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#054 How To Create a Bullet Proof Content Plan for Coaches

Episode 54





Creating a content plan can feel hard when you over analyse your business and audience and get yourself into an overwhelmed state. Sometimes you might also experience idea blocks.

When you create a content plan the RIGHT way, both these issues are not a problem. I dislike the airy fairy way in which some so-called content experts will aslo you to think of your pillars and create your content plan based on that.

It might be enough if you’re looking to do a little bit of social, but if you want to create a content plan that actually generates leads and turns them into clients, then you need to go a little bit deeper.

You need to find topic ideas that your ideal clients are already out there looking for. You need to have proof – not just base your content plan on assumptions.


In this Episode we talk about…

– Focusing on producing less content at higher quality: As a coach your content needs to generate leads but also build your authority. So don’t skimp on quality.

– Create your titles from keywords: Learn how to research your ideal clients and how to use keyword research tools (ideally multiple ones) so that you know for sure what people want.

– Convey your values: Make sure that people who come across your content know your values 

– Add testimonials and case studies: Pepper your content with client success stories  only people who believe you can deliver what you promise will buy.

– Create a doable repurposing strategy: Repurposing is key to amplify your visibility but the idea is to do as much as possible with the resources you have not to overwhelm yourself or dream bigger than your resources allow.


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Full transcript

Creating a Content Plan for Coaches – A word of caution (00:00):

In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about how to create a bulletproof content plan for your coaching business. So the first step is actually a little bit of a word of caution. I am very wary of content people and gurus out there who say, Just pick these four pillars, these four types of content, and plan away. I completely believe this is the wrong approach. There is no proof that your ideas are gonna work. Some people have experience in marketing, some people don’t. If you’re new, you’re gonna get this wrong. So the way I like to approach this with my clients is to create titles from your keywords. So keyword research is something that is extremely valuable, not only for people who are doing search engine optimization and trying to wr their content in the first page of Google. It is also useful for people who are creating all kinds of content, including social media.


Ranking your blog posts and SEO for coaches (00:58):

Now, of course, you have the added value of ranking your blog posts if you do SEO and user keywords. But keyword research is going to show you exactly what people are looking for out there. And this is very important because you can get it so wrong with your social media and you won’t know why. So learning keyword research is going to really help you to understand what kind of things your end struggles, your audience is punching into. Google is looking for a solution for, because those are the things they are willing to pay for. I also highly recommend learning this yourself because a lot of technical people who offer keyword word research solutions and you know, can outsource to them, they tend to be very technical in nature, so they tend to be quite good at finding keywords for products. But when it comes to coaching, the struggles that your clients come to you with are complex, and the program that you’re selling is complex.



So it’s not very easy for them to understand what you do. So definitely try to learn the process and find your own keywords. Once you’ve done it, it’s going to change your business because every decision in your business can be taken with keyword research. I do that all the time. I live inside my keyword research tool, and I absolutely love it. The next thing you wanna look at is making sure that your content is covering the whole customer journey. The customer journey is kind of, well, not really the customer journey, it’s actually the prospect’s journey. So from the point that a person starts feeling the struggle to the point where they actually decide that they’re gonna resolve this struggle by working with you. So everything that happens in between those two points is the customer journey. Customer journey ends where this prospect is actually gonna become a customer. So think of all the things they might go through and all of these little thoughts, all of the struggles they go through, those are going to be the things that you


Convey your values and brand story in your content.  (02:58):

Need, need to address in your content. The next step is to convey your values and brand story. It’s very important to also have additional posts, additional blog posts, and maybe additional elements inside your content that convey who you are, who you help, what your values are, and also your brand story. So what is the story behind your business? This is very important because it’s going to make a difference to how people feel about you. So it’s gonna help them decide whether they can actually work with you or not. It’s gonna help them see who you are, and people tend to spend a lot of intimate time with our coach. So the fact that there is a personality match is a very important one, and the decision-making process of the prospects that’s gonna become a client. Another important element is gonna be testimonials. People are going to decide whether to buy from you or not based on what other people say about you.


Create conten that persuades (03:59):

This is a very important step in the persuasion process. So I highly recommend that you get yourself some great testimonials, some case studies, and anything else that can prove that you are actually doing what you promise. The next thing is, once you have your content, you obviously have to create a distribution and repurposing strategy. Now, I am all for automation, and in fact, a little automation can go a long way. Always try to be as efficient as possible whenever you can. And then you also want to repurpose your content. So create one or two strong pieces of content every week, whether it’s a video, whether it’s a blog, long foreign piece of content that can sit on your website and get found by Google, and then have a great repurposing strategy. Break it down into reels, into TikToks, into YouTube shorts, break it down into social media posts, break it down into a podcast.


Repurpose, Repurpose and Repurpose your content again (04:56):

Why not repurpose as much as possible? But always, always make sure you are super efficient with your time because you wanna make sure that you’re not hiring and you’re focusing more on quality. It is much better to produce less content at higher quality than it is to produce more at bad quality. And of course, I’m, I’m sure you know this because a coaching business is built on authority and people have to trust you, and quality is super important for that. Okay, so today we talked about creating a bulletproof content plan. And here’s what we talked about in a nutshell. So create your titles from keywords, not just categories or pillars off the top of your head. Cover the whole customer journey with your content. Convey your values and brand story in your content. Add testimonials and case studies. Create a nice cool distribution and repurposing strategy that really fits within the time and the energy and the resources that you have. Okay, so keep the quality up and I hope your content flies.



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