how to attract coaching clients

How To Attract Coaching Clients

Attracting coaching clients is not hard when done well. If you’re wondering how to attract coaching clients because you have tried and failed before, you probably made one of the mistakes we’re going to explore in this article.

But it’s not just about avoiding mistakes – it’s about getting your strategy right.

Let’s go a little deeper into how to do that:


How to attract coaching clients based on your business phase

There are many ways to become a client attractor. However, by ensuring that you’re making the right moves for your business phase, you build long-term sustainability.

What works for new coaches, is often not sustainable for a growing business. For example: if you’re starting out, you can start by writing blog posts and posting them directly on social media, while you build your website. This is not the smartest way to use your content, but it will get you clients and cash flow in the short run. Blogs offer the shortest conversion times. Using the blog-to-call funnel, you can take someone from cold lead to client within an hour.

Blogs give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, educate your audience into buying and persuade them to book that discovery call.

But sharing them on social media should only be a temporary starter tactic. Many of my clients land their first clients this way; however, they use this strategy while building their websites and practicing their blogging skills.

Once their website is ready, the blogs can be shared on social after being published on the blog. The blog on the website becomes a content repository that we can optimize using SEO (search engine optimization). This helps the content get found on the first page of Google. SEO attracts the highest quality leads for coaching. They convert better and faster because they are people who were already looking for someone like you. It is also the most sustainable long-term strategy available to people in their first years of coaching.


attracting coaching clients


The only thing you need to attract coaching clients

Attracting coaching clients will be much easier once you’ve implemented a blogging strategy that is also shared on social. But attracting coaching clients is not just about picking the right strategy its also about picking the right audience.

The first thing you need to attract clients willing to pay you well is a good niche matching your qualifications and personality.

There is a happy place where your expertise, experience, and passion overlap with client desires – that’s where your niche is. And that’s where the money is.

Draw a table like the one below and write a list of Experience and qualifications you bring to the table, then do the same under Passions, Personality, and Client Needs + Desires.

Can you see overlaps in the various boxes? Can you come up with a niche offer or a program with elements of all 4?





The example below could sprout some such ideas:

An offer to help my clients build their website and use it to attract their perfect customers without burning out. Now write your own – what would your niche offer look like?


Making client attraction sustainable

Finally, the most important thing to think about before embarking on any content or marketing is sustainability. Think hard, and then think harder and longer.

When picking the right strategy you need to make sure that you have enough time to execute it consistently and well. You also need to make time to measure and improve your results. So be careful not to be drawn in by too many shiny object marketing tactics.

I love to use the Pomodoro technique to measure how long I take to execute the various tasks when building a content system. The Pomodoro technique encourages you to break down your work into 25-minute slots. It makes you more aware of your time and helps you become way better at understanding how much time you really need to create and publish your weekly content.

Try one strategy at a time – go deep instead of wide. Use it for 6 months. And then decide whether it’s working for you. Measure the data, but especially measure the impact it’s had on your client list and cash flow.


Real success is measured in profits – Especially passive and evergreen profits!


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