7 tools you need to sell coaching online in 2023

When I started coaching online I created uselessly complex processes that I found really difficult to stick to. After 5 years of coaching online, I’ve tried most of the tools out there and have shortlisted just 7 that you need to know about to create a thriving online coaching business.

Here are the 7 tools I use to coach online:

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GDPR for Bloggers

You can’t help but notice it: there’s a tinge of panic in the air among online entrepreneurs. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced starting 25 May…

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4 Essentials of Selling Online Coaching

I often encounter coaches who want to go online and want to go all out.  They garner a large budget and make a long list of web features and come to me as a consultant, with their plan. In contrast, these ventures can come with a small budget and big dreams.

This where the 4 Essentials of Selling Online Coaching come into play.
I say the same thing to both. Your priorities don’t change even when your budget is small.

So here’s a list of the items you need to thrive when selling coaching online:

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