Digital Marketing for Coaches

Online Marketing for Coaches encompasses a number of strategies that are key to generating leads in a coach’s business and keeping the business healthy, profitable, and growing.

These strategies often include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Pay-Per-Click Ads, and simple online funnels. (to name a few)

Picking the wrong marketing strategies that don’t match your business stage (and personality) could end up burning through your funds so quick that you’ll have to return to your 9 to 5 – and we don’t want that!.

Staying in the game long enough to make it work is key in any business.

This blog category is designed to help you build a good understanding of how digital marketing works for coaches, and how to match your strategy to your business stage and personality – so that it feeds your business instead of sapping it of precious cash flow and positive energy.

The content answers questions like…

Marketing for Coaches – The Definitive Guide for 2022
How do I get my first paying coaching clients?
How do I generate leads consistently?
How do I use SEO in my coaching business?
How do I sell coaching online?
How do I market my life coaching business?

You’ll find these articles especially useful if you’re in your first 1 to 3 years of business and are looking to create a steady stream of leads into your business without spending 10 hours a week on social media.

If you’re a fast-mover and prefer to talk instead of reading, book a call here and let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy


How To Attract Coaching Clients

Attracting coaching clients is not hard when done well. If you’re wondering how to attract coaching clients because you have tried and failed before, you probably made one of the mistakes we’re going to explore in this article.
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The Ultimate Strategy To Find Coaching Clients Online

Finding coaching clients is relatively easy when you organise face to face events and get boked to speak or invest time in networking in the right places.

But what if you want to be a digital nomad or a flexible mum?
How can you achieve the the same results without meeting people face to face? How do you find coaching clients online? On Social Media? Instagram? LinkedIn?

Read about the 7 highly-effective steps to find coaching clients online, that are easy to implement … Read More

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How to get more coaching clients: 10 Tips for 10 clients a month

There are many ways of getting more coaching clients, however pcking the right one for your personality and business stage is what will make you successful.

This article will show you all the best options available to you and it will also help you decide which strategies are the ones that will work faster and better for you!

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Successful Coaches: Cashflow and Making Money

As a coach building a business, your most important activity is lead generation. Successful coaches know how to make and keep good cash flow. There is no success without financial survival.

As a coach, you need to bring leads and cash through the door every single week for your business to survive….

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Building a Profitable and Future-Proof Coaching Business

Only 3% of coaches make it to a full-time income – knowing how to build a strong, stable and future-proof coaching business is key to survival

Future-proofing your coaching business is no easy feat. The coaching business has been growing at a very fast rate and it has only speeded up during the pandemic and after it…

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How to find and choose your life coach keywords

You’ve probably heard this many times, and I’m gonna put it on this page one more time (because it’s crucial when looking for those profitable life coach keywords)…

Before you attempt any form of marketing, make sure you understand the struggles you resolve and how your audience perceives this problem. If you can also describe your ideal client and their behaviors, you’re onto a strong start. But after all the assumptions, it’s time for a reality check.

And the only way to get real in coach marketing is Keyword Research.
There is literally no other way of getting real-time data when you’re starting out, other than Keyword Research.

Keyword research will tell you EXACTLY what people out there are looking for in relation to what you offer. It will show you what words they’re using and what they are looking to buy, what they think they need, and by what name they call what you offer…

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Effective Marketing Messaging for Coaches

You’re shouting your message to the world and few (if any) are responding. What’s wrong?
It can be a number of things, perhaps you didn’t go deep enough when you created it, or you just felt like you need to be similar to a competitor.
Maybe you hesitate to be you or just need to do a bit of digging to find what makes you unique.

Messaging is everything…

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How to create your Signature Coaching Program

It probably won’t happen in your first week of business, nor in the second or third. But by the time you’re in the second year of business, you’ll be able to notice some patterns that can help you create the coveted Signature Coaching Program.

And as soon as you notice patterns in the way you coach, you should definitely start drafting your Signature Program because, by default, you can charge more for this…

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Surefire way to find the right life coaching niche

Finding the right life coaching niche can be hard. Some new coaches find this so hard that they just decide not to, others don’t realize how important this is. (in spite of the fact that every ‘guru’ out there says it’s really important – because it is)…

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[2022] How to price your coaching services

There are various ways to pick your pricing. Ideally, you should pick the highest price you can sell for, but pricing is more complex than that. When we talk about money it brings up our money baggage’, there’s a lot of unseen mindset baggage we carry around and the stuff around money is quite nasty when it rears its head.

As coaches, we feel that we’re selling ourselves – like we are the product so this can really play on our minds….

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