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Coaching website: 5 things every coach’s website needs to generate clients fast

Are you creating a new coaching website from scratch or launching a new one after a recent rebrand?
If you answered yes this quick read is a must for you so that you launch your new site with a major competitor advantage…

Here are 5 features you want to make sure your coaching website has in order to book coaching (1:1 or groups) from your website:



    The most important thing your website can have is a blog. Your coaching blog serves many purposes.

    It will help you:

    – Garner more and more visibility and traffic

    – Grow your reputation as an expert/authority in your field

    – Engage the right people and grow your relationship with them (give them a reason to return to your site)

    – Act as a filter that gets the right people to book a call with you (and/or buy from you)


    coaching blog
    Get a Coaching Blog


  2. SEO: The gift of recurring ROI (Return on Investment)

    Writing regular content for your website is indispensable in today’s world. That weekly piece (or pieces) of content are a must for any coaching business. Starting a coaching business in this day in age means committing to becoming a content creator. SEO helps your content get found. You can pick any content type that suits your personality – go for video, blog articles, a podcast or a live video. No matter which you go for, make sure you like it enough to actually want to do it.

    If you pick something you have resistance for (just because your competitor is doing it) you will fail to stay consistent and blow your chances of success.

    Learning to SEO your coaching content (or hiring a consultant to do it for you with your team) will make the difference between a site that relies on social media traffic and one that gets free organic traffic from search engines naturally.

    SEO is always a smart investment because the results compound over time. Every article you rank will bring more and more people to your website, indefinitely


    SEO for coaching websites
    SEO: The gift that keeps giving (recurring ROI)




    Landing pages are important to help you create those funnels. Funnels turn your visitors into clients so landing pages are central to conversion on your website.Many people use third party tools such as LeadPages, Mailerlite or SwipePages. These tools have the ability to create a landing page in minutes. I would in fact recommend using one of these tools for some time to understand which layouts convert best for you. (Landing page tools create templates based on their best -converting pages so it’s an advantage if you’re starting out.)

    Once you’ve used these tools for a while you can start creating the landing pages on your website using plugins and tools. It’s easy too do with a wordpress site, many WordPress themes already have landing page features, and those who don’t can easily add it with a plugin.

    The landing page feature basically removes the menu and allows you to start from an empty page. My favourite tool for this is Elementor but there are many out there.

    Make sure that you connect it to your email marketing software and pixel it so you can retarget visitors to your landing pages with Facebook Ads.

    TIP: Make sure your landing pages load fast. “A 1-second delay in page loading times can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.” (Akamai)


    landing pages for coach websites
    Landing Page for Coaches: from Mailerlite




    You also don’t want to forget the rest of the website. You need to SEO your packages/service pages and all your other pages too. The content on your services pages doesn’t change but it’s very likely to rank if you optimise it for the right keywords and have an active (relevant) blog on the same website.These pages do the selling for you so paying attention to them will make an impact on your bottom line.

    If you can afford one, hire a sales copywriter to write the copy for these pages. Then optimise them for the ‘obvious’ keywords. The ones where you know people are looking for your services for example keywords like “career coach”, “coach to help with my CV”, “small business coach”, “relationship coach” etc.



    calendar links on your coach site
    Calendar Scheduling for Your CTAs



    Last but not least, you want to have your calendar link on your website. It sounds obvious but I’ve worked with many coaches who were prioritizing the wrong goals on their website before working with me.

    If you’re selling 1:1 programs or high ticket group programs, you’re going to need to talk to people on a discovery call. There is a correlation between the number of calls you book and the number of sales you close, so getting your visitor to the calendar funnel is very important.

    A lot of coaches make the mistake of directing people to their email list and then using emails to get them to book a call. But this causes a lot of ‘leaks’ in your funnel.

    You want to direct people straight from your blog post to your calendar link. Then add a pop-up for people who are leaving your site without taking any action, to catch them by asking them to ‘Download a freebie’ or ‘Join the newsletter list’ – you can add those to your email list so that you can ask them to book a call again later.


Do you have all of the above on your new coach website? Book a free call here if you’d like to understand how to implement all this on your site.


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