sales funnels for coaches

The 2-step 6-figure Sales Funnel for Coaches

How a simple sales funnel for coaches can help you book discovery calls while you sleep.

The more complex your funnel, the longer your funnel will take to convert into clients. This is why you need a 2 step funnel that converts fast. Lead generation is the lifeblood of your coaching business – getting it right (or not) will make or break your chances of success.

  1. Sales funnel for coaches: what is it?

    A sales funnel is made up of the steps that your coaching clients take before they decide to buy. Such as reading your blog, checking out your testimonials or booking a call with you. It is essential to attracting and getting new coaching clients.

    It often starts with a pain point or struggle, something that is bothering them in their lives and makes them desire a solution. This is followed by online research – they search in the hope of understanding their pain points. They then understand that there may be a number of solutions for their struggle and try to understand which one is better suited to them and their specific situation. Finally, they decide which coach to pick.

  2. How do potential clients enter your sales funnel for coaches?

    Your leads will enter your sales funnel at any of the stages described above. They do this by typing different searches in Google.

    This is why you need to create online content that addresses each of these phases. The good news is that you can do this with one simple – yes, a simple two-step funnel that works for online coaches (as well as therapists, consultants, and service providers).

    funnel strategy for coaches

  3. Building your 2-step coach sales funnel:

    Coach funnel Creation #Step 1

    Create your core content. Pick 1 format. The best content formats that convert easily and quickly for coaches are blogs and videos. It’s very important to also have a transcription of your video if you want to get traffic and eyeballs on your content.

    Coach funnel Creation #Step 2

    Add a call-to-action (CTA) to the blog post and/or video. Link the CTA to your booking calendar. You’re probably thinking, is that it? Yes, it really is that simple. The secret to making this work is researching your ideal client very carefully and learning keyword research and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

    By optimizing your content for search engines using the right keyword you will attract people who are already looking for what you offer.

    lead funnel for coaches

    Writing (or adding a transcription to your embedded videos) about the right topics will help you attract new people who are looking for coaching packages like the ones you offer. They are looking for a solution to their problems. If their problems are painful enough for them to go to Google and look for a solution, chances are they will spare half an hour of their time to jump on a call with you to understand how you can help them.

    This is the simplest and fastest way to start booking clients in your coaching business. It’s so simple that it’s often overlooked. Many coaches also get scared at the thought of learning SEO. Big SEO companies have spent decades convincing us all that it’s difficult to do SEO on your own. There could be nothing further from the truth. I teach my clients how to use non-technical content-based SEO strategies to get their content in front of their potential clients and grow their business with SEO.

    If you’re curious to understand how this simple funnel (coupled with SEO-ed content) can work for you let’s talk – Book a free discovery call at