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056: Picking the best online coaching platform for your practice

Episode 0056




In this podcast episode, I speak with Glen Oliveiro, Founder & CEO of CoachVantage.

CoachVantage is an all-in-one coaching platform that helps coaches deliver exceptional results for their business and their clients.

Glen created CoachVantage after speaking with hundreds of coaches to understand the biggest pain points of running a coaching business. Coaches who were just starting out struggled with marketing and getting clients consistently. More established coaches, they felt overwhelmed by managing admin tasks single-handedly, including things like sharing documents with clients, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of client sessions.

To try and solve the problem, they used different tools and ‘freebies’ like Calendly, Google Docs, Evernote, Excel and PayPal to manage various aspects of their business. However, their data and client information were scattered in so many different places that there was no coherent view. As a result, it was counter-productive – they felt even more disorganized and unproductive.

What they desired was a solution that would help them stay organized by automating their workflows and having everything in one place.


In this episode we talk about:

How coaches can stay organized and productive and have more time to create value for their business.

How CoachVantage helps coaches to manage their practice seamlessly, deliver a professional client experience and coach more effectively. It’s like the ‘swiss army knife’ for coaches, allowing you to:

– Sell coaching programs online

– Invoice clients

– Sign e-contracts

– Schedule sessions online

– CRM to manage client information

– Upload files and documents

– Secure client portal to manage the end-to-end coaching journey

– Track coaching hours automatically



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