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How to attract life coaching clients that are happy to pay your prices

Most life coaches have a big heart and love what they do, they want to help everyone and that is great
(its also one of the reasons why I love working with life coaches)
But to attract life coaching clients who want to pay your prices, passion is not enough.

It can be quite demotivating when you keep having discovery calls with people who love what you do and want what you do but can’t pay for it.
Or people who don’t understand why they should pay you to help them.

Here are 3 tips to help you attract life coaching clients that are happy to pay your prices:

  1. Identify your happiest life coaching clients.

    Which of your clients are super happy to work with you?
    which ones are enthusiastic about what you do which ones send you thank you cards and gifts because they appreciate you so much? Those are your ideal clients.

    You need to make sure you listen to their words carefully. The tricky part is that once you start working with them (during the discovery call even) they become aware of their problems in a way they weren’t before they met you. But in order to attract life coaching clients that are a great match you need to know what they were thinking before they started working with you. A good way to tap into this information is by asking the right questions in your onboarding form and kick-off sessions. Make sure you also record the sessions for future reference. Ask a lot of questions about where your client is and how they feel, what their desires are and why they decided to work with you. This information is gold.

    marketing funnel for coaches

  2. Build the right funnels on your life coaching website.

    Make sure that you have the right funnels on your website to draw these people in once they land on your website. Create a freebie that speaks to the struggles you uncovered in your calls and onboarding forms. Give them what they are looking for, in a simple format that they can easily absorb like a pdf.

    You can also ask them to jump on a discovery call with you right away. Two simple funnels are more than enough, one to get them on your email list and one to get them onto a discovery call.

  3. Create content the content your coaching clients are looking for.

    Write articles that rank in search engines repurpose them reels on Instagram or Live videos on Facebook or Youtube. Use search engines and social to find your audience and direct them to your website.

    The process sounds pretty simple and in reality, it is, simple is always best. It can be effective if you do the right things without adding any fluff. The key is to listen so you can infuse your knowledge into valuable content and make sure you have all the right tools to harvest those leads from your website. You might like the freebie below if you feel your site is unfinished…

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