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Should you start a podcast? Here’s how to decide

Many coaches and service-based entrepreneurs are turning to podcasting as another form of content creation and lead generation. You might feel drawn to it but is podcasting right for everyone? Should you start a podcast?

Podcasting is great for coaches, consultants, speakers, knowledge-based businesses and entrepreneurs with personal brand businesses. It’s great for this type of person because it helps you build an audience and also generate trust in the process. 

But although it’s the right thing for you, it may not be the right time to do it in your business. 


Here are 3 things to consider if you’re thinking of starting a podcast:


  1. Assess the state of your content marketing

    The first thing to do is have a good look at what you’re doing in your content marketing. If you’re already blogging or doing social media, make sure you analyse what you’re doing. Look at the numbers.

    Do you want to start a podcast because you want more leads? If you’re doing this for more leads, first look at the statistics from your blog and existing content online. Is there something you could be doing better? What has worked for you in the past? Are you still doing it? Would your time be better invested in improving the efforts you already know work?

    The questions above should give you some insight into where to start. Before you take the step of starting a podcast make sure that it fits as a natural extension of what you’re already doing. Make sure it has a goal that is closely connected to your business’ needs.

    podcasting for coaches - is it worth my time?

  2. Time is money

    Perhaps you intend to outsource very little but a podcast will also cost you quite a bit of time, especially in the beginning before you can get this done. If you’re pretty sure this is a good next step for you, make sure that you start by looking at your content systems – look for ways of making them more efficient. Release some time that you can extend into podcasting.

    Think about how the podcast could then slot into your current systems and perhaps you can make it more viable by adding an element of content repurposing. You could make your podcast the new core of your content and create blogs, show notes and social media posts off the back of it. Or you could start by reading your blog posts and turning them into podcast episodes.

    No matter where you start, be careful not to stack systems on top of systems. Go back to the drawing board and create a new scenario with minimalism and time-saving in mind.

  3. Is your business ready?

    Now that you’ve explored the scenarios above you probably have a good idea of what your new systems might look like if you start podcasting. Think about what you would need to outsource and what expenses will be added to your business. Make sure that your business is ready from a logistical, financial and operations perspective.

    Allocate some time to the podcast as your main project for a full quarter – getting to grips with the fine details of a podcast (even if you’re outsourcing) can be very time consuming until you become familiar with it. The learning curve is far sharper than that for blogging or social media sharing so keep in mind that you will need some time to master it.

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