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How to become better known in your industry and boost your online visibility.

Creating content and online visibility to position yourself as an expert in your niche is key to a thriving business whether you’re a coach or business owner.

Below are 9 Tips to follow if you want to get things right from the onset before you start on your marketing path.

This was the fifth tip, but I need to go for a spoiler and mention it first, because if you take yourself and your competitors and clients too seriously all the things I m going to talk about now are going to sound and feel difficult.

Tip: Allow yourself and others to be imperfect. To try things and fail and to try other things and fail again that’s how you find what works.

Have Fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

So disclaimer over let’s dive in.

1. Understand Who Your Audience Is

You need to know who your audience is. Who needs you. Who is the best person for you to work with as a client, for a truly fruitful two-way relationship? Know who you’re talking to, and only talk to one target audience.

2. Online Visibility Where Your Audience is

Once you know who they are, you need to investigate where they are. Begin with the main social media platform (example: Facebook) stop trying to be everywhere. Automation can fool you into thinking you can be everywhere at once. But the truth is you can’t. Better be authentic and present on the platform that matters than automating everything.

3. Be There – Be Authentic – Be Visible

Be present in whatever form you’re comfortable. Be yourself even if you think this will cause ripples. Ripples are good, nobody has an audience that agrees with everything they say. You only need to worry about giving value. People know you’re a human being so don’t try to be perfect.

4. Know Your heart – Passion

Know what makes you tick. If you cannot answer the question “which part of your business makes you excited?” Yikes, you’re probably in the wrong business or you’re overworked and need to find space to reconnect and reverse your burnout.

Here I speak from first-hand experience. You can kill your passion by working too hard at what you think you should do. Which brings me to the next point that will help you stay away from burnout.

5. Have Fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Have fun with it. Sometimes there may be things that you want to do that don’t fit in that marketing strategy and don’t fit with the perception you want others to have of you. Let go and have fun. Do things that you want to do without overthinking it. If you feel a desire to do something (as long as it’s legal) chances are it will make you seem more authentic.

6. Know what you know – Confidence

Some are shyer than others, however, it’s not a surprise that even shy people can be confident. You can put yourself out there more easily if you choose the right topic. As we mentioned passion is the first thing, the second is knowledge. Choose a topic you’re obsessed about. Choose a topic you read about and know a lot about because this will be the wind in your sail.

7. Be Consistent, Be Regular

You’ve probably heard this far too many times so I ‘ll keep it brief. Yes, you need to be consistent. However, you need to be realistic too. If you blog once a month it’s not going to amount to much and people will easily overlook your content. If daily is too much for you then opt for the weekly or at least bi-weekly (or once a fortnight) option. Your first goal is to be consistent then build up from there.

8. Use a medium You’re Comfortable with as your core content

So if you’re shy and prefer to write. Use that as your core content. Then create videos that don’t involve showing your face if that s not something you want to do. If on the other hand you’re a high energy extrovert and don’t have the patience to write then start with a video, live or recorded. Whatever you do make sure your core content is regular.

9. Get used to the idea that tech is your friend. Or get a friend in tech.

There is no online presence without at least a basic knowledge of the tech involved. If the tech is not your forte, find a friend or assistant that can help you learn. You cannot opt out of this one. You need to learn the tech yourself or there will be no authenticity and spontaneity in what you do. Which will highly reduce your likeability.

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