tool and just make, get a list of the keywords that you have. So, so one thing you can do is, so you can tell it group the following keyword list based [01:20:00] on their search intention. So search intent is search intention, um, whether they are commercial, transactional, or informational. I have used these three words because it’s going to use the internet to understand, and these are the commonly used words. Informational keywords are referred to people who are searching for an answer for a particular question. Commercial que keywords means that someone is shopping around, they’re investigating [01:20:30] brands or services. Transactional keywords are when the searcher is intending to actually complete a purchase when it looks for that particular keyword. So basically by isolating the transactional keywords from the other keywords, we know which of our keywords we should focus on because they are the ones that are gonna drive the conversions on our website. So the way you would do it is I would go to, [01:21:00] um, I’ve actually done this already. Here it is, and I can show you because it took quite a while to do it.

Okay, it seems to have keyword grouping here it is. So I asked it to group them and I gave it a long list of keywords and it grouped them like this, it gave me commercial and these were the keywords and then it gave me informational and transactional. So the [01:21:30] answer is, is always on point. That’s great. It does, excuse me, it does have a, a limit when I try to do all of my keywords at once, it said that’s way too many. So I have to kind of buckle down a little bit and, you know, use a little bit less. Um, but yeah, I’m just gonna,

I’m just going to copy this. [01:22:00] So someone saying they have a client soon and they have to go, yes, there I am gonna post so soon after. Um, let me actually give you the link if you would like it right now, soon after our, our call ends, which is literally gonna be in the next few minutes. Um, so you might make it, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna post the replay on my YouTube channel. So if you would like to receive it quickly to get a notification when the replay is up, you can just follow the channel and I’m gonna give you the link here so you can just follow the channel when the replay is up. Um, it’ll be later tonight. Um, it’ll actually tell you, uh, where it is.

Okay, so let’s look at another one. So this one is great and just sort of to let you know if, if anyone’s on edge and needs to leave. This is like the last one of three, so we are gonna be done really soon. So, um, the next one is the meta descriptions. Sometimes this is usually the part of the, of the SEO that I hate the most. I dislike it. It’s, it’s not something that you enjoy writing, it’s something that you know. So you can say generate the meta description for this particular article. If you don’t have the link, cause it’s not published obviously cuz it doesn’t have your meta [01:23:30] description yet, then what you can do is paste the whole article itself. Uh, if you find that it’s a bit lacking for your kind of topic, you can ask it to do four meta descriptions. So you have a few to choose from and a few ideas to, to mix around. And I’ve done it again, now it’s gonna, I’m gonna tell it to stop because otherwise it’s gonna take more of, of your time. <laugh>,

I can’t see the chat, only my messages, so that’s interesting. Um, you probably just need to go somewhere at the top and just, um, click see all comments, um, because Facebook sometimes just summarizes them. So let’s see. So the next one is rephrase. Now. So this one can be used, rephrase the following paragraph in four different ways. So let me pick one of [01:24:30] its own paragraphs. And the reason why you would need this to rephrase a paragraph. Yeah, here we are. Rephrase the paragraph is maybe because you have a paragraph that you have already used in another blog post and it could be reused in this blog post. Maybe you have a paragraph that needs to be used as an extract. Um, for instance, in my WordPress site I have, um, like an extract, a summary. And that is something that actually Google [01:25:00] takes into consideration. You know, that little summary of your post that people click on on your website, the ones that appear in the homepage, and then when you click, they go to the blog. So you can actually get some help with those. And of course, as usual, get a few versions and mix them in.

Okay. And that’s everything actually. That was all of them. That was all of the post. I’m going to paste the last one. [01:25:30] Uh, um, here we are and I’m gonna call it a command as well. Here we go. Okay, so let’s come back now to our presentation quickly. Um, there were just a couple of tools that I wanted to share with you and I’m gonna share those in the chat. So here is my, here it is, here’s our presentation. And now I just need to switch. [01:26:00] Okay, let’s take a look. Here we go. Okay, so, um, where were we? Yep. Chat GPT

Okay, I can see I’m still there. I don’t really wanna be in the way. Let’s put [01:26:30] that away. Excellent. Okay, so make sure you, you keep this link, although you can very easily Google it and that should not be a problem. Um, and then, okay, uh, okay, I somehow we have gone to the beginning of the our thing. I just wanted to thank you for staying with me till the end. Um, and I wanted to mention to use a couple of tools important. I, I already shared [01:27:00] them in the chat and I will share them again. The AI contents de detection tool is gonna be your friend. And also, um, potentially transcription tools. Uh, I mentioned I use rev.com, so it’s r e v.com. And then, um, there’s another tool called o oter.ai, which is great cause you can just push in your Zoom videos and it’ll transcribe them right away.

Um, and I really hope that you found this useful. Um, it’s one of those things where, you know, your imagination’s the limit. I really hope you go out there and save a lot of time. Uh, don’t set your VA by any means, just find more productive ways of using these tools because you can just produce so much and become more competitive. Because what’s gonna happen is that this has made content much easier for everybody and your competition is gonna start, [01:28:00] you know, clocking on. And even larger companies that maybe are competing for the same keywords and they are in the same industry producing content, we’re going to see a lot more content and a lot, you know, higher quality, uh, higher quality content out there. So I really hope this was useful to you. Um, if you want to contact me, you can contact me here, stephaniefiteni.com/call.

Um, I work with people on one-to-one [01:28:30] and I also run a group program once or twice a year. Um, it’ll probably be twice this year. So if you’re interested, feel free to, uh, get in touch with me. And I hope you have enjoyed this webinar as much as I have and I look forward to the next one. I am gonna do another one next, next month. Um, so, so far the plan is just to do one a month, uh, so that I have plenty of time to make it really valuable for you. And, you know, again, [01:29:00] if there’s anything that you wanna see me talk about, feel free to pop it in the chat here, drop me an email, let me know if there’s anything you know that you would love to see a webinar about. And in the meantime, just stay on the email list and you will hear about the next free workshop real soon. Thanks a lot for staying with me. Have a lovely evening, morning or afternoon wherever you are, and I’ll see you at the next one. Take care, everybody. Bye.