Marketing your coaching business online: The 4 Stages

Some coaches take to marketing like ducks to water, Others not so much

No matter how much or how little experience you have with marketing, marketing an online coaching business is a different kind of game. It’s unusual because the rules of B2B marketing apply even though most coaches sell to individuals not businesses.
(If you’ve not worked in B2B marketing, don’t worry, I’m gonna walk you through it.)

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Niche Coaching: How to find a profitable coaching niche

We’ve all heard about niche coaching areas in the grapevine… One important factor that decides how successful a coach will be is the niche they pick

As a niched coach myself, I can guarantee this is true
It’s great for Social Media leads
Helps you raise your prices
And works wonders for your Google ranking too

But how can you pick the right niche and where do you begin?

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Does your coach website pass the Google test?

Social Media platforms will make changes and we have no control over them
I don’t know what the next Facebook or Instagram update will bring

I remember when FB Groups became Business Pages and we all lost our followers overnight – Facebook didn’t care about our businesses
This is why…

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Business and the Coronavirus: Strategy Changes that will help you thrive

s many business owners that have cut their teeth in a recession will tell you, it’s not all doom and gloom. The opportunities are still there, but perhaps we need to strategise a little better to stay in business.
Some industries thrive in a recession – but how will the Coronavirus interfere with opportunities or boost them?

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How to Start an Online Consulting Business

Looking to start an online consulting business?
Wondering what to do first?

Here’s the thing.

Starting any business is challenging, but creating a business where your sole goal is to help others run their business more efficiently can often prove to be even more challenging – unless you have a strong business plan. 

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