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Marketing for coaches: 5 successful strategies in 2023

If you’ve been coaching for a while, you understand that a large part of building a successful coaching practise is marketing. Marketing, for coaches, can take up to a third or even half of the time you spend working. 

This is why understanding that it takes time and commitment is key…

Coaches that are very successful with their marketing do these two things really well:

  1. They work on becoming an authority in their field
  2. They listen/measure to understand what works and focus on multiplying their efforts where it yields more return


Here are 5 marketing tips for coaches that you need to implement if you’re looking to book more clients and grow your practice:

1) Marketing for coaches: blogging as a key strategy

You’ve probably heard a lot of contradictory opinions about this. As someone who has done it for almost a decade, I can assure you, blogging does still work.

Here’s why.

When you Google something and a person comes up, we automatically place trust in that person. We know Google works hard to filter information so we’re inclined to trust those results. I can, in fact, confirm that every lead that comes to me from Google closes with one email or one call. 

This happens because people trust Google
And they’re right to do so.

Google uses text to analyze your website and find out what searches you’re relevant to. If you don’t have quality information in the form of text articles on your site, it’s not possible to get listed on the first page. The main reason a lot of sites don’t rank is that they don’t have enough quality text on their website.

google ranking for coaches


So Blogging is key to getting visible on Google, which does wonders for your reputation. But blogging also appeals to people. We think that people don’t read, but when was the last time you went to a website to read a piece of information?

Probably this morning right?

This is why blogging is key to marketing for coaches of all shapes and sizes. Blogging gives you a platform to be able to share your expertise, which means that while you’re working on generating enough traffic from Google to become well known you’ll be producing great articles that bring you leads every week. Done well, and coupled with a smart sharing strategy, it will start growing your business from day one.

2) Grow your email list with a funnel for scalable coach marketing

If you don’t take growing your email list seriously your coaching business will not scale.

Think about that for a second and let it sink in.

You took the first step and started blogging, you shared your blogs on social media and started getting leads. Eventually, your traffic grew and you started getting leads from Google. These leads are great and you’ll get fully booked quite easily so the next natural stage will be to move to group coaching, masterminds, or courses.

This will be hard to do if you don’t have an email list.
You should aim at getting around 2,000 to 3,500 on your list before launching your group program or course to make sure you fill it up.

marketing funnel for coaches

However, growing your email list takes time. This is why you need to start as soon as possible and do it alongside blogging and your other marketing efforts. In order to grow your email list, you need to create a free ebook, checklist or mini-course that people can register for in exchange for their details. This is called a lead magnet and the right one will help you grow your email list fast. It’s also very important that you’re clear about your ideal client persona before you embark on list building.

Changing your ideal client will render your list-building efforts useless, so make sure you’re keeping your ideal client for the long term.


3) Video Marketing

Online video is growing. As a medium, it is consumed voraciously by many and makes a great addition to any strategy on almost every social platform.
Facebook Live will help you reach more people.


Recorded video on Facebook will give you cheaper ads and help you create warmer advertising audiences through retargeting.

LinkedIn video gets you more views than just an image (though hashtags play a pat there too)


Instagram videos on IGTV and now Reels are all the rage.


Youtube videos are great because they can be found in YT searches and also search engines.

Online video makes a great second medium after blogging. It can help people who don’t like to write by allowing them to do video-first blogging. This is when you start by creating a video and then transcribe it using a tool like  Then use this as the basis of your blog posts. Reformat it by adding a great into and a call to action and breaking it down into logical chunks or points, et voila.

If you’re consistent with video, embed it on your site and link back to your website, you will also see it have a positive effect on your traffic. So if you have the confidence and the bandwidth go for it. But if you find it hard and are still starting out, you may find blogging is a better place to start.



4) Speak and Share your coaching expertise

Speaking at conferences, online and offline events, and on podcasts will help grow your audience. Again your list plays an important role here. It is not very likely that people who heart you on a podcast will buy from you right away so you need a place to send them so they can monetize later. And your email list is the best place for this.


speaking to market your coaching


5) Partner with others that have your audience

It’s the same principle as wholesale for products but works a little differently for coaches. Find 50 people that have a similar ideal client to yours and are NOT competitors. Then start working on a plan to get to know them, and get in front of their audiences. In the beginning, you may need to pay for mailshots, etc but as you become better known, you will become a more natural partner, especially when you have a list of your own to share with your partners. 


Over to you now…
Which of these are you doing?
Have you tackled them in the correct order or maybe started them all at once.

Let me know                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

I have created the Profitable Content Method that helps you identify where you are in your business and what the next best step is for your marketing.
Here are some of the results the method can help you achieve

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Stephanie Fiteni

About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a Content marketing strategist and traffic growth coach. She helps coaches and online service providers generate more leads and clients through their blogs and websites.
Stephanie started her entrepreneurial journey as a teacher. She taught herself programming and spent many years teaching as a vocation and coding to make money.

In 2008, she co-created an agency with my husband. She always found web technologies exhilarating but managing a fast-growing agency and caring for a young child, were too much to handle all at once. She stared burnout in the face and decided to make some big changes. She returned to her love for sharing knowledge by coaching people 1:1.

Today, she helps clients turn traffic-less blogs into client superhighways by teaching them how to plan their content, research their keywords and write content that will rank and convert.

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