Interview with Lisa Peek – Master your Money Mindset

Money is a hot topic that affects us more than we realize. It touches everything in our lives and affects the way we feel about our work, our relationships and our achievements.

Clearing our money blocks can help us charge what we’re worth and build a thriving business that helps us make our impact in our communities. In this interview, Lisa Peek helps me understand how to find and address these blocks to have a smoother relationship with money.

Lisa works with female entrepreneurs who are on a passion-driven mission. She is an expert in women, wealth and impact, and you’re in for a treat because she has shared some really actionable nuggets with us in this interview.

Our relationship with money needs to be empowered so that money is not an obstacle and so that we can be greatly rewarded for our work. We may be aware that we have blocks in various areas of life. So if we suspect that we have money blocks, how can we be sure and how can we identify them?

I asked Lisa…

How do we see these money blocks hinder us in our daily lives?

“On average we think about money around 100 times before lunch.” (Watch my jaw drop in the video. Yikes!)
We’re always thinking about the price of things, buying presents, paying bills etc. Lisa continues.

“Money blocks are, in reality, our reaction or resistance around the topic of money that keeps us from acting in a way that is in our best interest.”

The most common way women in business experience this is when they are asking for money.

For example, talking about fees with clients or discussing prices with a supplier and increasing your prices. If you feel resistance, there is something in your money energy that is holding you back. There is something underneath.

This is a sign of money blocks. Not wanting to face your numbers every month is another common indicator. The desire to give it all to your accountant, means you’re giving away your money power and therefore pushing the topic of money away from you.

Anywhere there is resistance or you are giving your power away, there’s a sign of your money blocks. Procrastinating on sending invoices or doing your accounts are other signs to look out for. So what should we do once we know we have blocks? The next step is to find out where they’re coming from.

So where do money blocks come from?


“Money is a very emotional topic. If money situations bring up strong emotions in you, then you know that you need to be looking at your money blocks and their origin to adjust your relationship with money.”

– Lisa Peek

The blocks often come from your belief system or thoughts around money or yourself. Most of us are unaware of about 90% of our thoughts. So you need to dig a little to find the causes. These blocks are stemming from a belief system we’ve built over time. Beliefs come from experiences. Things we’ve experienced. How did you see others behave around money? What have you seen and heard about money?

For instance, ‘the rich are greedy’, ‘You have to work really hard for your money’ or any other preconceptions that are obviously just perceptions. Specific experiences might have left a big impact on you. Of course, not all of your beliefs are going to be negative, but the ones that challenge you are going to affect your identity around money because your belief system is going to affect your behavior.

Money is a very emotional topic. If money situations bring up strong emotions in you, then you know that you need to be looking at your money blocks and their origin to adjust your relationship with money.

How can we begin healing from our money blocks?

The first step is to write down your thoughts and feelings around money every week. Write down what you thought while you were procrastinating during that sales call. Pay attention to your emotions… frustration, anger, fear, guilt, shame.

Guilt and shame, especially, indicate deep-seated money blocks. Work on identifying your thoughts and beliefs. Try to understand where they came from. Follow your thoughts back to their origins. You can then understand that it’s probably not logical and you need to do some work about repositioning your thoughts in that particular belief area.

Meditation, NLP techniques, and energy clearing can all help but the first step is to be aware of your blocks. Luckily, Lisa can help with this. After gaining awareness, we need to overcome our own resistance and begin to take control of our relationship with ourselves and our money.

How does improving our relationship with money help our business?

When you’re hesitant to raise your prices, then your business is going to create a ceiling and stop growing. This reluctance comes from the reluctance to own the value of your products or services. Any lack of self-esteem that lives deep inside, our inner critic, will come up to block us from raising our prices.

You can own your price by working on your belief systems about your value. The three aspects to work on in relation to your price are Trust, Attraction, and Disassociation.

Money is just a reflection of not standing in your own way.

So how do you get out of your own way to become wealthier?


In order to really own your price, you need to own your value as an entrepreneur. As a person, a human being, you are priceless. You cannot put a price on people. We need to, therefore, distinguish between our value as people and our value as a service provider.

If you know you can deliver the result you promise, that builds your self-esteem. You know you can do it. So the way to solve this lack of confidence is to prove to yourself that you can do it, do the work, get testimonials and then you can get rid of the Trust block. You now trust yourself to deliver the service or product in the best way possible.


Find the people who have an acute problem that you now know you can resolve. So the price becomes irrelevant. If the problem has a high cost to the client; financial cost or emotional cost and the price matches the intensity of the problem, then you’re onto a winner.


The third step is to disassociate yourself from your service. When people say no, they’re not saying no to you. They’re saying no to a service they don’t understand. Or perhaps it’s just not the right time for them to buy because their problem is not pressing enough yet.

They’re not saying no to you. There will always be a percentage of NO’s in your sales process, it goes with the territory.

The key is to keep looking for new client levels that have the specific problem you can resolve. Every service can be delivered at a different level and to a different set of customers. If you find the customers whose struggle is costing them more, then your services are automatically worth more.

Clearing your money mindset is something you’ll need to do every time you hit a new income goal, so it’s important to learn how to become aware of this new block when you encounter it again.

Whether you’ve done this before or not, you can begin on your path to awareness by taking one week to journal about your relationship with money.

Lisa has kindly created a weekly journal to help us keep track of a week’s worth of money thoughts and feelings

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