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How to use Google ads for your coaching business



Over the years I have come across many new clients that were using Google Ads and seeing little to no return on their spend. In this article, we go deep on how to use Google Ads for your coaching business and you’re going to find out what to do first so that your ads work.

Whether you’re new or seasoned in the coaching business, adding Google Ads to your marketing mix will increase your sales. This strategy is ideally used for high-ticket packages. On average, a new client will cost you between $250 to $300 – perhaps less if you do the preliminary work really well.

So how do you prepare your business to scale it with Google Ads?

First things first.

Don’t make the common mistake of driving traffic to a web page that was not specifically designed to convert that traffic – or even worse a contact form.

Traffic costs money, treat it like the precious resource that it is and make sure you’re well prepared to receive it. Here are your options:

1. Convert organically first


The easiest way to convert ad traffic is to convert organically first. The best way to do this is to blog. Write blogs that are designed to convert. In my online coaching business, I started by creating a blog and writing SEO-ed articles every week. As the traffic grew, I started getting leads. People read my articles and then follow my call to action and book a discovery call.

The bookings grew over time. After blogging for some time, I had enough data to start looking at ads. I set up Google Tag Manager to understand which pages converted at a higher rate and looked at my search console to understand which keywords were driving traffic to that page.

That was all I needed I could now use variations of those keywords to create a Google Ad that sent traffic to the blog post that converts.

This is a smart way to run ads without gambling away your money. (albeit it takes time to set up) 

But if you’re entrepreneurial you don’t mind a little gambling every now and then – if that’s you, the next strategy might appeal.


2.  A/B Testing

If you don’t want to wait until you have data, you can start by creating a simple funnel. It needs to be very simple because the more steps a funnel has, the more testing you need to do.


So start with a simple one like this:

High Intent Keyword Search → Traffic → Landing Page → CTA

Start with high-intention keywords. For example, if you’re an executive coach you could choose some of these keywords:

Executive coach

CEO coach

C-Suite coach

Leadership coach

Leadership development coach
Coach for executives


Then write a sales page to receive the traffic. You want to make this compelling. Include:

1. A good hook

2. Let them know you understand their pain points

3.  Add Stories (your story and a customer’s story)

4.  Add a testimonial or two

5. Be clear about the benefits they will experience

6. Explain all the features of what you sell

7. Invite them on a call (unless you’re the cheapest on the market, it’s way easier to sell on a call) 


Now that your landing page is ready to set up your Google Ads:


  Pick a Lead Ad.


Lead finding



    Choose A Search Campaign.




Up to 30 titles

4 Ad descriptions 

Up to 20 Keywords
Landing Page URL

Your sponsored Ad will appear on top of the search as seen below. Google will find the most successful combination of keywords, titles and descriptions to get you the best traffic.





 Measure and improve

The key to scaling your coaching business is in your data, no matter how little you have it’s important that you analyse it and improve on what is working.

When you have a blog it automatically makes your leads scalable in the future by showing you which keywords convert. You can of course also create the same funnel-style pages with videos. The secret is to test enough different ones so that you have a few that convert. 

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about the author: stephanie fiteni

Hi, I’m Stephanie, a Digital Marketing Coach and Business Mentor for Coaches. I’m the creator of the Profitable Content Marketing Method™ and help coaches generate more leads and clients through organic and paid marketing whilst helping them build a business that makes good money with ease. My clients get fully booked with just a handful of enjoyable marketing hours per week!

I have over 15 years of experience building businesses, growing website traffic, writing blogs, creating social media campaigns, and generating leads for my clients. As well as ranking articles, videos, and podcasts on the first page of Google. I also managed the content and web dev team in my agency for                                                over 10+ years.

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FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions about Google PPC Advertising for Coaches

1. What makes Google Ads a valuable tool for promoting my coaching services?

Google Ads provides a powerful platform to showcase your coaching business to a vast online audience. By leveraging targeted ads, you can reach potential clients actively searching for coaching services.

2. How do I set up a Google Ads account for my coaching business?

To set up your Google Ads account, visit the Google Ads website and follow the step-by-step account creation process. Ensure you define clear goals, select the right campaign type, and set an appropriate budget for optimal results.

3. What elements make a compelling ad copy for coaching services on Google Ads?

Crafting compelling ad copy involves highlighting the unique aspects of your coaching services. Focus on clear messaging, benefits for clients, and a strong call-to-action to encourage clicks.

4. How can I target the right audience for my coaching business through Google Ads?

Targeting the right audience involves defining your ideal client. Use Google Ads’ demographic and interest targeting options to tailor your ads to individuals most likely to benefit from your coaching services.

5. What role do keywords play in a successful Google Ads campaign for coaching?

Keywords are the backbone of a Google Ads campaign. Identify relevant keywords related to coaching, ensuring they align with your services. Regularly optimize and update your keyword list for improved campaign performance.

6. Are there specific ad extensions that work well for coaching businesses?

Yes, ad extensions enhance your ad’s visibility and provide additional information. Utilize site link and callout extensions to showcase specific coaching programs or highlight unique features that set your services apart.

7. How do I monitor and analyze the performance of my coaching ads on Google Ads?

Regularly review the performance metrics in your Google Ads dashboard. Track key metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost per conversion to assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

8. Can I run Google Ads on a limited budget for my coaching business?

Yes, Google Ads allows you to set a daily budget, giving you control over your spending. Focus on highly targeted campaigns and continually refine your strategy to maximize results within your budget constraints.

9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when using Google Ads for coaching?

Avoid common pitfalls like broad and irrelevant keyword targeting, landing pages that don’t convert, neglecting ad copy testing, and overlooking negative keywords. Regularly audit and refine your campaign to ensure optimal performance.