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Struggling to get REAL results from your Content Strategy?

Let’s Create Your Content Marketing Strategy Plan in just one session
Walk away with a solid plan that lands you the right clients every time

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Whether you’re creating blogs, videos, podcasts or social media posts, if you’re not seeing
a good return, chances are you’re not making the most of your marketing time.

You can write 5 blog posts a week and be on ALL the Social Media platforms,
posting and sharing for 10, 20 hours a week…

But unless you have a solid strategy you’re not going to see it turn into paying customers.
Staying motivated and focused can be hard if you don’t have a
content marketing plan based on a strategy that has been proven to work.


>> Are you struggling to get leads and book discovery calls from your website and social media posts?
>> Are you blogging but getting too few of the wrong people enquiring about your packages?
>> Are you spending money on Facebook ads, but not making any sales?…
Then you need to rethink your online marketing strategy
Lack of confidence in your strategy leads you to procrastination, inbox crickets and 
social media burnout. You end up tired, unfocused and frustrated
What if I showed you how to create a content plan that attracts traffic to your website,
provides  you with core content for social media and generates leads 
whilst also ranking your site on the first page in Google?
 Let me show you… Book your discovery call below

Stephanie Fiteni Discovery Call


I can help you create an SEO-optimised content plan that…

  • Gets your discovery calls booked directly from your website so you don’t have to spend
    10-20 hours a week on your marketing and can spend more time impacting lives and
    doing what you love in your business.

  • Grows your email list without spending a fortune on facebook ads, so you can focus on
    nurturing your email list instead.

  • Gets you more PERFECT FIT clients that are happy to pay your prices without having to
    hunt them down on facebook like a cold-messaging money-hungry zombie. More clients
    you love to work with who will follow through and get amazing results. (imagine how
    easy it would be to close sales with all those great testimonials!)

  • Gets you to the top of Google in weeks not months!

Say Goodbye to Content Overwhelm!

Meet the stress-busting content planning system.

Together, we define what will give you the best results with your current resources so you can focus
all your time on what actually works. You won’t need to hire help to execute it (that’s a promise),
but you absolutely could with such a clear overview of every job that needs to get done.

Let’s create content that attracts ideal clients like bees to your honey

You walk away with a solid strategy plan that lands you the right clients every time. 

I will show you how to create a content marketing plan

that attracts your ideal clients effortlessly,

and it won’t take 8 weeks…

Just One VIP Session

during which we’ll plan up to one year of content

Just sit back with a mug of your favourite brew, answer my questions and
let me show you how it’s done while we create your strategy together
(and I document it for you)


Stephanie Fiteni Discovery Call




Here’s what happens during the VIP Strategy Session…

  • We analyse your ideal client’s struggles so that you can make sure you attract the right people to your website.


  • We review your offers and pricing to make sure they are well aligned to sell to the ideal client you picked. 
    We don’t want to drive traffic to offers that won’t sell themselves. Organic traffic works best with a strong 
    offering that is also on-point.
  • We do the keyword research around your ideal client’s struggles (taking into consideration the content 
    you already have) in order to identify those keywords that will grow your traffic AND also convert into 
  • We look at how you need to move the content on your site around, based on the keyword research results. 
    This is what will help search engines understand what kind of person you want to attract to your website. 
    It’s never one-size-fits-all. You get detailed step-by-step instructions based on your current scenario and tech 
    help where necessary.
  • I also share my templates and the (free) tools you will need, to execute your weekly content marketing plan.


If you feel that now is the time to find clarity and take focused action, schedule your free call with me below
so you can ask me questions about the Content Planning Strategy Session and understand whether it’s the right next step for you. 

Stephanie Fiteni Discovery Call


I ran my own agency and worked as a website consultant + content strategist for over 10 years  before starting my online coaching business from scratch in 2014. 

I have worked with Coaches, Consultants, Service providers, eCommerce website owners, SAAS companies and IT B2B companies to help them create content marketing plans that generate real revenue within weeks – not months.
I started off this amazing entrepreneurial journey as a teacher, taught myself programming and spent many years teaching as a vocation and coding to make money, before setting up my first business in 2008.
When COVID lockdown hit, I spent a lot of time in my agency and coaching business working with clients to shift their strategy. There is business out there if you have the insight to make the right changes to your offers and marketing strategies. The two go hand in hand. They cannot be planned separately.
I know how emotionally and financially challenging these times are. Creating the right content, in these times like these, can be hard. That’s why I created this VIP option, to offer you a fast way to understand what your clients are looking for right now. And understand how to engage them in buying conversations right now.
Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & Blog Coach

Jordan Gill

Founder of the Kolada Group | www.thekoladagroup.com. Podcast Host at Systems Saved Me.

“It was SUCH a great experience with Stephanie. She can really pull out those juicy nuggets that really hit home with your customers. Her funnel approach to content gets me super excited to start creating content that my ideal clients will be attracted to. If you want to have confidence in your content strategy, Stephanie is your go-to. Seriously!”

Angela Heck

Founder and Intuition Coach at Angelaheck.com

“I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl. But I used to write just straight from the heart. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with my blogs. It took Stephanie a few questions, and in minutes she had a structure for me. She sent me the finalized version, not even 24 hours later, with the whole documented strategy.

She gave me advice on how to write the blogs, and also how to create my first funnel and collect leads from my website. If you’re anything like me, love to write and want to build your traffic but can’t figure out the technical side, Stephanie is your solution for sure.



You will also enjoy…

1.  The freedom of never having to send another cold email or icky message
to a stranger on Facebook ever again


2.  More time to spend in your area of genius, doing what you love


This is definitely for you if….

1. You’ve tried blogging but haven’t seen the results you desire

2. You’re about to start blogging or creating regular content to sell your services/ digital product online

3. You want to up-level your content marketing, blog and business

This may not be for you if…

1. You don’t have a blog on your website and are not ready to repurpose video content into writing

2. You don’t want to rank on the first page of Google 

3. You’re just looking for the latest social media gimick to sell your stuff

If you feel that now is the time to find clarity and take focused action, schedule your free call with me below
so you can ask me questions about the Content Planning Strategy Session and understand whether it’s the right next step for you. 

Stephanie Fiteni Discovery Call


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