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Coaching Marketing: 3 lead sources to grow a resilient coaching business

You can get 50 leads a month and have a nice multi-six-figure coaching business but if all your leads come from the same platform, your coaching business is at risk.

I hear many coaches bragging that they managed to get to 6 or 7 figures using only one strategy. Some claim to manage it completely organically through social media posts, dm’s and other forms of direct engagement on Facebook or Instagram, others say they built their business using Facebook ads.

They’re legit and, done right both can work, however, these two forms of lead generation are super high risk.

  1. Coaching marketing: Organic Lead Generation

    This is the preferred tool for newbies and some keep using this until they hit a nice six-figure income. It is perfectly possible to generate leads from social media. If you know your ideal client, know where they hang around and what they want, chances are you can use any medium to convince people to buy from you. However, you cannot trust social media platforms because you’re not in control. The platform makes the rules and if they decide to change the algorithm and suddenly nobody can see your posts, or you cannot direct message people, or your group can’t see your shares anymore, then your business is in trouble. Putting all your eggs in the social media basket is pure madness.

  2. Coaching marketing: Paid Ads

    Using paid ads is fairly common. Some start right from the onset, others go organic first and add paid ads later. PPC is great because it allows you to create a cycle of investment and getting a return. If you have the budgets to outsource to a professional your can (almost) always be sure to get a good return. However paid ads, in particular, Facebook and Instagram ads have seen some significant changes in the past and the going trend is that they’re getting more expensive and harder to work. This again makes them useful but as a long term strategy, it sounds pretty high risk too.

    coach marketing - fb ads

  3. Coaching marketing: Ranking in Search Engines

    One lead generation strategy that has worked wonderfully for me over the years is SEO Or search engine optimisation. I’ve used SEO alongside organic social media and advertising to create a very resilient business that can generate leads when it needs to. My secret sauce uses SEO as the main strategy because a weekly stream of free leads that find you and book from your site is priceless and requires no work except for content creation. That same content can then be used to boost results through organic social media and paid ads whenever you want a cash injection in your business or are ready to grow.

    Sure some may say hey but Google’s algorithm changes often too. That’s true however Google updates its algorithm to better serve people. To provide better search results – to help your audience find you. So if you’re creating quality content and making sure your site is well optimised for your users, then Google changes can only help you. If on the other hand, you’re using black hat or other manipulative strategies to fool Google you’re likely to be hit by Google updates.

    seo marketing for coachesSo there is still a small element of risk with Google, but if you work with a professional and want to genuinely provide valuable content to your audience you’re not running a risk with Google.

    During the first lockdown, my business boomed because more people on the internet meant it was more difficult o cut through the noise with social media. It was more expensive to pay for ads with so many people running them at once but with Google, some keywords lost popularity, others gained and it’s all balanced out into an overall boost in leads. I’m very grateful for my well SEO-ed website and content because it means I can take a break from social media and PPC ads and still keep a consistent stream of quality leads coming into my business.

    And I do this with just one piece of content per week
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