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060: Should I put my prices on my coach website?

Profitable Online Coaching Podcast – Episode 060



Whether you put prices on your website or not can affect the future of your business. If you pick the wrong option for your specific situation, you may be rigging your business. There are specific reasons and considerations to put your pricing on your coach website and there are reasons not to, as well.

Listen to this episode to be armed with the knowledge to make this decision for yourself.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Introduction: Should I put my prices on my coach website?

– Exploring the importance of price as a selling point for your ideal client

– Considering the possibility of offering lower prices for higher-quality products

– The need to clearly demonstrate the value of your program or service

– When it might be advisable to include prices on your website

– Challenges in explaining customization and individualized offerings on a website

– Difficulties in conveying the unique aspects of high-ticket programs on a sales page

– The personal interpretation of what constitutes a high ticket price

– Strategies to explain pricing and customize the experience for clients

– Not putting prices on the website to avoid potentially alienating potential clients based on price alone

– Tips for encouraging potential clients to engage in discovery calls

– Emphasizing the importance of showcasing testimonials and high-quality content to instil confidence in your abilities


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[00:00:00]: Welcome

Thank you very much for joining me today. in this episode, we’re going to talk about whether you should put your prices on your website. I get asked this question very often by my clients, and there isn’t a very straightforward one-recipe answer, but it’s actually not too complicated to make that decision for yourself.

[00:00:41]: Putting prices on your coach website

So if you’ve been asking yourself whether you’ve done the right thing, put prices on your coach website, or whether you should put them on there, Today’s episode is going to help you make that decision. So let’s dive right in. Well, the first thing you need to focus on is on standing whether your price is at the center of your offering. So when you think of your ideal client, do you think that price is one of your biggest selling point for them. Is the price one of the main reasons why they buy from you and not from your competitors? if you feel that you are maybe undercutting your competitors, you are managing to offer a lower price for a much higher quality product, then perhaps it might be the right thing to actually put your price on our website. because of course, it’s going to be one of your selling points. And therefore, it’s gonna be one of those important things that help your clients make a decision. So it should definitely be on your website if that’s the case.

[00:01:43]: Coaching Prices as a selling point

Another instance in which you may want to actually put your price on the website might be if you find it easy and clear to show and explain the true value of what he said. So let’s say you have a program that costs $500 a month. If you can very easily explain how this costs $500 a month, then it should not be a problem for you to attract clients at that price. It’s very important that you make it clear what it offers, that you really focus on showing the value. This is gonna sort of one of the main arguments that we use when we advise that you shouldn’t put your price on your website. So the same principle applies when I actually advise my clients to not put their price on the website. And These instances are usually because a client is either a coach offering 1 to 1. They offer either 1 to 1 programs or highly customized packages where it becomes really difficult to explain what’s in the program and how they’re going to get the full value without explaining the level of customization.

[00:02:58]: Customization and High-ticket coach prices

And, of course, customization is an individual process. So it becomes really difficult with one website page to explain the true value of this program. The same applies for high-ticket programs. Very often high ticket programs offer something that is highly catered to the high-ticket client. And very often, this is not only about the outcomes, but it’s also about the amount of contact you get with your coach. the experience, the level of the experience, and also the exquisiveness of the support. and the touch points and the way you are supported to actually make sure that you reach your goal. This can be quite difficult to explain on a sales page.

[00:03:46]: High Ticket programs

Also, within a lot of high-ticket programs and again, high tickets can be something very personal. So for some people over $1000 might seem high ticket. Generally, it is taken to mean between $3000 6 $1000 and up. So that, you know, would mostly be considered a high ticket. But as I said, it’s a personal thing because if your audience is just starting out in business, they might look at a price point of a 1000, $1500 is quite high ticket because they’re not used to that kind of program. When it comes down to actually explaining this pricing, very often, it’s important that we talk about the way we’re going to customize the experience for our clients. We might have extra bonuses. We might have things that help really add value like throwing in additional mini-courses or support packages so that the experience really suits what the client was looking Now, of course, we cannot exactly know what these clients are looking for unless we get them on a discovery.

[00:04:49]:  Prices on the website

So for these kinds of clients, it doesn’t make sense for us to pull the prices on the website because what this would do is it would perhaps show them a price point that they feel is a bit expensive without being able to actually explain the full value. With these kinds of clients, we want to make sure we get the mono discovery call and then explain the value there. Another question I get a lot is, okay. So if I cannot put my price, on the website. And, you know, what am I gonna put there? So how am I gonna get people to actually talk to me? Because, you know, they might be thinking oh, this person might be expensive. So the way you do this is when you talk about your program, you need to make sure that the person reading your content, the person reading your sales page knows for sure is 100% convinced. that you can achieve what you say you offer to your client. That’s the one thing they need to be sure of.

[00:05:48]: Getting people on discovery calls

Once they are sure of that, They’re going to be excited about talking to you because they’re gonna want to find out more. This in reality is the secret of getting people on discovery calls. You need to use things like testimonials, high-quality blog posts, high-quality video, people need to see for sure that you can achieve what you say you can achieve for it. And then it will be very easy for them to jump on a discovery call to actually find out whether they can afford you and whether the way you work is a good match for them. Okay. I hope this episode helped you make a decision on whether to put your prices on the website or not. And if you’re still asking yourself whether you should be doing that and you think you might need a little bit of help making your decision, You can go to




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