[2022] How to price your coaching services

There are various ways to pick your pricing. Ideally, you should pick the highest price you can sell for, but pricing is more complex than that. When we talk about money it brings up our money baggage’, there’s a lot of unseen mindset baggage we carry around and the stuff around money is quite nasty when it rears its head.

As coaches, we feel that we’re selling ourselves – like we are the product so this can really play on our minds….

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How to start the right coaching business for YOU

Starting the right coaching business for you, is not the easiest thing to do, especially when it’s your first business or the first time you’re working for yourself. There can be many pitfalls but if you get your foundations right – you’ll be ok.

Build the right coaching practice by exploring your experience and your passions

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Can I be a coach without certification?

Let’s start with the main question here – Can you be a coach without certification? Do you really need a qualification to coach or not?

“It depends”

Coaching online is not very easy to regulate. However certain countries will require you to have a qualification to even call yourself a coach or offer services in their country. And admittedly I completely agree with that. But it’s also near impossible to regulate online.

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The Ultimate Guide to Build a Successful Online Coaching Business

When you first become a coach nobody tells you that you now need to also become an entrepreneur and business person to build a successful online coaching business. You become a coach to help others, to leave an impact on other people’s lives, and suddenly realize that you lack the entrepreneurial know-how to take this off the ground.

Somehow a lot of coaches go all the way to getting their coaching qualification without looking this problem in the face – until it hits. You either make money from your coaching business or you’ll have to go back to that corporate job you hated so much!

How am I going to help others if they cannot find me and they don’t know how life-changing my services are?

Before you help others, you have to learn to help yourself.

Before you change other people’s lives, you have to change your own….

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Why is lead generation for business coaches different?

As a business coach you need to generate leads in your business like any other business, but shaking your behind on Tik Tok might be out of bounds for you because being seen as an authority is what gets you hired.

You also need to be able to convey that you can build, and indeed have built a successful business – the proof of your skills should be reflected in your business.

How can you generate leads whilst also building authority and success for your business?…. Read More

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Why your coach marketing isn’t working + 3 things that will land you a sale today

You’ve probably been binge-watching hours of youtube and clicking on every Facebook ad or IG Reel that promises to give you amazing coach marketing tips – or a magic bullet strategy(why not! 🤦‍♀️).You might have also already spent half a fortune on half a dozen courses where you were thrown into a group with another 50 coaches and overwhelmed with content that didn’t work for you.So it might be apt to ask – do you still believe there is a solution that will work for you?Hope you still do, because I can assure you there is. And I’m gonna break down a few things you can do to see results from your coach marketing in the short term:(whilst also dispelling a few myths)

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How to sell coaching services online

there is a model for every coach, including you – as long as you pick the right one for you and your business you will steadily move towards your goals.

One thing I wish these ‘guru coaches’ said more often is that ‘the best model is the one that fits YOU best’.

But in order to pick the best one for you – you need to know your options.

So here’s a list of the various options available to you to sell coaching services online.

(spoiler alert, it’s very different to selling face to face coaching)

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Marketing Coaching: 3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Marketing coaching is probably the hardest thing about building an online coaching business. Once you have your coaching certification and you’re on your own, it can be really hard to find the right strategy to help you start from scratch.

Most business coaches online work with coaches in every stage of business but have forgotten how hard it is to start with zero resources and little online marketing knowledge.

It can be discouraging to try everyone’s strategies and not see them work for you – but it’s not your fault.

It happens because the strategies they’re selling are not right for your business stage…. Here’s are 3 pitfalls and how to tackle them for success:

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