Marketing for introverts

Marketing for introverts: 2 things that perform better than social media

Whether you’re a true introvert or are simply not open to dancing on social, and posting personal pictures on the web – there’s plenty you can do to build a successful business using marketing for introverts.

But is there really such a thing as marketing for introverts?

Well, No I don’t think there is

There are however strategies that are more suited and less draining to introverts (and also ambiverts like me) Although not an introvert myself I do have an introverted side and I do understand that feeling of not wanting to be exposed – wanting your own space. That feeling of being drained of your energy because you’ve put so much effort into engaging online.

This is why I hate social media – I find it overwhelming so I really need to watch the way I use it

But whether you’re an introvert or not, you can choose to market your business without social media and still be wildly successful.


Here are 2 marketing strategies that work great for introverts (or ambiverts):

1. Get visibility and leads with Blogging + SEO

Blogging is the perfect marketing medium for introverts. It positions you as an authority in your field without having to shake your tish on social, or be there at all.

The powerful combination of Blogging and Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO will give you visibility on Search Engines. You want to work mainly with Google because they hold 90% of the search market and have done so for about a decade.

Optimizing for Google requires some SEO knowledge but in spite of what some SEO specialists will have you believe, it’s not that hard.

And here’s why

Google wants exactly what you want – to put your great content in front of the people it’s meant for.


Google marketing for introverts


So creating great content is the first step

Optimizing your pages and website structure so search engines can easily understand what you’re about and who your content is for, is the only other step you need.

The great thing is that you get to organize and optimize your website only once (and I promise it’s pretty easy to do) and then all you need to worry about is producing great articles that are optimized for the right keywords.


As an introvert, this will delight you

You will see new people coming to your website daily and booking your discovery calls or buying your courses, automatically …

without social posts

without dancing on social

without engaging in FB groups or anywhere else


2. Amplify your results with PPC Ads

The second strategy is PPC ads. Pay-per-click ads help you reach a wider audience without having to constantly be on social to make the algorithm work for you.

You can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Both can help amplify the results you get from blogging.
Search engine optimization can take a few months to start generating consistent leads, in the meantime, you can use Google Ads or Facebook ads to reach a wider audience.


Sure it takes a budget – but you don’t need that much to simply reach more people with a blog post shared on social media like the post below – it reached over 4,200 people with a $5 spend. (see the result below image).

marketing strategies for introverts

introvert marketing

A good way to leverage social media or Google ads is to pick those articles that you know generate business and then just show them to more people.


Ready to try it for yourself?

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