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Should you add your coaching fees to your website?

Your coaching fees are a very important element of your business. They help clients understand whether you’re the right fit for them. They position you alongside competitors and change or improve perceptions.  

So isn’t it important to have your coaching fees on your website? Don’t clients want to see them?

Not always…


Here are some tips to help you decide whether it’s the right decision for you to put coaching prices on your website or not:


      1. Are your coaching fees cheap?

        If the fees are the most obvious advantage of your services then you should definitely put them on your website. But remember being too cheap is going to get you perceived as just that. Especially if you’re a coach. Would you like to be called cheap in your personal life? Nobody does right? Because it’s not a compliment. So if you offer a service that is of value you’re giving the wrong impression when you’re too cheap. So if you think being the cheapest is a good thing think again. But this article is not about your coaching packages’ pricing – it’s about whether to show those figures on your website or not. So if you sell more because you’re more affordable by all means, put your prices on your site.


      2. Make your pricing clear without adding coaching fees

        If you offer a coaching package that is highly customised then it’s important to talk to people before you tell them how much it costs. You should never give a price away until you’re sure the client has understood the full value of what you’re selling. You also don’t want to spend time talking to people who cannot afford you.

        Before they book the call make sure they fill a qualifying form to help you understand if they can afford you and if they’re ready to buy.  You want to make sure they have an idea of your price range before they jump on a call with you. You could opt to add a small line such as this one “starts from $300 per hour” to make your pricing clear. If your programme is much more valuable than you can easily convey in writing, make sure to replace that buy now button with the one that asks them to book a call.

      3. Pricing and your taster package

        If you have a foot-in-the-door package a.k.a one that acts as a taster of your services, then price it – place that price clearly in view on your website. Because you want people to buy it right away this is a clear entry point into your coaching business. It should have a price that is reflective of your hourly rate across all your packages and give people an idea of the kind of value you can offer in your other programmes.

        Generally, a 60-minute session would have your highest hourly rate. A 6-week programme would go for around 10% cheaper, and a group programme around 40% cheaper than your 60-minute session rate.

        coaching package pricing


      4. Courses and small programmes

        It all boils down to one simple principle. No matter what they are, most things under $500 can be sold on your site without too much hard work. Invest in good copy and this product could sell itself – so by all means it should carry a price. Most courses or small programmes can go for this price. Anything over $1,000 and/or customisable should ideally go without the price.


Selling your coaching programmes or getting your discovery calls booked directly from your website depends on much more than just your pricing. Your copy, the way you convince through words and the kind of traffic your content is attracting make all the difference.

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Author: Stephanie Fiteni

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