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#020: Amplifying Your Personal Brand

Episode 020




This week’s guest is Bob Gentle. Bob has worked in the field of digital marketing for nearly twenty years, for most of that time running his own consultancy. Latterly he built and ran one of Scotland’s largest dedicated digital agencies.


Currently, alongside working with a handful of corporate clients, he focuses on helping digital entrepreneurs, microbusiness and small businesses fine-tune their product or business model, then find and build an audience online and compete against larger businesses with deeper pockets.


He does this through his speaking, consulting and workshops as well as group-based or one-on-one programs of hybrid coaching, consulting and training.


Bob lives in the North East of Scotland with his wife, is a keen surfer and snowboarder, former search and rescue officer and army reservist.


We talked about…

>> how to find your place in the vast worldwide web

>> how to model others to get similar success

>> family support and its impact on your success

>> content creation


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