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3 Best Lead Magnets for Coaches in 2023

Lead magnets can come in many shapes and forms, however over many years working with coaches I have identified 3 best lead magnets for coaches that really move the needle in terms of list-building.

Best Lead Magnet for Coaches 1: The Free Mini-Course

Mini-courses and free courses are a great way to attract the right people to your email list. You’re going to hear a lot of people saying “no don’t give it away for free because you attract freebie hunters and people who want it all for free”.

You don’t need to be afraid of this. If you’ve done your ideal client profiling properly and are targeting an audience that has the money to buy what you sell, then you’ll make plenty of sales from your email list. When this doesn’t happen it’s usually a profiling problem – you’re targeting the wrong people with your course, and they don’t have the money to pay you.

A Free-Mini Course will convert a lot of visitors into subscribers because it promises a lot of value. It also converts nicely because it gives people the opportunity to get to know you and experience your teaching/coaching style. This will draw the right people to you.
best lead magnets

Best Lead Magnet for Coaches 2: The Workbook with video

The best lead magnets are the ones that give people a result or outcome. You want your audience to work through a problem and resolve it. When they get this little win, they realize that you can bring them the results they seek.

A workbook that coaches them through a problem or process is a great way to help them achieve their goal. However, workbooks don’t appeal to every kind of learner so it’s best partnered with a video that walks them through the process. Adding a video will help support audio and visual learners and make the workbook more valuable and useful.

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Best Lead Magnet for Coaches 3: The good old checklist

A perfect partner for any educational blog post or guide on your website, the checklist asks action-takers to raise their hand. It helps you separate the browsers from those who really want to use the information you provide.

Checklists are perfect because you want action-takers on your email list and a checklist will bring them forward and onto your email list. A checklist can work in a number of ways. It can be a pdf that starts with an introduction that then offers a step-by-step process that is accompanied by tickable checkboxes.

I like to add a description under each item on the checklist because I want to support them to make sure they have everything they need to get through the whole checklist.

Which of these lead magnets will you create next?
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