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Websites for coaches: 5 tips that will get you fully booked

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current coaching website or create a new website for your coaching practice, the goal is one and the same…

To end up with a website for coaches that books your discovery calls and sells your programs.

Many coaches under-utilize their website, they see it as a place where they place information and leave it static. This is a big mistake. Your website can be the biggest lead generator or sales machine in your business if it’s built to attract and convert.

Here’s how to equip your coach website so you get a fully booked coaching practice:


1. Testimonials

You probably expected to get testimonials as the first point. And if you’re a new coach, this might be a chicken and egg situation.

Testimonials are very important. If you don’t have your first ones yet, then you need to spend the first months in your practice working for testimonials – not money or practice but testimonials. Sure you want to get better at what you do but the most important thing is to get those testimonials.<

Yes – work for testimonials!

If you focus on achieving the best results for your clients it will be great for your business all around. Focusing on getting testimonials is one way of getting clarity on how to achieve the best possible results. This will also result in recommendations so it’s win-win, even for your clients.


If you already have some testimonials or perhaps have some clients that are willing to give you testimonials, the next thing to do is to add the process of getting testimonials into your business processes.

Send a feedback form with questions that elicit a testimonial, then ask your client if you can use it. Ask your clients to give you a video testimonial in exchange for an extra catch-up call after the program is finished.

Whatever you do, integrate testimonials in your processes so you have many to choose from. You’ll want to use the strongest ones on your homepage and about page. These are the two pages on your site that are visited the most.

You want to make sure you place them close to your ‘Book a Discovery Call’ button or your inquiry form. You can also put a praise or testimonials section on your top menu. 

If you only follow this tip. You’ll already see an increase in calls booked.

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2. Great Photography

What does great website photography look like?

Firstly you need to make sure you’re looking at the camera. This becomes an image that makes eye contact with your website visitors. It’s very important for connection. You also want to make sure you look ‘real’.

If you’re the type that turns up for online calls in her PJs (and your clients love you for it) then you may not want to wear a suit for your shoot. Look relaxed instead. You don’t want to attract the wrong type of person and then disappoint. It’s important that people get a good sense of who you really are. A professional photographer can help you plan for this.

I can already hear you say – but isn’t that pricey or we’re in lockdown, how can I use a pro photographer?
Great website photography is not necessarily professional photography, it’s better if you can find a photographer that can work with background colors that match your website, however, natural pictures are always a winner. And you can try your hand at shooting your own.

Most webcams and phones today have a great camera. Make sure you look natural but neat and find a window with great lighting, or even better shoot outside. If you’re going to shoot outdoors, the light just after sunrise is often best. If you’re shooting indoors, pick the brightest time of day. Get some inspiration from other coaches’ websites so you can try different poses and expressions. If possible, get some help from a family member or friend.

Take your time, and don’t expect to get great shots right away, even professional photographers will take half a day on a shoot that yields a handful of pictures.

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3. Video

If you’re not confident on video yet, you can skip this one for now, but if you’re in a position to do this, you should. Create a video where you talk about yourself and introduce the work you do, you could also edit in some testimonials, why not.

Always remember that your website visitors will have different media preferences so the more multimedia you go, the better.

4. A great Blog

If you thought a blog was optional let me clarify that it absolutely isn’t. But first, let’s clarify…
a blog is a repository of content, it can be a place on your website where you organize your show notes, your articles, your videos or infographics. Anything you create, is a great place for you to keep them organised.

A blog is very important for your website because it is a place that is ‘alive’. Consistently publishing content on your blog will help you get to the top of Google and other search engines. This will drive traffic to your website and you’ll have visitors to convert. If you have a blog and regular visitors to your website, then you probably need to check out the next point.

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5.  Call to Actions (CTA)

The right call to action is key to converting website visitors into clients. You don’t need funnels. It’s as simple as getting found and enticing your visitors to book your discovery calls.

Your call to actions need to be everywhere on your website. If you work 1:1 with clients you’ll want your ‘Book a Discovery Call’ CTA on your blog posts, on your homepage, and also on your blog content. Every piece of content needs to have an appropriate call to action. Not always the same one, but based on how the content connects to what you do for your clients.

It’s the old adage “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

BONUS Tip: SEO for traffic – get it in front of your audience

Last but not least, if you want to drive free traffic to your website, you need to SEO it. SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s the craft of making small changes to your content and website so that search engines can understand who to serve it to.

You don’t need a techie to implement SEO in your website, but in order to get it right and make sure it takes a few weeks (not months or years), it helps to work with a professional who can guide you.

I have been helping my clients grow their website traffic through content and SEO since 2014.

If you’d like to understand if this can work for you too, we should probably talk. You can book a free call at