You can spend many hours every month, writing value-packed BLOG POSTS,

recording VIDEOS and PODCASTS, finding great quotes to share or going LIVE on Facebook.

You can be on ALL the BIG Social Media platforms, posting and sharing for 20 hours a week…

But unless you have a solid strategy you’re not going to see it turn into paying customers.


Social Media clicks or shares (assuming you’re getting any) do NOT turn into clients if you don’t start off with a solid strategy.

 So how about we make sure that your blog, videos, social media and website are working together to land you your dream clients?

You Get

A 4-Hour 1:1 workshop

Done-With-You Client-Research, Customer Journey Mapping and Content Strategy including a detailed content plan.

My Swipe files, content calendars and templates

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Let’s define the right strategy to attract your Ideal clients in droves and turn them into paying clients.

This 1:1 Half-Day Workshop will save you months of trial and error to find out what works for your target audience.

It will help you get the clarity and confidence to put your content out there and turn your traffic into paying clients.

Call Button Stephanie Fiteni


Stephanie Fiteni | Bio

Jordan Gill

Founder of the Kolada Group | Podcast Host at Systems Saved Me.

“It was SUCH a great experience with Stephanie. She can really pull out those juicy nuggets that really hit home with your customers. Her funnel approach to content gets me super excited to start creating content that my ideal clients will be attracted to. If you want to have confidence in your content strategy, Stephanie is your go-to. Seriously!”

Angela Heck

Founder and Intuition Coach at

“I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl. But I used to write just straight from the heart. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with my blogs. It took Stephanie a few questions, and in minutes she had a structure for me. She sent me the finalized version, not even 24 hours later, with the whole documented strategy.

She gave me advice on how to write the blogs, and also how to create my first funnel and collect leads from my website. If you’re anything like me, love to write and want to build your traffic but can’t figure out the technical side, Stephanie is your solution for sure.