Online Content Visibility: Where to Start

You want to spend your time coaching your marvellous clients, making an impact and changing the world, right?
not worrying about online visibility.

Especially if you’ve been coaching or consulting for some time, you know that selling is essential to survival.

If you’re not on a discovery call you’re not getting new clients, and that’s a problem…
It’s a problem for you and for all those people you could be helping.

You could be making an impact, but instead, you’re spending hours faffing around on facebook trying to get a handful of likes.


Here are 3 things you need to do to start booking those discovery calls on auto.


1. Make sure your website is working for you while you coach

It doesn’t need to be perfect ( so don’t spend your procrastination time perfecting every comma)
it just needs to clearly state what you do and who do it for…
Add how you work and a simple way to get in touch with you and the basics are sorted.
Next, you’ll need to get leads into your coaching or consultancy business…

Online Visibility

2. Collect leads while you work (and sleep)

Make sure your site has at least 1 simple funnel.
And one great freebie.
It’s going to take some courage. But you need to create a Freebie your audience is happy to pay for. Yes, it may sound like throwing money down the drain. But you’re going to make very little money from something people want to buy with a small email list, so grow your email list first.


3. Grow your traffic with SEO

Once you have optimised the funnel and have improved your Freebie title and sign-up page to a point where you’re happy with the number of email registrations aka Conversion rate, the next step is to scale it.
It’s now time to SEO your website so that you get more traffic from Google and other Search Engines.  Make sure you’re sure about your Ideal Client (who you serve and how) before you start SEO-ing your website. Often the problem with growing your website traffic is a lack of clarity of your Ideal Client Persona. Once you have that, keyword research becomes much easier.
You don’t have to be chained to your Social Media channels to get leads.
There really is another way.