Marketing for health coaches

Marketing for health coaches: 3 tips to attract more clients

Marketing for health coaches does not follow the rules of mainstream marketing. Health professionals require a strong reputation focused on trustworthiness.

As a health coach, your reputation is key to getting clients to trust you and work with you. Therefore you need to avoid marketing that has a negative effect on your reputation such as resorting to spammy marketing gimmicks and unsolicited outreach.

Here are 5 marketing tips for health coaches that will build trust in the long term and get you clients in the short term:

Marketing tip #1

Learn to blog. You’ve probably seen many coaches use social media to build their business – but often selling through social media means messaging people who follow you on social media and trying to sell them. But as mentioned before, as a health coach, you should be avoiding this. 


Trust is built through strong, valuable core content – social media is just the distribution channel. You want your audience to come to your website and jump on your email list because they love your content. For this to happen you need to create quality content. This can be both in the form of blogs/articles or video (live or recorded), however you want to make sure that what you’re producing is good quality.

So if you’re starting out you want to start writing articles and getting better at that. Video takes more time, money and experience to produce quality. It’s possible, however (unless you have a background in audiovisual) video is likely best left for when you can afford to outsource the editing and have a budget to buy a good camera and quality lighting.

So learn how to blog and think of the rest later.

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Marketing tip #2

Grow your email list with a quality eBook. As a health coach you’re bound to have something your audience would love. For example if you help women manage chronic illness, you probably know a lot about how the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. You could create an eBook that walks them through why the dietary changes and just touch on the lifestyle changes.

Make it super actionable and make sure they get immediate benefits from the changes they implement. Help them understand why it is difficult to keep up these habits on your own and offer a free discovery call to those who are serious about taking the rest of their life by the horns and tackling their health issues.

Your eBook needs to talk to those who are ready to take action – your audience is made of (in this case) women with chronic illness but your clients-to-be are those who both have the illness and are determined to fight it.

You can also sell eBooks, however, if your goal is to get people on your discovery calls, this will reduce the number of leads drastically. So keep it free and focus on getting those action takers to book the call. The eBook should work hard at building your reputation. Add testimonials and details from your biography that position you as a great health coach to work with, the best match for people with chronic illness (or what it is you do).

Imagine you met someone who is your perfect ideal client in the street, how would you talk to them, what would you say to convince them to work with you without being pushy? That’s what goes in your eBook.


marketing for coaches: email your list weekly


Marketing tip #3

Email your list every week. 

There will always be those who are not ready to buy, in your audience. Their pain is not strong enough to want to move forward now or perhaps their life situation is not in the right place for them to move forward with you.


You want to make sure to stay front of mind so that when they’re ready to work with a health coach, you’re there, they remember you and know what you offer. You can do this by emailing your list regularly. Encourage them to follow you on social media and ask them questions so they reply to you. Create engagement so that they feel like they know you and when they’re ready to buy, there you are as the best answer to their struggles.


It may sound simplistic and you’ve probably heard all this before, however, done correctly an active blog and email list is all you need to build your health coaching business from zero to 6 figures.

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